LA Kings 2015-16 Projected Lineup and Salary Cap Review

King Dwight Kings NHL hockeyTwitter isn’t for everybody, we know. And not everybody gets a chance to listen to the various radio spots we post here on MayorsManor. Thus, as a friendly service, let’s look at the Kings projected roster for next season – since that seems to be one of the most popular questions we’ve received as of late.

Remember, there is a 23 player maximum for NHL rosters. They can continue to evaluate players/prospects during training camp, but the team’s opening night roster will need to be submitted just a few days after Frozen Fury on October 3.

LA Kings 2015-16 Projected lineup

Milan Lucic – Anze Kopitar – Marian Gaborik
Tanner Pearson – Jeff Carter – Tyler Toffoli
Dwight King – Nick Shore – Dustin Brown
Kyle Clifford – Trevor Lewis – Jordan Weal
Extra forwards: Andy Andreoff and Jordan Nolan

Jake Muzzin – Drew Doughty
Brayden McNabb – Slava Voynov *
Alec Martinez – Matt Greene
Extra defenseman: Derek Forbort

Jonathan Quick
Jhonas Enroth

* Putting all of his issues to the side for a moment, from everybody we have spoken with inside the organization, Voynov is expected back in Los Angeles. Re-phrase that as they hope he is back, or any other way you prefer. While there are still a plethora of legal details to be worked out, the short version of the story is that is the expectation. As we wrote about here, he could begin the 2015-16 season on a short-term suspension (as yet to be handed out by the NHL, nor is there a timetable for any such ruling). Of course, he already missed nearly the entire 2014-15 season under a league suspension. There is also the matter of his achilles injury, so the Kings will need a back-up plan until, say December. Enter Jamie McBain. The right-shot and puck-moving defenseman was recently signed to a one-year contract extension coming off a 28-game stint with the Kings, after originally signing with the club last November.

Slotting the corresponding salary cap numbers into that lineup, the Kings 2015-16 cap situation looks as follows:

Lucic Kopitar Gaborik
3,250,000 6,800,000 4,875,000
Pearson Carter Toffoli
1,400,000 5,272,727 3,250,000
King Shore Brown
1,950,000 600,000 5,875,000
Clifford Lewis Weal
1,600,000 1,525,000 632,500
Andreoff Nolan
587,500 950,000
Muzzin Doughty
4,000,000 7,000,000
McNabb Voynov
650,000 4,166,666
Martinez Greene
4,000,000 2,500,000
Quick  5,800,000
Enroth  1,250,000

$68,797,726 SUB-TOTAL

Add in the $1.32M penalty for the termination of Mike Richards’ contract and the Kings would be at $70,117,726. The salary cap limit has been set at $71.4M.

Additional comments…

– Obviously, if/when McBain is taking up Voynov’s roster spot, there is a potential savings, as his contract is only $600K. Also, if McBain clears waivers and is sent to the AHL, his salary would not count against the cap.

– If J.F. Berube was to beat out Enroth for the backup goaltending job, his contract is $563K (just under the 2015-16 league minimum of $575K).

– Competing with Weal for that open roster spot at forward will be four of the Kings top prospects: Jonny Brodzinski ($809K), Nic Dowd ($600K), Adrian Kempe ($925K), and Michael Mersch ($787K).


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  1. Should Dustin Brown forget how to get to the front of the net or how to score, we need more help than Jordan Nolan can offer. However Jordan Nolan finished off the season playing at the highest level of his career. Who knows what he’ll bring to training camp.

  2. Kings of Hockeywood says

    Wouldn’t Dustin Brown have to remember how to score before he can forget (again)?

    Seriously though, informative article.

  3. Dowd took a big jump in the playoffs, he may get the call prior to Brod, Kempe, or Mersch.

    I concur with the last poster, very good article.

  4. historyguy says

    Not a bad lineup. As much as I would like to see Voynov deported, the Kings’ defensive pairings sure look a lot better with him in there and McBain in Ontario in case someone gets hurt. The only thing that worries me is what has been the Kings’ strength for the past few years…the centers (or, specifically, the number 3 center). I hope Shore can carry the load, but I think the Kings are going to miss Stollie more than they know. Maybe they can sign him to a cheap one-year contract before camp starts (I know, I know…).

