CONTEST: Win tickets to LA Kings Meet the Players Party

Carter BrownTuesday night at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, the Kings will host a private ‘Meet the Players’ event. Although tickets were not sold to the general public, you had to know MayorsManor was going to take care of you. And this contest is going to be easy…

To enter, simply leave a comment below with the current Kings player you are most interested in meeting. That’s it. We will randomly select one winner at 11am on Tuesday, October 21, 2014. The prize has no cash value and cannot be exchanged for anything else. One winner will receive two (2) tickets, via email, good for admission to the event. Festivities are scheduled for 6pm at the Staples Center. Free parking and food will also be provided.

Good luck!


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  1. Richard Moore says:


  2. Jake Andrade says:

    Jeff Carter

  3. Tanner Pearson

  4. Doughty

  5. Jones

  6. Clifford

  7. Donna Fields says:

    Drew Doughty

  8. Dustin Brown

  9. Doughty

  10. Dikran Kalousdian says:

    Anze Kopitar

  11. Merry Simonyan says:

    Jarret Stoll

  12. My son would love to meet Kopitar.

  13. paloma carranza says:

    Tanner Pearson

  14. Kelly Cook says:


  15. Kopitar

  16. Amber Fajardo says:

    Jake Muzzin

  17. Pearson

  18. Chris Mauger says:


  19. Jon Quick!!!

  20. Misty Dymond says:


  21. Carla Nieto says:

    Jeff Carter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Stacey Stewart says:

    Stoll, but my son wants Richards

  23. Tyler Toffoli #73

  24. Quick

  25. Christopher says:

    Mike Richards

  26. Alec Martinez (for my fiancée) and Jeff Carter (for me)

  27. Anže Kopitar

  28. Roberto Buenabad says:

    Jeff Carter.

  29. Amy Campanella says:

    Justin Williams

  30. Jonathan Quick!!! Because I’m also a goalie named Jonathan!

  31. Ashly Gonzales says:

    Voynov!! Jk Doughty!!

  32. Marian Gaborik

  33. Michelle B says:


  34. Shane Richardson says:


  35. Anze Kopitar

  36. Mark Hulicius says:

    drew doughty

  37. Mike Richards

  38. Veronica Cortes says:

    Jeff Carter!

  39. Carter and Pearson!

  40. anze kopitar

  41. Richard Graham says:

    Dustin Brown

  42. Brownie of course

    He’s the captain!

  43. Robert Zamora says:

    #32 Jonathan Quick

  44. Irene Napoli says:

    Carter and or Doughty!

  45. Kopitar (my son) & Quickie (me)

  46. Doughty!!

  47. Carter

  48. Tyler Toffoli

  49. Chill Eff says:

    #8! Mr. Drew Doughty.

  50. Martinez!

  51. Dustin Brown

  52. keiran. mcstravick says:

    Defiantly dewie #8 all day

  53. junior rodriguez says:


  54. ian terrell says:

    i’d love to meet doughty!!! he’s the only one i haven’t met in person yet!!!

  55. Tyler Toffoli!!

  56. Kristine Dye says:


  57. Quick

  58. Melanie Lehocz says:


  59. Kopi

  60. Jonathan Quick

  61. Daniel S. says:

    McNabb or Andreoff, simple to congratulate them on cracking roster this season.

  62. Jonathan Quick

  63. Fiona Grover says:

    Jonathan Quick.

  64. Quick

  65. Mike Schottler says:

    Jonathan Quick

  66. Juan Leyva says:


  67. Dustin brown

  68. Janet Klotz says:

    Jonathan Quick #QuickTheBrick

  69. Darren Field says:


  70. Martin Jones

  71. Michael Petrick says:

    Alec Martinez

  72. Thomas Gomez says:

    Would like to meet Martin Jones

  73. Bobby longoria says:

    cant wait to meet that 70’s line!!

  74. Alicia Carson says:

    Mike Richards

  75. Jenn Howard says:

    Mike Richards!!

  76. Alec Martinez

  77. Kate Willoughby says:

    Honestly, any of them, but forced to pick, I’d say Williams.

  78. Kopi, but any player will be awesome! Thanks!

  79. Lisa Pronovost says:

    Mike Richards

  80. Neil Shafton says:

    I like to meet Andreoff just because I want to know if he has any tanning tips.
    I’d also like to meet Tanner Pearson because he never gave up on his dream even after being passed over in 2 NHL Entry Drafts and how much of an influence Dale Hawerchuk had on path to the NHL.

  81. Kira santora says:

    Have 2 Toffoli and coach Sutter

  82. Chrissie Salsburey says:


  83. Johanna Palmer says:

    Jeff Carter

  84. Martin “Joner” Jones

  85. Freddie B says:

    I was hoping my wife could meet Slava… but instead I’d take Williams.

