LA Kings End of Season Awards; Our Picks and Yours

Carter Quick WilliamsFollowing today’s Kings season finale at Staples Center, the team will hand out a host of awards to various players. Some of the categories are voted on by the players themselves, others are selected by members of the media. Our ballot was submitted to the Kings’ PR staff last week, as follows:

Most Valuable Player – “Bill Libby Memorial Award”:

Eligible – any player on the current Kings roster who has played in at least 25 games for the Kings this season

Our pick – Drew Doughty

Best Newcomer – “Mark Bavis Memorial Award”:

Eligible – Andy Andreoff, Jamie Mcbain, Brayden Mcnabb, Tanner Pearson, Jeff Schultz, Andrej Sekera, Nick Shore

Our pick – Brayden McNabb

Outstanding Defenseman:

Eligible – any defenseman on the current Kings roster – Drew Doughty, Matt Greene, Alec Martinez, Jamie Mcbain, Brayden Mcnabb, Jake Muzzin, Robyn Regehr, Andrej Sekera

Our pick – Drew Doughty

Best Defensive Player:

Eligible – any player on the Kings roster who has played in at least 25 games for the Kings this season

Our pick – Anze Kopitar

Thoughts from others…


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  1. I gave best defensive player to TT. Best plus/minus. Despite being a winger was always hustling back to cover his point or pickup the late man dropping in.

  2. Doughty and only a few others were the only ones who seemed to actually care down the stretch. Kopitar looked like he couldn’t be bothered to try in April.

  3. Crown Royal says

    1. Carter
    2. Kopitar
    The reason being the Kings would have been in terrible trouble without either one of them as there was such a drop off in performance behind these two centers. The Kings have more depth on the wing, defense and goal than at center. Shore will be fine eventually but the decline of Stoll and Richards was more problematic than the defense toward the end of the season. There is still hope for Richards to get better, Stoll is past his prime and if DL brings him back it will be absolutely the worse thing he can do this off season. Sutter loves Stoll and is too stubborn to admit he is no longer productive.

    Best newcomer.
    2. Pearson
    Mcnabb was solid most of the year. Pearson would have easily won but only played half the season.

    Best defenseman.
    Played a ton of minutes and was good, though not great, defensively. The Kings need to send him home with tapes of Ray Bourque and Chris Chelios to watch thismer so he understands the position better. He’s not Bobby Orr despite what he thinks.

    Best defensive player.
    1. Kopitar
    So good defensively. Better on the defensive side of the puck than offensive side. Needs to be more aggressive offensively but is a typical European center in that he is a pass first, shoot second center.

  4. Greener is completely disrespected in this pole. The dude is a leader and tough to play against. Perhaps he’s not an offensive Juggernaut – but that’s not his role. Nobody wants to scrap with him. Dude is nails. Ask Johnny Quick who his favorite D man is .

    • Crown Royal says

      Greene is a hard worker who always shows up to play. He lacks mobility so is a liability defensively. His penalty killing has gone downhill due a loss of foot speed (quickness) and is no longer the force on the PK he was a year or two ago.
      If you are referring to “scrapping with him” as in fighting, he’s a poor fighter despite his size and strength as he has terrible balance on his skates. He does make opponents pay the price with heavy hits (checks.)

      • Maybe as a player I see the game differently. For you to discount Greene the way you tells me you really don’t know much about the position. He has balance, he’s strong on the puck, hi hockey IQ, great clearing passes, big hitter, ultimate in self sacrifice and check you tube for his fights. He was disrespected in this poll and deserves more credit for the A he’s earned on his jersey and the way he throws his weight around.

        • Crown Royal says

          Greene is a lumbering bear on his skates. He’s a punishing hitter, but often times when standing up at his own blue line, whiffs on his attempts at checking opposing forwards allowing them to escape and attack his goaltender.

          He used to be effective on the penalty kill but not so much now as he can’t move laterally quickly enough when tracking players or the puck to the side of the net. He’s become more “lead-footed” over time. When heavily fore checked, he frequently coughs up the puck because of a lack of puck skills.

          The previous season, when Mitchell and Voynov were available to play, Greene was relegated to being the seventh defenseman for much of the season even when he was healthy. This despite being a veteran and wearing the “A” for his leadership abilities. I guess Sutter doesn’t understand much about the position either?

          • Greene was the 7th dman post back surgery. Where you aware of that? Sutter and Lombardi apparently know better than you and that’s why his contract was renewed for 4 years. If he was as bumbling as you claim (lumbering , whiff, lead-footed) I suppose they would move him, but they don’t. Perhaps you should learn about the position a bit more before you profess your incoherent take on Matt Greene.

  5. Crown Royal says


    Yes, I am aware of his back surgery. Are you aware that despite Quick’s back surgery he continued to be the #1 goaltender?

    If the DL thought Greene was the answer as a top-four defenseman after Voynov’s suspension, why did he give up a prospect and a #1 draft choice to bring in Sekera? Obviously he knows, as I do, that Greene is no more than a 5-6 defenseman on a Cup contending team. Most people understand that including the King’s General Manager. He remains part of the team mostly because of his leadership qualities and popularity with his teammates and within the organization. He is effective only in a limited role as a defender.

  6. Crown,
    1. Are you aware that despite Quick’s back surgery he continued to be the #1 goaltender? Yes. There are 2 goalies and 7 or 8 DMEN. Of course Quick was going to play more.
    2. why did he give up a prospect and a #1 draft choice to bring in Sekera? To simple my friend. We lost Scuderi, Mitchell, Voynov – and Schultz didn’t pan out. That’s why DL bit the bullet and made the move. Greene and Doughty couldn’t do it all.
    3. I can’t convince you that Greener’s large physical presence, punishing checks, excellent break out passes, a 4 year renewed contract, a DMAN that finishes his checks, unquestionable leadership , character player, Assistant Captain that is respected amongst his team and feared by opponents is a critical part of this core and a highly valued player ( not represented in this poll) . I’ll just leave you with this video and comments.


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