CONTEST: Win two tickets to LA Kings Meet the Players Party

Finally hockey is back and we can start giving away some stuff again!

Training camp is set to open tomorrow at TSC in El Segundo, but tonight Staples Center will host a private event for fans to meet this year’s LA Kings team. Tickets were made exclusively available to full season ticket holders. However, you had to know MayorsManor was going to take care of you.

We’ve already given away two pairs on twitter (see, you should be following @MayorNHL). Now, we have another pair up for grabs.

If you’re interested in going and want to win a free pair, simply leave a comment below with which player you want to meet the most. We’ll randomly select one winner around 3pm.

Good luck!

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  1. go king go

  2. Hook it up Mayor!

  3. i need me a pair of tickets for tonight! πŸ˜›

  4. I want to go. See? Jumping. Again and again. :/

  5. Carlos Navarrete says

    I want to go and take my nephew who’s just 9 and getting all into hockey. Plus he’s a big Bailey fan!

  6. Eric Cordova says

    And uhhhh…Hi! GKG!

  7. Michael Ortiz says

    Leaving a comment. Thanks for everything you do!

  8. Ok, Mayor, one for try for the tix!

  9. And the winner is me???

  10. Would love to win some tickets please!!!

  11. Stephanie Lopez says

    I would be so grateful if I won these tickets!!

  12. You can pick me – that’d be awesome!


  14. The Ultimate Warrior, Big Bully Busick, and Outback Jack all approve my quest to win free tix to the event tonight!

    Free tix or not, you do great work, Mayor.

  15. Christina Borunda says


    Please. pick me.

  16. Max Santa Cruz says

    GO KINGS GO!!! Repeat

  17. You are a very talented journalist and I love reading your articles and listening to the podcast. Very professional! Go Kings Go!

  18. MayorsManor is the only LA Kings news I trust! Glad to be back and see our Kings dominate again! GKG! GMMG!

  19. Robert Torres says

    Hey Mayor,

    I’ve been a loyal reader of yours for quite some time. The amount of content you had during the lockout was above and above what anyone else had. I greatly appreciate your efforts and look forward to all that you do.


  20. Hockey is back! Looking forward to several Doughty bans for his Jays lids. With all of their offseason moves and the NHL season running later into baseball season, he’s bound to be more annoying about his beloved Jays.

  21. Jessica Flarida says

    Jonathan Quick!!!

  22. Miriam Veloz says

    I’d love to take my lil girl Bella (2 yrs old) so she can meet Doughty! Go kings Go! We are the defending Stanley Cup Champs! Boy it feels good to say that

  23. Can’t wait to get back inside SC! There is nothing like pulling back the curtain, getting that first view of our ice and taking in a big breath and smelling the ice for the first time. And this year, I’ll be smelling the ice of our Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings!

  24. I want to meet Jonathan Bernier(*^_^*οΌ‰
    GO Kings GO!γ€€Go Mayor Go!

  25. martin sobelman says

    Coming fromback a Reigncouple season ticketticket holder. I would just simply love to go.


  27. Diane Michel says

    John I truly feel you are the best sports blogger, no one reports on the LA Kings best and you keep your readers informed and up to date on what’s going on with our favorite players! During the lockout I really enjoyed reading and viewing your interviews it was awesome, the best is yet to come! Thank You, Diane

  28. My son says he really wants to meet Brownie and Penner

  29. Would love to meet Drew Doughty!
    Thanks for this opportunity! πŸ™‚

  30. My son and I would enjoy meeting Quick. He just started skating and wants to play goalie.
    Thanks Mayor

  31. Last year I got to meet Mike Richards. I had my Richards Flyers Winter Classic jersey hidden inside my Richards Kings jersey. I asked if he still signed Flyers stuff and he said, “of course” when I said to look inside he laughed and said, “stealth style!” but Bailey spotted it and tried to steal it. Mike helped me out though. In response to your question of who I’d most like to meet question I’d say Jeff Carter because I’ve already met Richie. I’ve followed the Kings and Flyers for so long that last year seeing those guys back on the same team and seeing them win the cup together was extra awesome.

