LA Kings Media Roundtable Pt1 – Dustin Brown and Tyler Toffoli

If you follow along on twitter, you know that over this past weekend the KingsCast team held their annual summer forum – aka the LA Kings Media Roundtable. Along with a handful of other people who cover the team, we spent just over an hour debating key issues surrounding the franchise at the moment.

Here is part one of the series, where we focus on free agency, Dustin Brown’s upcoming contract and Tyler Toffoli.

Part two in the series is expected to post over the weekend.

If you’re craving more though, go back in time… click here to see cuts from the 2011 Roundtable, when we were talking power play and prospects.

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  1. Is that bald guy for real?! That Dustin Brown has less value than JUSTIN WILLIAMS??! I love them both but DUSTIN BROWN IS THE LA KINGS! forget whether he’s not as eloquent or handsome as a Mike Ricards in front of the press or even like a Drew Doughty to sell T SHIRTS. DUSTIN BROWN’s play is signature KINGS HOCKEY. Hard.Heavy. Mean….. Yeah we want fast.pretty. And the rest of that crap too but then again, we will become just like the rest of the league without a Browie in the lineup. When DUSTIN BROWN nailed that SEDIN GUY..BOOM!.. Everyone found out who the LA KINGS were. The rest of KINGS history before that became just an introduction page in a book . DUSTIN STAYS, if possible 4Ever.

  2. I think we need both of them. The roster will have to be retooled a little every year. It looks like Scuderi, Penner and Richardson are gone, and Bernier has been traded. We need to infuse a little young talent into those roles. Assuming Mitchell is back, we would have the puck-mover and stay-at-home pairings that seem to work, with Muzzin and Martinez filling out the 6 and 7 spots. Toffoli has to play top 6 minutes and several of the top 6 guys can play different postions (Brown, Carter, Richards). With Kopitar and Williams your top 6 is set. I agree with the assessment on Brown…he will need to be paid properly, and Williams was arguably the best player in this year’s playoffs for the Kings. He is a big game guy…keep him.

  3. Mayor,

    You practically ruined the roundtable from the beginning by framing the whole discussion with absurd rules you made up, that aren’t actually true to reality, like “Toffoli has to play RW on the top line, and no one is allowed to switch to the left,” which then led you to the incorrect conclusion that Justin Williams has to be the guy traded if you want to create cap space to sign a free agent.

    What about trading Jarret Stoll, who makes almost as much as Williams, but is nowhere near as good a player? Then you could move Jeff Carter or Trevor Lewis over to center, or have Linden Vey as 3C, or just sign a cheaper replacement in the marketplace since 3C’s normally don’t cost anywhere near was Stoll is making.

    Or what about Robyn Regehr? Maybe we don’t need 30 different defensive defensemen making big money. Maybe we can afford to sacrifice some of our defense depth to add to the forwards and not have to sacrifice any of the forwards! You’ve honestly never ever considered that idea?

    And what about dead weight like Colin Fraser taking up cap room? Why wasn’t the first idea to clear cap space Colin Fraser? That should have been the first name on everyone’s lips to get you started. But instead you go to Justin Williams, one of our integral forwards? And because your logic is that having a RW switch over to LW (this happens all the time) is more detrimental to the team than losing Justin Williams? Just makes zero sense.

    Having Williams, Toffoli, and Iginla on the roster, but not Stoll, with Toffoli forced to play left wing or on the 3rd line, will always be a better option than having just Iginla and Toffoli on the roster, with Stoll but no Williams, and Toffoli gets to stay at RW. It’s not even close. But somehow you came up with this weird twilight zone set of rules where Stoll becomes more important than Williams just so long as Toffoli gets to play on the right. It’s absurd.

    • John Hoven says

      You make me laugh Sam.

      First off, there weren’t any ‘rules.’

      However, as I’ve explained many times on the site in various articles, on twitter, during radio interviews, etc., my preference would be to keep Carter and Toffoli on separate lines (and both in top-6 roles). They also play better at RW, and are likely your two leading goal scorers moving forward…so, that takes care of RW1 and RW2. Trading Stoll is an option, speaking only from a ‘cost’ perspective (I’ve also mentioned him as a candidate before). There are a few problems with this idea – not deal breakers, just worth mentioning – for example, Stoll is the best faceoff guy on the team. That said, it’s certainly possible. You could then drop Williams down to the third line and let Lewis slide over to play center.

      As for Fraser, I mentioned this in a previous salary cap article – Fraser, King, Nolan and any of the other bottom six guys really aren’t going to help you free up cap space, as they don’t make enough money. In the case of Fraser, he makes $825K. Replacing him with Vey will actually cost you money next year because Linden’s cap hit will be $900K.

      Finally, the Regehr thing is a moot point. Regardless of if you’re in the pro/con camp on the contract, Lombardi did the deal. And it’s highly unlikely that a guy who was just signed to a new contract is getting traded anytime soon.

  4. Also Dustin Brown is worth 5 million a year, not 6, although I understand he could get 6 on the open market. But in terms of talent, production, creation of offense, he’s more a 2nd line player than a 1st liner. Again Mayor why you framed the debate between two false choices, either 1st liner or 3rd liner, I don’t understand. You never considered there’s something in between called the 2nd line?

    And how in the world did Dennis come up with Mikko Koivu as Brown’s comparison? Koivu is a playmaking center who signed a really long deal. Brown is a power forward wing.

    But if we’re allowed to use centers, I’ll at least use a few that make sense as comparisons. Ryan Kesler, 5 million a year. Joe Pavelski, 4 million a year. As for wings, Scott Hartnell 4.75 million. David Backes C/RW 4.5 million if I’m remembering correctly.

    The cap has gone up since some of those deals, although many of those players may be better than Brown except for Pavelski, so maybe you raise it up to 5. Alex Burrows at 4.5 million is another good comparable. in terms of style of play and production, these are all the first names that come to mind. None of them make 6 million. So why would you say Brown is automatically? Even this latest offseason, neither Nathan Horton or David Clarkson got 6 million, and at least Nathan Horton probably has higher offensive upside, although he’s also been injury prone. And again, that’s the top end of what teams were willing to pay those players. Doesn’t mean it’s what they’re worth.

    So I agree Brown is key to the team, and maybe after taking a friendly deal the last few years, he “deserves” 6 million. But let’s not act like he’s “worth” it because of Mikko Koivu. That’s just absurd, Mikko Koivu. My god Dennis.

  5. Look Justin Williams is huge on this team. Come playoffs and you dont have him you will be banging your head against the wall. Why is Toffoli playing left wing even a concern? 5 points in 10 reg. season games. 6 points in 12 post season games. Plus playing under the wing of mike richards? He’ll be fine on the left. There’s no concern there. Guys who are going out are guys like trevor lewis who doesn’t go to the front of the net. That’s the kings concern offensively, third and fourth liners that don’t go to the front of the net.


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