Boudreau Says Flames’ Quicker, More Dynamic Than Jets

Boudreau BruceComments from Anaheim Ducks Bruce Boudreau in advance of their Game 1 matchup vs. the visiting Calgary Flames…

On what Calgary’s losing streak in Anaheim means to either team:

“I don’t think either team is think one iota about what’s happened in the past. I think both teams are looking forward to tonight, and they couldn’t care less. If you guys don’t bring it up, no one’s thinking about it.”

On any concerns on the team getting it going after eight days off:

“As a coach you have concerns all the time about a lot of different things, but I think were ready. I think they’re antsy to play. They want to beat up on somebody else other than themselves, which is what happens when you practice a lot. You just hope that your mindset and your pace of play you played with in the last game doesn’t take a (can’t make this out) and doesn’t keep going. I don’t think it will but that’s what coaches worry about.”

On similarities or differences between Winnipeg and Calgary:

“The first round opponent overall was bigger. I think overall the second round opponent is quicker. They play similar games, in that their defense is really active. I think the more dynamic of the scorers offensively are probably on Calgary more than on Winnipeg, even if they’re younger guys. But that would probably be the big difference, they’re both well coached. One has won a Stanley Cup, one went to the finals. They both had to play very good down the stretch to make it so all their games were meaningful. Other than the size differential there’s not a lot.”

On if there will be any lineup changes at the beginning of round two:

“Nate Thompson will play.”

On Calgary’s top line stacking up against other top lines in the league and how to limit them:

“As for the top line in the league, they made it to the second round. They’re not a one line team, but at the same time every team that’s made it to the second round has at least one really good line and that’s their line, that’s their offensive line. They’ve found a really good chemistry with each other and they’ve played together most of the year. Monahan is as good a second year guy as there is in the league, Hudler has come into his own and the young guy Johnny Gaudreau, we don’t know how good he’s going to be when it’s all said and done, but they’re really good. They’re going to be tough to contain but we’ll see if we can.”

On Nate Thompson coming back:

“Nate is a natural centermen, and a penalty killer and a face-off guy is a vital guy to our team. He’s been a vital guy for the whole year, he played every game. It’s just natural that he would go back in when he could.”

On Ryan Kesler’s impact during the season and the playoffs thus far:

“His impact is now you got two big centermen that are experienced veterans that have been through everything from world championships to Stanley Cup Finals. That pushes everybody to be better. I think it pushed Ryan, both Ryans I think it pushed. As far as the impact in the first round, it was evident. The way we had the secondary scoring that was all our team could want, was there because he was playing at the top of his game.”

On the physical mismatch against a smaller Calgary team:

“They can play physical. They’ve got some big guys. I coached Deryk Engelland for a couple years, physical guy. Bollig, physical, Ferland, Physical, they finish checks. Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they can’t do it. And in playoffs everybody plays bigger than they are. I don’t think it’s a mismatch at all, I think it’s going to be a physical series. I think they’re going to come at us and do what they do. When they’re fore-checking they’re physical all the time, but at the same time we don’t want to change our DNA. We want to be a big physical team, tough to contain. We’ve got the size, that’s potentially possible if we play the game right.”

On the importance of line matchups:

“Well in some cases they’re really important and in some cases they’re not as important. I think we can dissect it a whole bunch of ways. You’d like to be able to go your best batch of what you think would work out against their best offensive line. On defense we didn’t really matchup two defensemen against any top line all year, we rotated all six that were playing. We have a belief that any one of those pairs can play against anybody else.”

On the depth making it easy to roll four lines:

“Well we like to roll four lines. That’s been our team mantra, that we play four lines. We like to have it if we can do it. If were doing the right things, no forward plays over 20 minutes and no forward plays under 10. If we can get to those accomplishments then we know well usually have a successful game.”

On Etem being a big game guy and what he brings:

“He’s 215 pounds, he’s strong he’s big. He can skate really well and he can score. When he’s consistent he brings all of those things to the table. That really adds to a lot of things that we believe in as far as winning battles and being able to put the puck in the net.”

On what has allowed Etem to be in the lineup every night:

“Well he’s play consistently. Sometimes it takes a couple years for guys to just find their footing. They’re still young, they’re still developing. And I think now he gets it and when he gets it he’s a really good player for us.”


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