  32. Jason Sylvester says

    Jonathan Quick

  33. I would like to meet Dustin Penner. He went through a lot of adversity in his personal life but came back stronger than ever.

  34. Christina Gonzalez says

    Stoll! He’s the backbone of our D and always throwing his body around to kill a power play!

  35. I wanna go meet Dustin Brown, so I can show him the Tattoo I got of him hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup!!

  36. Eric Cordova says

    and uhhhh, Hi! GKG.. I would like to meet brownie

  37. ta loves LA KIngs says

    Thanks for keeping us informed on our KIngs. My son and I would love to meet Mike Richards tonight. Thanks

  38. ONE WORD, CHAMPS!!!!!! GKG

  39. I would love to meet Quick!

  40. I want to meet slava voynov so he can teach me some Russian

  41. Huge Mike Richards fan. Even when he was in Philly!

  42. Rafael Briseno says

    Jonathan Quick!

  43. Tim from the OC says

    Hmmm…. I guess to say I would want to meet all of them is a given / cheesy so ill half to go with… Sutter!

  44. I want to meet Drewiske! He’s under appreciated and needs some love too!


  46. josh montes says

    a few minutes before the game 4 vs. new jersey, my sister and I spotted Kyle Clifford walking down figueroa st. with his mother and girlfriend. Not one person noticed him out of uniform, my sister and I were too shy to go up and ask for a picture. I ran up next to him and gave him knuckles, and he smirked back. We finished walking down figueroa st. behind him. It would be an honor to meet him and share the story again!

  47. Quick, been wanting to get my jersey signed but never get a chance to.

  48. Want to meet brown. He’s been here thru ups and downs and finally lead us to the cup.

  49. die hard king fan i would really love this please pick me

  50. Stephanie Lopez says

    Drew Doughty

  51. Go kings go!!

  52. I need to get my Gagne jersey signed…. tonight would be great for that!

  53. Diane Michel says

    Of course I would love to meet you as we’ll, Dustin Brown he’s our captain!

  54. Nallely Lopez says

    The player I would want to meet the most if I were to win the tickets would be Jonathan Quick. Because he did an amazing job during the playoffs and throughout the season. He is by far my favorite player!.


  56. Ana Evangelista says

    Jonathan Quick

  57. I would really want to meet Dustin Brown πŸ™‚

  58. Comment!!!

  59. Diane Michel says

    All of the players, mostly Dustin Brown for his leadership!

  60. Dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!!!

  61. Jair Velazquez says

    I’d love to meet Brown and that toothless smile of his. Keep up the good work Mayor!

  62. I want to meet Jonathan Quick!!!! His consistency is beyond this world. And he helped carry the Kings for awhile when our offense was shaky. Not to mention the unbelievable goals he’s saved. And if that wasn’t enough my birthday is tomorrow and I’m dying for him to sign my homemade Quick jersey!!!!!!!! Gkg!!!!

  63. Diane Michel says

    Did I mention Dustin Brown?

  64. I’d love to meet Mike Richards to get my jersey signed and thank him for the grit and leadership he brought to the team – I’ve been a huge fan of his since his time with Kings East.

  65. Brian Vincent says

    I really want to meet Dustin Penner. Seems like a cool guy and very personable. Or Drew Doughty because he is my fav player. But if Bob Miller is there I really want to meet the hall of famer!! GOKINGSGO

  66. Sarah DeSimone says

    ALEC MARTINEZ!!!!! (:

  67. Victoria Desimone says

    Drew Doughty or Davis Drewiske

  68. Amanda Heveran says

    I would love to meet Jonathan Quick but my 7 yr old says Dustin Penner or Anze Kopitar. Brad Doty would be cool to meet too.

  69. Sonia Sanchez says

    Go kings go

  70. Slava!

  71. I want to meet Jonathan Quick!!!! His consistency is beyond this world. And he helped carry the Kings for awhile when our offense was shaky. Not to mention the unbelievable goals he’s saved. And if that wasn’t enough my birthday is tomorrow and I’m dying for him to sign my homemade Quick jersey!!!!!!!! Gkg!!!!

  72. been a die hard king fan since 85 i am cup crazy

  73. Brent Godfrey says

    Dustin brown true meaning of captain

  74. Want to meet Brownie! All season long the ongoing chant in my house was, Oh Captain My Captain. I think he is a true asset to the organization, a proven leader and an amazing choice to captain our Kings.

