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    • I just don’t see Turcotte as an NHL player. I don’t think his game translates. He was a shifty type and also a guy good around the net in World Juniors but against larger fellas, he is getting smaked around pretty well and doesn’t seem to have that same room and the same strength to finish around the net. I think he will be a bust. If he does anything, I think it will be as a bottom 6 plug. It sucks because I think he is a good kid with heart but I just see the Kings moving on from him in a couple of years and then he will play a few years in the AHL before retiring. I’m still waiting for that Kings prospect that will just come in and take the reigns when given the opportunity like Ben Ears did last season or Beakrus did for the Fowl or Raymond for the Wingers or whatever. A prospect that comes in and announces himself that he is an NHL player and a quality onr at that and leave no doubt that he is.