Doughty ready for Kings vs Canucks, plus First Goal Contest

Ah yes, the Canucks. We almost forgot all about Vancouver. Since the Kings last played them in mid-January, LA has faced Anaheim twice, Detroit twice, Calgary twice, Chicago twice, Colorado twice, Columbus twice, Phoenix twice…and Nashville three times.

Yet, don’t think out-of-sight means out-of-mind. A few weeks ago Drew Doughty put his hatred for the Ducks at an eight on a scale of one to 10. And he didn’t need any time thinking about an answer to the follow up question either, ‘Which team registers more than an eight?’

“The Canucks are definitely a 10,” said Doughty. “We hate every single guy on that team. But, that’s always what’s fun about hockey. When you hate a team so much you want to win so bad.”

Of course, the Kings want to win not just for that reason alone, but to also keep pace in the standings. As Rob Scuderi told us last week, they still have their eyes set on winning the Pacific Division – a spot they’re a point out of with seven games left, including tonight.

LA has won the last two games vs. the Canucks, after dropping the opening game of the season series at Staples Center in November. Last year the two teams split the series, with each side winning the games played on their home ice.

As usual, MayorsManor will host a First Goal Contest tonight. If you’d like to enter, simply leave a comment below with the LA player you think will score first vs. the Canucks. All correct answers will be pooled together and one random winner will be awarded a free pair of tickets to an upcoming Kings home game.

To help you with your selection, the following stats may come in handy…

– Dustin Brown has 10 goals in 28 career games vs Vancouver

Anze Kopitar has 5 goals in 22 games

– Justin Williams has 6 goals in 16 games (including a power play goal the last time they played in Vancouver)

Mike Richards has 3 goals in 8 games

Jeff Carter has 4 goals in 8 games (including three in four games played in Vancouver)

– Jarret Stoll has 9 goals in 41 games

– Doughty has 1 goal in 15 games

Of course, feel free to take Dustin Penner, Dwight King, Colin Fraser or any of the other Kings players. Just stay clear of Kevin Westgarth, Brad Richardson and Davis Drewiske because they’re expected to once again be healthy scratches from tonight’s game.

Good luck!

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  3. kopi

  4. Dustin Penner!

  5. Rod Rounke says:


  6. Williams

  7. Greg Nisenbaum says:


  8. Justin Williams!!!

  9. Williams for the first goal. GO KINGS GO!

  10. Kopitar!

  11. The Ram 16 says:


  12. Dan Arritt says:


  13. Penner

  14. Brittney Anderson says:


  15. Stoll

  16. DREW DOUGHTY, Channel that Hatred


  18. Kopitar

  19. kira santora says:

    Slava voynov! 🙂

  20. Dwight King

  21. kira santora says:

    slava voynov

  22. Brittany says:

    Jordan Nolan

  23. Brown

  24. Clifford!!!

  25. Tieronedesign says:

    Great read. Hopefully some of that hatred and bitterness shines through tonight. Go Kings!

  26. Drew Doughty!!

  27. Penner

  28. Mr. Carter.

  29. Kyle Clifford!

  30. geneucla says:


  31. Voynov

  32. lakingsphan0427 says:

    Carter will net the first 🙂

  33. Scuds

  34. King

  35. Voynov

  36. Penner

  37. Lewis

  38. Kopitar for 1st goal.

  39. Carter

  40. Scarlett Gail says:


  41. Anze Kopitar

  42. Willie Mitchell.

  43. “The C” – Dustin Brown

  44. Richard Homer says:


  45. Dustin Brown

  46. #MayorsManor #LAKings double 7, Jeff Carter.

  47. Kostamojen says:

    Willie Mitchell

  48. Blueline says:

    Dustin Brown

  49. Carter

  50. Brown!

  51. Richards

  52. Mitchell!

  53. #7 Robert Scuderi

  54. Richards!!

  55. LomitaKingsFan says:

    Going with the only guy left that hasn’t been picked yet, Matt Greene.

    • As a reminder, multiple people can pick the same player. We take all the correct entries and pool them, then randomly select one winner of the contest.

  56. Greene

  57. Kristina says:


  58. Justin Williams!!!

  59. Justin Williams

  60. Penner

  61. James stewart says:

    Jeff carter

  62. Kopitar

  63. Jeff “frosted tips” Carter

  64. Matt Greene

  65. Drew Doughty <3!!

  66. Voynov

  67. Jarret Stoll

  68. Mike (Kramer) Richards

  69. Sarah Hernandez says:

    First Goal #11 Kopitar

  70. Dwight King

  71. Jen Dorkin says:

    Dustin Brown 🙂

  72. Tatum thomas says:


  73. KOPITAR!

  74. First goal goes to Nolan tonight.

  75. Richards!!!!


  77. #25 DMFP

  78. Anthony Flores says:


  79. chitchattj says:


  80. Ryan manning says:

    fraser from clifford

  81. Brian Vincent says:

    First goal Williams! Go Kings Go!

  82. Michael Ortiz says:

    Going with Willie Mitchell.

  83. King.

  84. Jeffrey Ngai says:

    Justin Williams

  85. Brown

  86. Jacob De Carlo says:

    Jeff Carter

  87. Richards

  88. First goal to Richards.

  89. Nicholas says:

    Slava Voynov

  90. passemoilapuck says:


  91. Carter

  92. Rocio Escareno says:

    Mike Richards

  93. Vanessa Gutierrez says:


  94. Stoll

    Go Kings Go!!

  95. Carter. Do it!

  96. Trevor Linam says:

    Mike richards

  97. Elizabeth says:

    Willie Mitchell

  98. Ruben Sanchez says:

    Jeff Carter!!

  99. Ruben Arredondo says:


  100. #14 Williams

  101. KingsGirl says:

    Richardsss! 🙂

  102. Drew Doughty ! Totally redeem yourself with the first goal

  103. Veronica Valenzuela says:

    Anze Kopitar!

  104. amy vincent says:


  105. Voynov!!!!

  106. Larry Palm says:


  107. Justin Williams

  108. For the second game in a row, nobody wins free tickets. Sorry! Try again on Wednesday night. Let’s see if we can’t give away a pair this time!


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