  75. Jensen Vargas says

    Dustin Brown, Jonathan Quick, and Justin Williams
    My favorite player, my sisters, and my dads

  76. Richards, Doughty, Greene

  77. Definitely would like to meet Trevor Lewis, but would be genuinely happy meeting any of the team members. Also, would love to take my dad with me who raised me a Kings fan and we have been through it all.

  78. Justine Vargas says

    Jonathan Quick, Drew Doughty, and Dustin Brown πŸ™‚

  79. J Stoll. And of course D Doughty

  80. I’ve been wanting to meet Jonathan Quick for the longest time. Got his jersey over the summer, would be nice to get it signed!!! πŸ˜‰

  81. i live close by staples center and i dont work Sunday

  82. I would like to meet Jeff Carter Simon Gagne Anze Kopitar and would love to go to meet the players and it would by first trip if i had tickets

  83. I want to meet Dustin Brown,he is just a great team player.We finally get to see that banner raised,I waited 45 long years!!GO KINGS GO!!

  84. Michele Sierra says

    The Canuck Killer… Jarret Stoll

  85. “Willie” Justin Williams

  86. Ryan Nelson says

    Captain Brown!!!

  87. Kathy Duarte says

    I would love to meet every player I couldn’t pick just one. They are all awesome

  88. Definitely want a chance to meet the captain, dustin Brown if I had the opportunity!!(:
    I want the free pair of tickets!

  89. Rachel ball says

    I want to meet Matt Greene!!!! He is my fav kings player! Pick me please!!!!! Go Kings Go!

  90. Kathy Duarte says

    My daughter is an ice girl for the Ontario Reign and would love to meet Jonathon Quick

  91. I wanna check out Doughty’s svelte new look!!

  92. I would love to go and meet THE MAN !
    Jonathan Quick …..please !!!!

  93. I haven’t met Jeff Carter yet…and that dream could come true tonight with your help Mayor!

  94. Dustin Brown

  95. The one & only, Drew Doughty! I gotta get my jersey signed πŸ™‚

  96. Wilie Mitchell!

  97. Soren Andersen says

    Kevin Westgarth aka mr ivy league. He definately has the most character off the ice.

  98. Nolan Thomas says

    I want to meet Mike Richards so Bad! Please let me win! πŸ˜€

  99. Amy Vincent says

    Luc! So he can sign my puck from the last game at the Fourm

  100. Rachel Rebel says

    I want to meet Slava Voynov and Jordan Nolan

  101. Ursula Cormier says

    Want to meet our loyal captain Dustin Brown!! So excited for this season to get started! GKG!

  102. I would love to meet Jonathan Quick. I want to thank him for his brilliant play and being such a huge part of the championship. This long time Kings fan’s Stanley cup dream came true. So glad the CBA is worked out and looking forward to spending time at Staples soon. GO KINGS GO!!

  103. Andrew Cowdery says


  104. I would love to take my 6 year old! His favorite player is Quick and would love to meet him.

    Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  105. Brownie, Drew, or Quick, want to meet them all really. maybe listen to some farm stories from coach sutter if he’s there.

  106. Kyle Clifford! because he likes his skulls the way he likes his ice…crushed

  107. Dustin Brown–the first player in a Kings uniform to hoist the Cup!

  108. Greene for sure!

  109. Amber koop says

    I would love to meet drew doughty. My favorite player and defenseman!!! Please make my dream cone true! It’s on my bucket list and I would love to take my stepdad as a gift or all he has done for me!!! <3 amber koop

  110. Quick!

  111. I want to meet Jeff Carter, Richards and Pancakes!!

  112. LaKingsFanZach says


  113. Jessica fritz says

    Quickieeeeeeee <3

  114. Andrew Honig says

    Dustin Penner. I like the guy and am happy his year turned around. I also want to tell him he is lucky to get away from his ex wife.

  115. Greene!

  116. ***************************
    Dustin Brown #23
    My favorite Captian!
    Brownie! Brownie! Brownie!

