VIDEO: Kings of the Roundtable – Episode 2, Rob Blake and Dustin Brown

After overwhelmingly positive feedback to last week’s Kings of the Roundtable debut (click here if you missed it), we’re back with Episode 2. And this time around, we’re talking about Rob Blake as the new General Manager (What does that really mean for the franchise?); plus free agency, Dustin Brown’s future, the NHL Expansion Draft and much more.

MayorsManor and The Fourth Period partnered to bring you an all star cast — featuring Dennis Bernstein (Senior Writer at The Fourth Period), Jonathan Davis (host of The Two Man Advantage on Sirius XM NHL Network Radio), Brian Slagel (Metal Blade Records CEO), and Earl Skakel (Stand Up comic, as featured on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle) — who debated a myriad of topics, all centered around what adjustments the Kings need to make if they are to quickly regain a label of “Championship Contender” in the near future.

Hosted by Keith Korneluk and Chris Kaliszewski, you’re about to get an overwhelming helping of LA hockey knowledge. Enjoy!

In the coming days, we will roll out more episodes.

Meanwhile, have some fun by checking out the links below, which will take you back to some roundtable talk from 2011 and 2013.


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  1. Daoloth says:

    I know many like to cry about things related to Blake as a player… Though I only see what he did as GM for Manchester winning Cup there as a fair point of reference… AS for those trying to compare him to forwards who they say were great players it shows an ignorance about hockey… Hextall is a goalie, so he had to know players more than any forwards would… Blake is a D-man who would have to know the players how to play against them more than any forwards. So if anything a “great” or “HOF” player who was a D-man or Goalie would be able to evaluate talent better since they had to as a player to be great in the first place. I know from playing goalie I could tell who was good/great, how to play against them, way they would play with puck/setup the shot etc. Even in other sports if played soccer as a fullback/goalie, played every position while the forwards didn’t know squat :).

    Blake gets an A+ for his first official contract giving Pearson 4 years 15M… Saving at least 250K per year since I figured he would get 4M at low end. In contrast Dean gets F’s for Kopitar 10M over 8 years… HE should have been paid more like Kesler, Perry, Logan, Paveleski, and Getzlaf. Where the highest total cap could handle was maybe 9.5M while 8-9M was more based in financial reality. Brown’s contract was a solid F, Greene was an F, so most of the existing Dean contracts were F’s to be fair :). He could get Vey back probably for 700-900K range doing better than Andreoff and Nolan. He can play RW/Center, has character to even still be playing with the off ice distractions…

    BTW Brown isn’t marketable in the least… Carter gear sells out, can’t even get it… Brown’s stuff didn’t sell in my experience buying hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of Kings gear :). Any Brown gear I got dirt cheap at like 60% or more off. He isn’t well spoken, his commercials had no pop or personality. I’m not even taking a shot at his lisp or anything cheap, you either have charisma or you don’t. PK Subban is somebody the NHL does all it can to market, Dustin isn’t that. Problem for Brown is what were big hits became 5 game or multi game suspensions… So the rules changed much like the faceoff one hurt centers to the point Brown isn’t relevant or ideal. He is no Shane Doan, if he was they would be able to afford him… Milan Lucic is what Brown is supposed to be, he can drag down any line… HE had 2 more goals than Kopitar whose 12 had not a single GW for first time in his career.

    You can’t compare 2013 a lockout season if know anything about hockey… Players produce like its preseason since they are in most cases not in full game shape. The contract is closer to 6M its not a 5M contract for those who can’t do math… I liked that they made it 5 minutes longer, I was going to suggest doing that after the 1st episode :). Goalies need a preseason to get into shape, Gaborik getting hurt playing before training camp/preseason gives an idea how important that is. Which is why I’m more tolerant of Olympics coming middle of season or the events during/after season. I’m hoping Kings will protect Drew, Muzzin, Martinez, Carter, Kopitar, Pearson, Tyler, Lewis (Career season 12 goals same as Kopi), Shore, and Clifford or Dowd… If they lost Clifford maybe they could sign Dwight King again though :). Getting Pearson for under 4M makes it easier to afford to keep Lewis. If they protect Forbort they will lose 2-3 players for it… Also why would Vegas take a guy coming off a knee operation :)? Just seems like somebody will get lost on waivers even if its Forbort if they protect him if not more.

    I was hoping Brown would have a better season to entice Vegas to take him though :). You can’t have Brown with a bigger cap hit than Carter/Quick expecting to attract anybody to the team :). Would the Kings be better off paying Lucic that money or Brown? Would the Kings have been better off still having Williams for cheaper than Brown? Players like that among others are what having 6M tied to Brown in cap costs them each year he is here. Would the Kings have more than 1 post season win in last 3 years or since last Cup without Brown? You need 3 scoring lines now, with the fourth being like a kid line or something with upside… Devils when they were Cup Champions had the “Crash Line” who was like Peluso, Holik, and Elias… If remember right at least 2 of those players panned out to be pretty good. Kings are not going far if their “crash Line” is like Andreoff and Nolan :). Playing Pearson with Tyler on any line helps since those two have special chemistry. Yet the Kings constantly seem to want to break them up then wonder why team can’t score :). I was so excited/happy Kings got Pearson for such a bargain its got me hoping other contracts in future will follow same line ;). I would have expected Pearson/Tyler to both get like 8 years 40M… Figuring their worth/production would be in 4-6M range each year so that would be fair gamble meeting in middle.

    AS for not traveling how silly is that? In this day/age of video/tech there is no real reason to travel to waste time in traffic or risk life and limb. You have scouts, tape, resources that didn’t exist making it absurd to cry about travel :). Next they will say Blake don’t have 20/20 vision or he isn’t tall enough :). I think it helps that he was a HOF player when it comes to respect of those he deals with if anything :).

  2. KINGS17 says:

    So, you say Blake and Robitaille were instrumental in getting the Kopitar negotiation jump started.
    If I remember correctly when the negotiations started with Kopitar, Lombardi said they weren’t even in the same ballpark.

    Are you telling us after that in comes Robitaille and Blake to save the day and get the deal done?

    The deal where the Kings got completely bent over, and Kopitar and his agent received everything for which they asked.


  1. […] VIDEO: Kings of the Roundtable – Episode 2 […]

  2. […] VIDEO: Kings of the Roundtable – Episode 2 […]

  3. […] VIDEO: Kings of the Roundtable – Episode 2 […]