  5. Shore still has AHL eligibility, so if he looks as offensively challenged as he did during his prolonged NHL cup (pot) of coffee, he could slot back down in Ontario. Signing Andreoff to a two year deal might scare some people off if the Kings tried to slip him down as well. I say this because neither of these guys has actually proven they can play at the NHL level for any sustained period of time. If AHL minutes are needed, I trust they’ll be gotten.

  6. quick question. Would McBain need to clear waivers? I thought we signed him to a 2 way contract?

  7. Would warm my little black heart to see Dowder and Roubs make the show opening night with LA

  8. Trade brown for prospect and picks as much as I hate it were not paying him 6 mil to play on the 3rd line move weal to the 3rd line Andy to 4c and Trevor to 4rw

  9. League minimum for this season doesn’t affect salaries negotiated before this season, does it? I mean, if you sign at minimum, that minimum doesn’t keep getting bumped up every year. Or does it?

    • capgeek use to bump the plaer’s salary up to the league min, but that may have been just a programing feature (bug). Reply here if you find out.

  10. The halcyon days of concern with just the bottom 4 forwards.
    C3 shaky. Brown durability falling off – move while still coveted.
    Voynov – the current version of McBain is not a fallback solution.

  11. “* Putting all of his issues to the side for a moment, from everybody we have spoken with inside the organization, Voynov is expected back in Los Angeles. Re-phrase that as they hope he is back, or any other way you prefer.”

    Interesting article. So does this mean that the Kings staff hopes that the talented defenseman who plead no contest to beating the bloody hell out of his wife puts on a Kings jersey again and represents the Kings, or that they hope he’s eligible to play again so they can get some trade value off of him? Serious question.

    • Do we know that “beating the bloody hell out of his wife” to be accurate? I am not saying he did not, but we really do not know. There are many questions that we will never see answers to. If he chocked his wife at the party, did anyone else see it? Did he have ahold of her head when she hit the television, or did he push her from the other side of the room and she stumbled 15 feet before hitting her head? Obviously something happen, she was angry and probably bleeding heavily (head wounds bleed profusely, but we will likely never know the details.
      The Kings organization has always had a policy of granting second chances if there is a plan in place to stop further occurrences. Heidi’s DUI, Hardy’s incest incident, DD’s rape allegation, Player’s drug use. The organization has been burned lately by some of these second opportunities, but that is not a reason to stop a policy that has proven to work many times in the past. The organization needs to follow its current policy and use Voynov as a spokesperson to the new prospects coming through the system of acceptable off ice behavior.

  12. @Natalie Serious Answer: Since the parties involved in the domestic abuse case came to agreeable terms, the courts accepted the resolution via misdemeanor offense, the court also built an extensive support system for the victim via lengthy probation and mandatory counseling, it would seem very reasonable for us outside observers to equally accept the resolution of the case.

    Projecting our individual morality on such an intimate, personal and trying time for the Voynov family is neither productive nor justified.

    A much better outcome for everyone involved or observing is to offer support to the many Domestic Violence Prevention centers that can do tangible good deeds.

  13. I’m sorry… but –

    1) I don’t care that Voynov’s wife has “stood” by him… what he was charged with based on her initial injuries and words is dispicable. She has probably been paying more attention to $$ that would go away with his NHL hockey career than anything else. I hate to stereo-type, but… it’s hard not to in this case. Personally I dont care how good of a defenseman he is, I don’t want to see him back in a Kings uniform. This is the kind of role model we want to show our kids? Hey boys and girls… I beat the crap out of my wife, but I got her to recant the truth, I got off relatively lightly and I kept my job (that pays me $4.1M a year). Yah… I don’t think so.

    2) Lucic or not, they should never have let Justin Williams walk. Big mistake. I like Brownie and he has been a good captain… but we should have gotten rid of him and his ridiculous contract and given Justin a decent enough offer to get him to stay another couple of years. The offer they made him must have been worse than Washington because I know he wanted to stay here. If I am not mistaken, (and forget the age difference between the two), Williams out-preformed Brownie every season since he came to L.A. What a way to treat your Conn Smythe trophy winner. I have never felt Justin was treated with the kind of respect he deserved until he won that award and even then… he was treated like crap. Pisses me off.

    • John Hoven says

      Williams essentially lost his roster spot to Tyler Toffoli, not Dustin Brown.

