Kings of the Roundtable 2017 – Episode 6, Lightning Round

We are now over an hours deep on this summer’s Kings of the Roundtable. Now get ready for Episode 6, a rapid fire lightning round on a plethora of different topics.

MayorsManor and The Fourth Period partnered to bring you an all star cast — featuring Dennis Bernstein (Senior Writer at The Fourth Period), Jonathan Davis (host of The Two Man Advantage on Sirius XM NHL Network Radio), Brian Slagel (Metal Blade Records CEO), and Earl Skakel (Stand Up comic, as featured on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle) — to debate a myriad of topics, all for your enjoyment.

Hosted by Keith Korneluk and Chris Kaliszewski, you’re about to get an overwhelming helping of LA hockey knowledge. Enjoy!

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  1. The answer isn’t to have younger versions of Scuderi or others who 5-10 years ago were good for winning championships… Now a 1st round bust like Forbort aka the stay at home useless on offense D-man isn’t worth anything other than helping real NHL players develop in ECHL and AHL. Look at all the guys who were first round picks even 5th overall like Luke Schenn who are more akin to fringe or AHLers like 1st round pick who helped in 2014 Schultz or whatever his name was. See it isn’t just that Forbort is a 1st round bust missing Tarasenko, Faulk went in the 2nd round who is coming off like a 17 goal season. You need all your D-men to have the ability to score 10 goals now like Nashville… Even Irwin in 50ish games had 8 before which projects to 12 or 13 goals in a full season. Kings are not going far if Drew scores 12-15 goals only to have a partner get 5 for 20ish… When need more like 20-30 goals from 1st pair D like he would have with Muzzin or probably even Martinez…

    Brown made over 7M last year, he disrespected the fans of LA, the NHL, Owners of Kings down to every coach and player… Stamkos takes a contract where he gets 8.5M in cap hit in his prime years much like Crosby did to a lesser degree Malkin too. That allows teams like Tampa or the Penguins to compete without being worn down by guys making 2-3M over their market or actual value like Brown then the current Captain Kopitar. A REAL Captain takes less than they would get on the open market to allow their teams to prosper…

    Nothing to forgive Voynov for I would welcome him back with open arms only concerned about his injury. Though I’d prefer trading for Trouba his rights, 3 first round picks along with Dustin Brown for perhaps a conditional 2nd round pick from Jets if Voynov plays. Trouba gives insurance if Drew leaves to play for Tampa or Dallas which would cost him much less in taxes. If he likes beaches Florida is great while being much safer with lower cost of living… Beyonce can’t even find a home she wants with husband for 80M, which would be the entire contract Kopitar wont finish out on LA.

    There probably about 100 Jon Rosen’s who would be a better option to take over announcing… He is a propagandist whose writings don’t show any clue about hockey only propping up players at best. Don’t think he would last 2-3 years, if Kings protect Forbort they just don’t get it… I will be surprised to see Blake, Stevens, Lucky Luc all here in 3 years if Forbort is on protection list or they trade a Muzzin or Martinez to keep him. People are thinking too much of how hockey is not how it currently is today. Clifford reminds me of Brown, at least he is paid closer to what Dustin is worth :). Rosen blamed Voynov for about 2 years for Kings struggles when reality is its Brown’s Contract giving them no chance to win. I didn’t think Lucic had a good attitude, figured was more a cancer to the locker room his antics on handshakes etc.

    Look at Predators when they trade Erat who was a great player for them picking up Forsberg. Making gutsy trades like Neal in the Hornquist who was like their main offensive player then Weber for Subban a shocker to most. McNabb is the closest thing to a trade Dean did for a younger player who had not played really in NHL with a possible upside. Even Minnesota made a trade to get Nino who wasn’t known at the time for anything he did at NHL level. Remembering how the game was, players that were great then don’t mean younger versions of them will translate to championships now. The days of the stay at home, defensive d-man who can’t score 10 goals playing anything more than a 7th or 8th D-man are over… You wont win with that if rely on them for 20-30 minutes playing on the top pair D anymore.

    Its like Charlie Brown going to kick the football from Lucy with keeping Forbort or even thinking or protecting him or that he has value. Dillon would get taken from Sharks well before him who could maybe score 10+ goals with exp in SCF etc. Besides Gravel, McDermid, many others I think have more upside if they are not already better than Forbort. Brown killed the Kings by his greed it isn’t even like he has an agent other than himself to blame. Anybody who thinks Brown should be 3rd highest paid after Kopitar and Drew… Is beyond help, they probably reply to those emails giving their SS# to get the check to cash or whatever scam :). I liked the round table stuff, going to be long years ahead if they think Forbort is the answer or younger versions of players no longer key to win Championships :).