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Summer can be painful for hockey fans, so MayorsManor is here to help you out. Thanks to our relationship with Fathead over the past few years, we’ve given away quite a few of their NHL products – via our show West Coast Bias on NHL Network Radio, as well as here on the website.

Did you enjoy the Kings’ playoff run a few months back, culminating in their second Stanley Cup victory in three years? Would you like to commemorate that with a giant Fathead of your favorite player or maybe the moment when Alec Martinez scored in Game 5 vs. the Rangers?

Here’s your chance. We’re giving away a free Fathead from their LA Kings Stanley Cup collection to one lucky MayorsManor reader. Entering is simple and will only take you a few seconds. Down below in the comment section leave a note with who your favorite player was on this year’s Cup winning team. Do it before midnight on Wednesday, August 27th because next Thursday one randomly selected person will be announced as the overall winner. That person will get to pick any Fathead they want from the Kings collection. It really is just that easy.

Click HERE to see the prize you could win. Feel free to go ahead and pick it out ahead of time. You might be the winner. Good luck!


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  1. Mr. Game 7 Justin Williams!

  2. Sissy Williams says

    Justin Williams was my favorite this year. He plays with such heart, and I was so glad has awarded the MVP!!


  3. Mark Mayberry says

    Has to be Justin Williams. He came through time and time again. Mr. Game 7

  4. My favorite player always has been & is still Dustin Brown. He, again, showed why he is the captain of my Los Angeles Kings.

  5. Jeri Elster says

    Favorite player is Jon Quick, goalie. Without his skill, determination, leadership,tenacity and passion, the Kings surely would have struggled mightily. Thanks for including this post.

  6. Favorite player in the 2014 SC Playoff run for the Kings = Drew Doughty. Controlled play in both ends and showed why he’s the best defenseman in the NHL.

  7. Matt Nelson says

    My favorite player in the 2014 SC Playoffs was Jake Muzzin.

  8. Darin Johnson says

    Jake Muzzin. When we traded Jack Johnson, I was concerned. But Muzzin has proven to be better than Jack, and he works well with Drew. The Kings winning ways start with their strong Defense.

  9. Bill Riling says

    Drew Doughty, his TOI is incredible, his passion and commitment unwavering. Just fun to watch.

  10. Toryn stipati says

    Drew, of course!

  11. Advanced stats people may think he’s not elite and just league average, but I’ll take Jonathan Quick any day in the playoffs

  12. Melissa Mannion says

    My favorite player in this years playoffs was Drew Doughty. He is an amazing player (as so many of our guys are) but the passion he has to win really shows; sometimes comically. The moment we eliminated Chicago and he pounded on the glass between the benches and then took a spill as he went over the boards still makes me laugh.

  13. Steven M. Raboin says


  14. My long time favorite has been Kopitar.

  15. Irene Napoli says

    Gotta say Drew Doughty… always there and in the play. He was a big reason why we won those early games during the playoffs!

  16. Trasi Starr says

    Doughty not just because he is my #PBF8 but because he is ALL HOCKEY.

  17. Quickie is my favorite!

  18. Steven Niebow says

    Jeff Carter. Pure Stud. Propped up the kids.

  19. Drew Doughty

  20. Kaliman Serrano says

    My favorite player is Kopitar

  21. Dan Billington says

    The Captain, Dustin Brown!

  22. They all played great but Williams has my vote!

  23. Favorite Player? THE WHOLE SQUAD.
    But that wasn’t the question. As great as J Willz was this year, I still have to say KOPISTAR (!!!) was my favorite, and the best, player on this wonderful TEAM. People are quick to forget he got us out of the foxhole in the epic Battle of California. If only he could sign an extension two years ahead of time….

    • John Hoven says

      Kopitar is eligible for a contract extension next summer (2015). And he’ll get one.

  24. Kopitar….hands down the best player on the team

  25. Randy "Raz" Ullon says

    Drew… no Dustin…, no Drew… Ah hell, Dustin Brown wins out. I doubted him at one point in the regular season after the suspension and how he played after it, but then he showed what real leadership can do to influence the entire team when they needed it. They went up against strong teams that lacked a strong leader and prevailed because he kept calm and moved them all together forward against all the odds. Then there was that first hand off of the cup. I cried. One hell of a captain, I won’t doubt him again.