      As for the comparison you mentioned, Brown had more goals most years…

      Brown 82 GP, 56 points (24 G, 32 A)
      Williams 49 GP, 29 points (10 G, 19A)

      Brown 82 GP, 57 points (28 G, 29 A)
      Williams 73 GP, 57 points (22 G, 35A)

      Brown 82 GP, 54 points (22 G, 32 A) * also tied for team lead in goals and points in playoffs
      Williams 49 GP, 59 points (22 G, 37A)

      Brown 46 GP, 46 points (18 G, 11 A)
      Williams 48 GP, 33 points (11 G, 22A)

      Brown 79 GP, 27 points (15 G, 12 A)
      Williams 82 GP, 43 points (19 G, 24A) * Conn Smythe in the playoffs, 9G to Brown’s 6G

      Brown 82 GP, 27 points (11 G, 16 A)
      Williams 81 GP, 41 points (18 G, 23A)

      • You really think Brown is more valuable now–or ever–than Williams? Really?
        Yes, Brown is a really good pest, and that’s worth a lot, but his production both in goals and physicality has plummeted recently, yet the Kings have no trouble throwing money at him, enabling a wife-beater, and giving a drunk and drug addict chance after chance after chance. But they treat like crap one of only 4 players who has played consistently the past few years.

        I wish Williams all the luck in the world, but I’m also glad he’s with a garbage Caps team b/c I really wouldn’t want the Kings to have to face him in the playoffs. Management has made horrible decisions on players’ character recently.

        • John Hoven says

          I never said Brown was more valuable. In fact, I think the whole Williams vs. Brown argument is a bit ridiculous because it isn’t valid. As stated above, Williams lost his roster spot to Toffoli, not Brown. Williams did some wonderful things in L.A., however he will also be 34 on opening night. Historically, NHL players have declined rapidly in their mid 30s. IMO – mgmt. has treated any player like crap. They’ve worked to manage the cap and fill the boxes that are needed to complete a 23-man roster. One could argue some of Lombardi’s moves in the early years, as the team was in transition. If you judge on the totality of his performance (which is more fair than trying to single in on what may look like any one decision – because the reality is every decision comes with 25 other linked decisions or results), there is no denying he deserves to be one of the top five GMs over the past five years.

  14. John… I was talking about all together performance. Justin ranked higher in team overall points than Brownie in 5 out of the 7 years he was here. In the 2008-2009, he came right before the trade deadline, if I recall so, that season doesn’t count. In the 2009-2010…. was when Justin broke his leg and was out for a long period of time. And, from the 2010-2011 season through the end of this last season Justin ranked higher than Brownie in overall team points. Justin was consistently in the top three above Brownie in 2010-2011 (Williams 2nd, Brownie 3rd), 2011-2012 (Williams 2nd, Brownie 3rd), 2012-2013 (Williams 2nd, Brownie 5th), 2013-2014 (Williams 3rd, Brownie 10th),

    Now this past season Williams was out some games because of the high stick injury he got in an away game. So… he had less time on the ice than usual, but he still ranked above Brownie by two or three, if I recall.

    I’m just saying… it’s not ALL about getting the goals, it’s also about being a player that can help his teammates get goals too. And, he had proven that he can do both.

  15. ECHL Mafia says

    Great article, Thanks John.
    What stands out to me is the bargain that our second line is!!!!! Gotta love 70’s prices for the 70’s line!

  16. Michael Ball says

    I was roundly unimpressed with Shore’s stint with the big club — where he had more than enough games to prove himself (if perhaps not the linemates).

    So to see him as our 3C — the line we’re in most need of stepping up this year — is disconcerting… Hopefully he uses that experience to find his game this year… Or one of the other kids has a crazy camp and takes the job.

  17. I have no interest in supporting a team with Voynov on it. I will not be bringing my nephews to games to root for a wife beater. He’s welcome to a second chance and to making amends … and totally welcome to do that outside of professional hockey and outside of the Kings.

    • How will you tell your nephews that incest, drunk driving, and rape are acceptable, hurting your wife is not? It sounds to me like you have a perfect teaching moment available. That defenceman over there, was said to have pushed his wife, she hit her head on a TV, and she had to go to the hospital. He was not allowed to work for a year, lost 5 million dollars and had to go to jail. The rub is that you will have to explain how the others got a little counseling.

  18. Captain Dustin Brown won’t be traded. He’s working his butt off as we speak; n his leadership and game will do the talking next season. .


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