  117. Amber Koop says

    I would love to meet drew doughty!! He is my favorite player and defenseman! Please make my dream come true… I would love to take my stepdad as thanks for all he has done for me. πŸ™‚ please help a girl out!!

  118. matty muls says

    life long kings fan since i was 8. always been a goalie fan so i gotta meet quickie!

    or as mr penner qouted… vezina smythe! classic

  119. Voynov!!

  120. I want to meet Matt Greene!

  121. I would love to take my 6 year old! His favorite player is Quick and would love to meet him.

    Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  122. Eric Segura says

    I would love to meet Dustin Penner. Why? Because he went to being my least favorite player… In the NHL, to being one of my favorite players. He’s a class act, a funny guy (his tweets are great!) and has the potentional to be a reliable top six forward. How he responded to his multiple off ice controversies last season was great and classy as well. To meet Dustin Penner would be a great experience.

  123. Christina I says

    I would love to meet Jonathan Quick. My brother is a local team goaltender and were both huge fans of Quick. He’s an inspiration and legend for us. Would love to meet him. Go Kings Go

  124. Nancy Aranda says

    I would love to go see Jonathan Quick! It would be an honor to see Him!! I’ve been a fan for 6 years now!!

  125. Brandon Weaver says

    Dustin Brown. I love him! He’s been my favorite player for years but I’ve never been able to meet him!

  126. I’ll to win the tickets so that I can take my mom to meet Quick.

  127. Manny Rosales says

    Capt. Brown. Hes been through a alot and became a leader of the Stanely Cup Winning Team. Hes over come a speech issue and bullying from Avery from it, to a guy who comfortable in front the camera. He lead the team with hardwork and stepped up when they questioned him and threatened him to trade him. Real Captain and Leader.

  128. Jose ramos says

    please please please pick me

  129. Jose ramos says

    All of them drew!!!! employe number 8

  130. Jose ramos says


  131. Gina Casillas says

    ERIC LACROIX…OOOOOH this years team? Haha πŸ˜‰ I would love the chance to meet Greene! Thanks for everything you do!


  132. Jose ramos says

    the captain!!! Dustin Brown!!!

  133. I Would Love To Meet Mr. 7 Rob Scuderi… I Need To See How That Nose Is Heeling Up… He Need To Know How Much Us Fans Appreciate Him….

  134. Jose ramos says

    or the M.V.P!!!!!! Jonathan Quick!!!!!

  135. Veronica Hernandez says

    My Stollie!!

  136. Miguel Hopper says

    Anze Kopitar!

  137. Vanessa Escobar says

    Anze Kopitar

  138. Justin Breen says

    Dustin Brown!

  139. All about Mike Richards!

  140. Richards and Carter πŸ™‚

  141. erika senteno says

    Dustin Brown 23 the best player in the leauge

  142. Id love to take my 6 year old boy to meet his favorite players kopi and green. He made me proud watching him in his first skills competition in bakersfield. Id love to see his reaction if he gets a chance to meet them. Go kings!

  143. Debbie Villareal says

    Brown πŸ™‚

  144. Jordan Nolan is my favorite player. He was sick in the playoffs with his forechecking, the fight vs Chris Stewart and the big goal versus St. Louis. I have been a fan of his since his first season on Manchester and hyping him to Kings fans. I would love to get anything signed by him. I expect a big future as an LA King for him.

  145. Pick me!

  146. Josh montes says

    Kyle Clifford

  147. Breanna von Muegge says

    I misspelled my email the first time. Brown and Quick! Amazing guys with great talent and a lot of class.

  148. mattman840 says

    Colin fraser and quick!

  149. Jose ramos says

    when will you announce a winner

  150. John Hoven says

    FYI – contest closed, the winner is listed up above. Thanks to all who played.

  151. kira santora says


  152. Valerie Hernandez says

    Drew Doughty. We are the same age and so alike in many ways!!

  153. I definitely want to go! I want to meet Richards! Thanks!

  154. Salpi Alkeine says

    I really badly want to meet Andje Kopitar. I’ve been a fan of the team and have been going to games since I was 12. One if the most memorable moments was when I saw Kopitar get hit in the head with a puck, get stitches between periods, and then come out to score the game -winning goal. He’s amazing!