  26. Gaborik

  27. Dustin Brown

  28. Top-Titty Tyler Toffoli!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Don Heffern says

    Anze Kopitar just does everything right.

  30. Kopi has been one of my favorite players but he did really well in the play offs. I even named my bird after him!

  31. Paul Biagan says

    Mr. Game 7 himself, Justin Williams!

  32. Steve Teubner says

    My favorite player is the Captain Dustin Brown.

  33. Kopistar!

  34. Gaborik

  35. #77 Jeff carter

  36. lilsunshine says

    I’m gonna go with the boy wonder, Mr. Tyler Toffoli.

  37. Kopi

  38. Hard to pick just one…but I will pick Justin Williams.

  39. Would go with Gaborik, he came in later in the season and kicked butt all through the playoffs. His goals were all at the rigjt time and game changers and winners. We couldn’t have done it without hI’m

  40. Terry Schultze says

    Anze Kopitar

  41. Martin Howie says

    Anze Kopitar. Always underrated,never unappreciated.

  42. Chris Kelly says

    Charlie Huddy

  43. Kenneth Douglas says

    Marian Gaborik. So many clutch goals.

  44. Mr. Game7, Mr. Conn Smythe, Mr. MVP, 3-Time Champ…#14 Justin Williams

  45. reignman08 says

    My man Carter. Came to the kings and insanitly contributed to the Kings winning season GKG!

  46. Bernie Carraso says

    Gaborik! Tied and won OT game against the Ducks!

  47. Alec Martinez!!!! He really shined this season scoring 7 goals in the month of March! Then to score 2 of the most important goals of the playoffs…eliminating the Hawks and then the taking out the Rangers for the Kings to win their 2nd Stanley Cup in three seasons! EPIC!!!! KINGS don’t just win it…they win it in ROYALTY FASHION!!!! #GoKingsGo #2014Champions #2xCupChamps

  48. Shane Richardson says

    Doughty is driving force at both ends

  49. reignman08 says

    My man Carter. Came to the kings and instintly contributed to the Kings winning season GKG!

  50. Anze Kopitar – has been my favorite King for a while.

  51. #22 Trevor Lewis. Unsung hero gave150% the entire year

  52. Drew of course!

  53. Alec Martinez has been my favorite player since he made his NHL debut. But the 2013-2014 season has proven to be his time to demonstrate his value to the Kings and his ability to focus in high-pressure situations. He’s a smart player and quickly learns to adjust his plays on the ice. Can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in 2014-15!

  54. Brittany Patko says

    Mr. Game 7… Justin Williams 🙂

  55. Anze Kopitar. He has been my favorite since his first game with the kings!

  56. Nick Tussing says

    Gaborik! Never thought he would have the impact that he did! Was incredible to watch and he came up with some many huge goals

  57. Jessica Lemoine Ross says

    My favorite player during the playoffs was almost like the Conn Smythe, a multiplayer tie/dead heat until the last game. Mr Game 7, Justin Williams is my man!

  58. Justin Williams was so clutch!!

  59. Luis Santana says

    Alec Martinez! Mainly for the fact that he scored the game winner to win the Conference Championship and the Stanley Cup Final game winner! Awesome!!!!

  60. Chris Wilson says

    Justin Williams

  61. Kevin Roebke says

    Gaborik. Great trade that solidified the offense

  62. Dustin Brown. The captain, only captain ever on a Kings Stanley Cup winner.

  63. #8 Dewey was my favorite

  64. Donna Shernicoff says

    Carter was amazing, but I gotta go with Gaborik!

  65. Martinez is the man

  66. Susan Palyo says

    Favorite player of the playoffs (and the last 5 seasons), Justin Williams!

  67. Ellis Faraci says

    Kopitar before the playoffs, during the playoffs and after the playoffs. He is remarkable all over the ice.

  68. Diane Michel says

    This is a tough one all the guys were awesome! I’m gonna have to say Mr Justin Williams, he kicked ass this playoff season and he really knows how to rouse up the team!

  69. Christie J says

    Son #1 says Tyler Toffoli. Son #2 says Gaborik. I say Justin Williams. I have my reasons.

  70. Carter!

  71. brown

  72. Dustin Brown. Oh captain, my captain! Great leader for my Kings!

  73. Jeremy Craig says


  74. Brandon Craig says

    Drew Doughty is a beast!!!