  86. Brayden McNabb

  87. Anze kopitar, because he’s boss

  88. Chris Salamanca says:

    D. Brown

  89. Michele Sierra says:


  90. As a goalie myself JQ32.

  91. Mike Richards

  92. Gerardo Alcaraz says:


  93. Jeff Carter

  94. Williams

  95. Jonathan Quick

  96. Just one to pick? Jonathan Quick!

  97. michael mcleary says:


  98. Steve Robinson says:


  99. Amador Gonzalez says:

    Jazz hands Martinez !!!

  100. David Walters says:

    Tyler Toffoli!

  101. Justin Williams

  102. Juan chacon says:

    I have been following Carter since his Philadelphia days, so I’d like to meet him. Jeff Carter.

  103. Stoll

  104. Corrine Godfrey says:


  105. Chris Egebjerg says:

    Marian Gaborik


  107. Griffin Knutson says:

    Dustin Brown!!

  108. quick

  109. Dustin Brown

  110. Justin Breen says:


  111. Jessica Aguirre says:

    Michael Richards


  112. Veronica Romo says:

    My son would love to meet Quick!

  113. Stephanie Cruz says:

    Brown and Quick

  114. Mike Richards and Pearson

  115. Jonathan Bower says:

    Drew Doughty

  116. Anthony Mendeola says:


  117. Grigor Avsharian says:

    Jeff Carter

  118. Krystine Randolph says:

    Clifford my daughter’s favorite!!!

  119. Christine says:

    Mike Richards 🙂

  120. Tyler Sparrow says:

    Anze Kopitar

  121. Chris Toon says:


  122. Dustin Brown

  123. Kerry Barefoot says:

    I would like to meet Johnathan Quick

  124. David galante says:


  125. Justin Williams

  126. Justin Williams.

  127. nicolas moreno says:

    Jordan Nolan

  128. Anthony Flores says:

    Kopitar because he is the best defensive foward in the league.

  129. Jonathan Quick

  130. Jarret Stoll

  131. Andy Andreoff

  132. Justin Williams (:

  133. Robert Ramos says:

    Jonathan Quick

  134. Garret Drolen says:


  135. Tyler Tafolli

  136. Brown

  137. Brownie!!!

  138. Dana Berg says:

    Mike Richards

  139. Veronica Valenzuela says:


  140. #44 all the way!

  141. Anze Kopitar please.

  142. Brown!!!!

  143. Quick

  144. Megan Switzler says:

    QUICK!! my hubby!

  145. Brown

  146. Dustin Brown

  147. Jonathan Quick

  148. Shelley Taniguchi says:

    I would like to meet them all of course… but since I only can pick one which is so hard to do…QUICKIE.

  149. Ninel Koch says:

    Tanner Pearson

  150. Jeff Carter

  151. Trevor bloom says:

    Would love to meet Gaborik

  152. Sam Reyes says:


  153. Capra Flak says:

    Martinez 🙂

  154. Kopitar

  155. My grandson would love to meet Kopitar

  156. Thad Barfield says:


  157. Matt Greene: funny guy, great leader, selfless teammate, and heavy hitter.

  158. Trevor Lewis

  159. Aurore Glover says:

    Whomever you pick would be Perfect!
    I love all out Kings!

  160. Martinez!!!! <3

  161. Mr. Game 7 Williams

  162. Vanessa Gutierrez says:

    Quick or Carter

  163. Darlene Rosenberg says:

    My little girl’s favorite is Brown!

  164. D. Brown

  165. Quick

  166. Denise Vargas says:


  167. Mike Richards

  168. doughty

  169. Quick

  170. Andreoff

  171. JQ32. “All Universe” and always so humble. No matter how amazing he plays he never takes an ounce of credit and instead gives it to his teammates.

  172. Pearson

  173. Quick

  174. Kopitar

  175. Diane Jensen says:

    Jordan Nolan

  176. Trevor Clemente says:

    I’m most interested in meeting the brick wall himself in Jonathan Quick!!

  177. Jeff Carter. All he does is score

  178. Jeff Carter #77

  179. gaborik so I can give him chicken noodle soup so he gets back on the ice!!!!

  180. Toffoli. Kid is producing huuuuuuge

  181. Sonia Estrada says:

    Trevor Lewis

  182. WILLIAMS!

  183. Jones!!

  184. Matt Greene because he’s smart enough to wear a Dodgers lid. Oh, and I would like to personally thank him for the value he’s added to our D- core. I don’t feel he was ever given enough credit for our cup wins.

  185. Dustin Brown

  186. Martinez!

  187. Jon Harding says:

    T Squared from that 70’s line aka Tyler Toffoli !!!!! GKG!!!! GKG!!!! GKG!!!!!

  188. Mike babel says:

    Brad Doty…..he’s my hero!

  189. Tori Harding says:

    Jeff Carter plz

  190. Jon Harding says:

    T Squared from that 70’s line aka Tyler Toffoli

  191. I would love to meet Jonathan Quick!

  192. John Hoven says:

    The winner has been selected (see above) and contacted. Thanks to all who participated.
    We do have one final pair to give away next hour. Go here for more info: