MayorsManor First Goal Contest: Game 22 – Stars at Kings

It’s time to take things to a whole new level.

How would you like a huge Fathead for your wall, featuring an over-sized image from the LA Kings Stanley Cup champion collection? That’s right, you could win a 6-foot tall Drew Doughty to put on the wall of your fancave…or your kitchen, if you’re so inclined.

It’s all part of the Jeff Carter Invitational MayorsManor First Goal Contest.

With another goal on Tuesday night, Jeff Carter continues to lead the Kings in goals.  So, feel free to take him or any number of players listed below – including Dustin Brown, Anze Kopitar, Mike Richards or whichever guy your gut is telling you to go with.

Unconfirmed reports say Drew Doughty will score sometime this season. But, believe what you want to believe.

For all of you ‘tell me the rules’ people, here’s what you need to know – and it’s slightly different than normal – for this prize, the contest will run over the next three Kings games.  So, pay attention…

– To get started, simply place a comment below with the LAST NAME of the LA Kings player you think will score first vs. the Stars  (one entry per person).

– We’ll take all of the correct entries and pool them together…and set them off to the side.

– We’ll then repeat this contest on Saturday and Monday when the Kings take on the Calgary Flames.  No entries will carry over.  You will need to submit a guess each time if you want to enter that particular contest.

– We’ll then take the ‘winners pool’ from all three games and combine them into a single group.  From there, one random winner will get their choice of an LA Kings themed Fathead (list of available items shown here).

Do you want the simple explanation?  You have three chances to win – tonight, Saturday and next Monday.  Enter each game and it increases your odds.

If you still have questions, just keep reading this page until it makes sense.  Or, ask your neighbor for help.

Now, here are the line combinations and defensive pairings that coach Darryl Sutter is expected to use…


Dustin Brown – Anze Kopitar – Justin Williams

Trevor Lewis – Mike Richards – Jeff Carter

Dustin Penner – Jarret Stoll – Dwight King

Kyle Clifford – Colin Fraser – Jordan Nolan


Jake Muzzin – Drew Doughty

Rob Scuderi – Slava Voynov

Alec Martinez – Keaton Ellerby

Healthy Scratches: Davis Drewiske and Brad Richardson

Jonathan Quick is expected to start in goal vs the Stars.

Good luck in the contest!

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  1. Carter

  2. Kristina says:


  3. Williams

  4. Jordan Kaylie says:


  5. Carter

  6. Ellerby

  7. Brown

  8. Kopitar

  9. Williams

  10. Griffin says:


  11. Doughty!

  12. Kopitar

  13. Kopitar

  14. Kristoffer Ganga says:


  15. Raymond Garcia says:


  16. Carter

  17. Muzzin

  18. Chad Starr says:


  19. Nicholas says:


  20. Grigor Avsharian says:


  21. Joeball says:

    Alec Martinez kings win 3-1

  22. RollieTheGoalie says:


  23. Brown

  24. Stoll

    Go KINGS Go!!

  25. Lewis

  26. Richards

  27. AmberLeigh says:


  28. Eva Marie Alonzo says:


  29. Brittany says:


  30. Thumper says:


  31. DoughtyDog says:


  32. Clifford

  33. Carter

  34. Veronica Valenzuela says:

    Kopitar 🙂

  35. Carter!

  36. Janelle says:


  37. Kevin F says:


  38. Marc Bauer says:

    Jeff Carter

  39. Brittney Stevens says:


  40. Stephanie says:


  41. Rick Howe says:


  42. Marc Bauer says:


    I screwed up earlier, I had added his full name. Sorry about that.

  43. Williams

  44. doughty! for goodness sakes…he’s gotta light up the lamp

  45. KingsFan on EastCoastTime says:


  46. Brown

  47. Muzzin

  48. BobKnob2point0 says:


  49. Justin Breen says:


  50. Doughty

  51. Michael says:

    Jake Muzzin!

  52. Williams

  53. Penner

  54. Brown

  55. Muzzin

  56. voynov

  57. brown

  58. Clifford

  59. Williams

  60. Carter

  61. Derrek Kowbel says:


  62. Carter

  63. Martinez!!!!

  64. Christopher J says:


  65. Carter

  66. nolan

  67. Skyler Sky says:


  68. The other Xander says:

    Captain 23 – Dustin Brown

  69. Brown

  70. Christie says:


  71. Kopitar

  72. Kopitar

  73. Clifford!!!!!

  74. M. Pomakian says:


  75. Stoll

  76. Lewis

    • John Hoven says:

      Congrats – you were the random winner selected from all correct entries! Please check your email for more info.

  77. Thanks mayor for the sweet contests and Information! My 6 year old is going with the Muzz!

  78. Matthew Howe says:


  79. HalfCrowned says:


  80. Genghis John says:


  81. Voynov

  82. Jordan Howe says:


  83. S CORDOVA says:


  84. Stacey Howe says:


  85. Doughty

  86. britney says:

    I literally got so excited I couldn’t type for a hot minute! For f#$%s sake if doughty gets a wristy and I get a big head id dieeeeeeee!!!!!

  87. Brown

  88. Tim Cannon says:

    I will take kopitar for first goal tonight

  89. Rebekah Cannon says:

    Carter for first goal

  90. Gary zirpolo says:


  91. Trevor Clemente says:


  92. Bryan A says:


  93. Lewis

  94. Going to go with Brownie.

  95. Penner ..hah long shot i know

  96. DOUGHTY!!

    I so want a life size Drew in my bedroom 😉


  97. Brandon says:


  98. Kopitar

  99. Kingnation13 says:


  100. Fraser

  101. Voynov

  102. KingsFan1992 says:


  103. Jorge Silva says:


  104. Richards

  105. Jaelynn says:


  106. Kopitar

  107. Stoll

  108. Carter.

    I’m hoping I’m right. I want a fathead!

  109. Carter

  110. Melinda says:

    Doughty. Tonight’s the night.

  111. Levon Kupchyan says:


  112. Kopitar

  113. SCUDERI

  114. Stoll

  115. Lumbering says:


  116. Garrett Celano says:


  117. Alvard madzharyan says:


  118. Marissa N says:


  119. brown

  120. Doughty

  121. Penner

  122. Jen Dorkin says:


  123. Justin Williams

  124. RobDoug says:


  125. Brown

  126. Chelsea says:

    Doughty. I swear one day it will be.

  127. Doughty

  128. Penner

  129. Brown.

  130. Brown #23

  131. Allison says:


  132. KingsOfLA says:

    Richards 🙂

  133. Brown

  134. Scuderi

  135. kira santora says:


  136. Richards

  137. Clifford

  138. Voynov

  139. KrillDog says:


  140. Thumper says:

    8 peeps including me called Lewis,, NOW to the next round, good luck everyone!!!

  141. John Hoven says:

    Trevor Lewis scored first vs the Dallas Stars. All correct entries above will be combined with the winners from the March 9 and March 11 games/contests…and then we’ll draw the winner.