  75. Only one? I’ll go with Mr. Game 7, Justin Williams. GKG!

  76. Love all of those mugs, but if I gotta choose…… I’ll take Jeff Carter.

  77. Quickie is my favorite player….

  78. Jake Firestone says

    My favorite player from this year has to be Jonathan Quick he was amazing in the playoffs as always and I would love to put him on my wall.

  79. Anze Kopitar

  80. Tom hughes says

    Anze Kopitar, best two way center man in the game.

  81. Mr. Game 7!!!!

  82. PucksAndGrub says

    Justin Williams! Although I could pick the entire team! GO KINGS GO!

  83. Gaborik!!! Amazing pickup by Lombardi.

  84. J.V. Siegel says

    Tanner Pearson and his facial hair.

  85. Jeremy Silver says

    Jonathan Quick for sure!

  86. Nothin’ gets by QUICK!

  87. Kyle Clifford. He has been my favorite player since I first watched him play. Guy is just an animal.

  88. Drew Doughty.

  89. Voynoz – great save in 21nd overtime. WOW

  90. Drew Doughty

  91. Most entertaining: Pearson
    Most impressed: Toffoli
    Most loved: Martinez
    Most favorite: Kopitar

  92. Drew Doughty!

  93. yves mongeau says

    Dustin Penner was my favorite……..ummmm sorry about that, darn flashbacks! Drew Doughty was my favorite. Emotional, skilled like no other, opposition hates him, always a factor. Hard to pick tho….such talent on this team!

  94. Justin Williams was just way too calm under pressure. Even his goal celebrations showed it.

  95. Colo King Fan says

    A-mart. Two goals I’ll never forget no matter how long I live.

    Plus, jazz hands.

  96. Neil Shafton says

    I guess people aren’t reading the question completely and just following what almost all others used before giving their answer.

    Question:Down below in the comment section leave a note with who your favorite player was on this year’s Cup winning team. “This years cup winning team”, not your favorite player who played in the playoffs only.

    My favorite player who played for the Kings and also played in the Stanley Cup playoffs for the Kings would be Jeff Carter but Drew Doughty could easily have been #1. I only wish would be a way to name 2 players max, simply because of their contributions to the team as a whole. If there could have been a 1A and a 1B especially for this season and either player could be 1A.

    Talk about East Coast Bias, and East Coast Ignorance, Drew Doughty not being a finalist for the Norris was a complete joke! Actually these awards are slowly becoming a joke if they are voted on by coaches/GM’s and not based on stats. Not one of the defenseman who were finalist for the Norris this season were close to Doughty on the ice nor were they West of St. Louis which again shows you how the NHL doesn’t give the Western Conference much love West of St. Louis until they are forced to do so in a Conference Final or Stanley Cup Final.
    The only reason Doughty’ offensive and +/- numbers were down was due to having to be a little more responsible because his defensive partner was Muzzin who in the beginning of this season was having all sorts of consistency issues from bad passes in the defensive zone, bad reads, coughing the puck up when pressured inside the defensive zone or getting caught up in the offensive zone, making Doughty have to be the 2nd to last line of defense before it became Quick/Scrivens/Jones.

    Carter had to adjust to a few new line mates which is never easy, even if you are a goal scorer.
    Carter helped Dwight King have a career year. Carter helped bring Toffoli and Pearson along to the point they progressively became the 2nd line, with great success in the regular season and in the playoffs.
    With Mike Richards struggling to get his season going, Carter had to really step up his play and also help with points, especially goals and assists which he distributed to many Kings players.

    It’s too bad we can’t use all of the defense as an answer because Quick did not have a great regular season, missed some games due to hamstring issues, so all members of the Kings defense had to really step up and help Ben Scrivens, and Martin Jones while Quick was out. Defense was also one of the reasons why the Jennings Trophy was won by the Kings goaltenders for giving up the fewest goals against average in the entire NHL. Unfortunately only Quick played more than 25 games during the regular season which excluded Jones and Scrivens.

    Short answer is Carter but not by very much over Doughty.

  97. Erin Crowley says

    Anze Kopitar for sure! He may not have scored the Cup winning goal or won the MVP, but he always played at 110% every game!!!!!

  98. Bob Miller, for his 40+ years as the Kings broadcaster…..gotta luv all the Kings….if I have to pick just one
    I’ll take AMart #27….

  99. Darrin Breslin says

    My favorite player during this years playoffs was Justin Williams. I am ecstatic a blue-collar player who brings it every night got recognized with the MVP trophy! Brought tears to my eyes.

  100. Kopitar

  101. My favorite player was Marian Gaborik during last years playoffs. I loved watching him play in New York and I was thrilled when he got trade to LA

  102. Christopher Teringalian says

    Cookie Monster AKA Marián Gáborík!

  103. Kylie Breslin says

    Dustin Brown because I’m in love with him!!!!!

  104. Alex Martinez

  105. Drew Doughty

  106. Jason Rosen says

    So many contributed but Anze was just amazing in so many aspects…even despite a goal scoring drought late in the year, his work ethic and his quiet leadership carry this team on his back. Go Kings Go!!!

  107. Karen Benson says

    My favorite player from the 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs has to be Justin Williams … pure hockey player all the time

  108. Anze Kopitar!

  109. Jaimy Scott says

    I have to go with Drew (best dman in the league, despite no Norris trophies), with Williams being a close second.

  110. Jeff Morgan says

    Justin Williams.

  111. Willie Mitchell. F*n love this team and will miss that guy

  112. Aftab Ibrahim says

    Best deadline deal ever: Marion Gaborik

  113. Gabby Vyskocil says

    It’s hard to pick a favorite because this Cup win was the epitome of a team accomplishment, but I would have to say my favorite player in the 2014 Stanley Cup run was Drew Doughty.

  114. Cody Barks says

    Gotta go with Carter for taking the kids under his wings.

  115. Anze Kopitar

  116. Kirk Sharrar says

    Like in 2012 I’m having trouble picking a favorite. The way Doughty steps up and proves he’s the best player on the ice. How clutch is Justin Williams? Kopitar and Gaborik putting on a show. That’s 70’s line and Quick making the big saves. Nope, can’t pick a favorite.

  117. Drew Doughty, had an amazing year, is still growing and developing into a great defenseman and seems to get overlooked, but maybe that will change with 2 Stanley Cups rings on his fingers. It’s truly hard to pick just one because it was totally a team effort and I love them all.

  118. My favorite NHL player for years has been Stick. But my favorite for the playoffs and even for the finals was Kopi. What he did was not always in the box score. Compared to 2013 playoffs – it was a different Kopi (I still think he was hurt in 2013…)

  119. Quickie.

  120. Anze Kopitar. Could easily share the Conn Smythe with our beloved “stick”. Led in scoring, best two way player in the league, competed against and beat great centers like thornton getzlaf and towes

  121. Gaborik who had some huge goals to tie key games.

  122. Carter all the way. The man was a stud and was playing injured ta boot.

  123. Anze kopitar! He shut down Thornton, getzlaf, and toews while being a dominant offensive facilitator. The widely unsung hero and leader of this kings team. GKG!

  124. Richards!!

  125. Mark Lavalle says

    Kopitar is my fav. Does everything!

  126. Got to be Jonathan Quick.

  127. Leslie Godwin says

    I was so impressed with Anze Kopitar. He is excellent on defense and has become one of the top power forwards in the game. He doesn’t play dirty and he is incredibly humble. We’ve got so many terrific players, but if I had to pick one favorite, it would be Kopi.

  128. Quick

  129. Michael Yurchuk says

    I kicked ass in my playoff pool by picking up 6 Kings, Kopitar has been a favorite for a few years now.

  130. Gaborik was my favorite player throughout the entire playoffs.

  131. Well, I’ll go with Martinez, since he scored the two series winners, and eased the stress of fans everywhere.

  132. Mike Gelardo says

    Dustin brown, the epitome of leadership.. No cups without him for sure

  133. Bobbi Dunfee says

    My favorite player is ALWAYS Brownie; I think his contributions on and off the ice are critical to this team (and overall, I think he is under appreciated).

    Great leader, great dad, great person!

  134. Jeff Swinford says

    Always Kopi!

  135. Carter-the entire 70’s line but he led Toffoli & Pearson in creating an effective line with his expertise and they all contributed in winning the Stanley Cup. Hard to pick just one player because I feel the entire team including Schultz all played a role in bringing the cup back to Los Angeles!! go Kings Go!!

  136. Darla Espinoza says

    Kopitar!!! 🙂

  137. Kopitar

  138. Gerald Trudeau says

    Justin Williams

  139. Vicki Mabbitt says

    It’s got to be Justin Williams!

  140. mr hammerstein says

    Always loved Kopitar, but Gaborik was a beast when needed.

  141. Dave Harder says

    Kopitar was my favorite playoff performer in 2014

  142. Irene Napoli says

    Has to be Double D… #8 DREW DOUGHTY!

  143. Arpine Dokuzyan says

    Dustin Browm

  144. Jeremy Crossley says

    Mr. MVP Justin Williams!!!

  145. Chris McKeen says

    Favorite player this playoffs for me was ……. believe it or not, the “Big Red Dog” Kyle Clifford, Yeah I know he doesn’t score a lot, and he takes some penalties sometimes you shake your head at, but when the Kings needed an energy boost, he was there Always. He may have avg about 7 min a game if that but I love his play and tenacity.

  146. Martinez or Voynov. Hard to choose.

  147. Tyler Tofolli

  148. The whole team impressed me. I think Williams was clutch but I have to select Doughty. He was the most vocal during the run and played some amazing hockey banged up. Go Kings! F the sharks!

  149. Drew Doughty.

  150. Skyler McLain says

    Jeff Carter

  151. Rich Dorkin says

    #12 Marian Gaborik

  152. Kevin Wright says

    Anze Kopitar

  153. Kelly Brown says

    Justin Williams

  154. Helene Green says

    Mr. Game 7 – Justin Williams

  155. I have to go with Kopitar. Guy does so much. so many of Kings goals are result of a Kopi pass. So smooth and makes it look so easy. Honorable mention to Quick, Gaborik, Carter, Williams, and Doughty, Pearson and Toffoli. I love this fricken team.

  156. Rob Walker says

    Tanner Pearson

  157. Chris Murillo says

    Mr. “I hate being called” Game 7

  158. Dan Billington says

    It’s the Capo Dustin Brown

  159. if it is for the whole year, my answer is Willie Mitchell as well. Smart, focused, and disciplined in his own end, his efforts are all too often unappreciated.

  160. Joshuah Brown says

    For me, it has to be Kopitar. That man is a beast. Watching him play against Toews was a thing of beauty.

  161. Definitely Kopi. He’s the leader of this team. Took down Thornton, Getz, Toews and Stepan. Favorite moment was when he scored in Game 7 vs. San Jose. We all knew it was over at that moment.

  162. Drew Doughty!

  163. Drew Doughty

  164. scootage81 says

    Anze Kopitar. Twice in three seasons the leading scorer in the postseason.

  165. I remember seeing this young kid playing back on defense in 2009 at Frozen Fury and being really impressed at his hockey acumen and patience. I remember turning to my wife saying this kid is going to be huge for this team if they keep him and boy I’very never been more happy to be right. That kid was Alex Martinez, you know, that guy with those two huge OT goals. Oh, and 9 months later I had a brand new baby daughter. That trip was awesome!

  166. Anze Kopitar

  167. Drew Doughty! An all around great player who really steps it ip when it counts!

  168. Matthew Bell says

    Stoll, I really believe he turned the Sharks series around for the team starting in game 3 with his physicality and his faceoff ability. Dude brought it to another level from then on.

  169. Cheryl Whittie says

    The team picture with the cup…. but Jonathon Quick is always good…..then there is Justin Williams……

  170. Drew Doughty. Most important player on team.

  171. David Greenberg says

    Matt Greene. Leader and BAMF. 4 more years!!! Can you dig it!!!!!!! Now my heart is full.

  172. Rick Cappetto says

    I LOVE them all but as an OLD GOALTENDER it has to be QUICK!!!!!!!!!

  173. Trevor Clemente says

    My favorite player on this most recent cup winning team was for sure Matt Greene. He faced adversity and sat alot during the season, but he stepped up AGAIN in the 2014 playoffs and showed why he was a crucial piece of our defensive skill set.

  174. Mike Richards

  175. Pearson will be the man…has the potential to grow into the next Williams.

  176. Jim Teters says

    Willie Mitchell, wish he was still a king!


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