BREAKING NEWS: Kings Upcoming Plans, including Frozen Fury 2014

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Last year around this time, MayorsManor broke the story that Frozen Fury would be a two-game affair in the fall of 2013, as the Kings were preparing to host the New York Rangers and Colorado Avalanche (our exclusive photos from both games can be seen here and here).

Today, we’re back with official / confirmed details on the 2014 game – plus a slew of other pre-season nuggets.

Frozen Fury XVI will take place on Saturday, October 4th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Once again, the Kings opponent will be the Colorado Avalanche. The two teams have played nearly every year, sans a few games vs. the San Jose Sharks and Phoenix Coyotes. There was also the year LA was scheduled to play the Ducks, but that game was cancelled due to the 2004 lockout.

One interesting, and little known, fact about the new three-year contract announced last September between the Kings and MGM (running through 2016) is that the Colorado Avalanche are not part of the agreement. Thus, if Kings management was interested in choosing a different opponent in 2015 or 2016, they do have that option.

As usual, season ticket holders will get first crack at the 2014 Frozen Fury tickets and have access to special room rates through the MGM Grand. Look for that information to be release early next week.

The Las Vegas game will be the final game on the Kings 2014 per-season schedule.

This year’s handful of tune-up games will not see the Kings traveling to AEG-owned buildings in Ontario or Kansas City.

However, they will be the visiting team at a very special game played a few days before Frozen Fury. Details will likely be announced next week. But, we’ll give you one little hint – it’s a venue they’ve never visited before. [UPDATE: Story here, with full details.]

One other bit of news to pass along as well – from what we’re hearing, HockeyFest will be moved back to TSC this year. It will continue to be a one-day event and take place in early September. Again, expect an official announcement from the team sometime in the next few weeks.

Now, about those home playoff dates…

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  1. Once again, the Mayor has all the best scoop. Time to reserve my vacation for Friday, October 3.

  2. Tell us darn you!!! At least we can speculate until the announcement is made… Are they going to London to play some hockey? =]

  3. I’m saying the Metropolitan city of Bakersfield or maybe Seattle

  4. never been the VISITING team before can’t you people read the FORUM

  5. Troy Platt says:

    The Barclays Center against the Islanders?

  6. Colo King Fan says:

    Salt Lake City or maybe Portland? Gotta be an NHL test market and those are the most logical ones (other than Seattle)

    • John Hoven says:

      Not Salt Lake City. Not Portland… although going to Portland would be cool.

      Salt Lake City? Meh. Went to the Olympics there in 2002. Trevor Lewis would be happy though.

      • Colo King Fan says:

        Okay, so if it’s a test market were talking about that limits logical locations. Population wise Houston makes a lot of sense, but Texas needs another hockey team like the moon needs a water park. Cincinnati and Cleveland also make sense geographically and demographically, but I’m not sure the NHL would wast resources putting exhibition games in markets so close to an existing franchise. Milwaukee could be interesting. Makes sense for the region of the country it’s in, at least. Could also be a city like Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, or Omaha where there isn’t a large professional hockey interest and the league is hoping to increase regional interest in an existing franchise (such as Colorado in the case of Omaha and Albuquerque or Dallas for Oklahoma City).

        There is also the chance its just in some random place. Anchorage, AK; Reno, NV; and Boise, ID come to mind for no reason at all.

  7. Freddie B says:

    @ Viejas Arena vs Ducks?

    @ MGM Grand Atlantic City vs Rangers?

    @ The Rinks in Corona?

  8. Valley View Casino Arena – San Diego

    • John Hoven says:

      Been there, done that. A few entertaining games vs. the Rangers and Coyotes back in the day. That was a long time ago though.

      To be clear – no, not San Diego in 2014.

  9. Lake Placid?

  10. Stafford says:

    ok if The Rinks in Corona is the best guess out that persons three…Riverside Ice Town

  11. John Van Gaston says:

    What about the South Lake Tahoe Ice Arena?

  12. Stephanie says:

    Long Beach Arena, are they bringing back the Long Beach Ice Dogs?

    • John Hoven says:

      Please, let’s hope there isn’t ever another hockey game played at that arena. It’s not fit for a pro team… or a minor league team for that matter.

  13. Stubhub center in Carson for a outdoor game vs the ducks

  14. Greg Zuercher says:


  15. So your saying there gonna do on the beach instead Right there in Redondo

  16. I’ll take a crack at it but highly doubtful, Smoothie King Center in New Orleans?

    • John Hoven says:

      Only if they can do it during Mardi Gras.

      That’s in February, pre-season is in Sept/Oct… so, no. Not in the Big Easy.

  17. Tell me it is Houston or San Antonio, so I don’t have to drive to stinkin’ Dallas to see them this time!

    • John Hoven says:

      Time to gas up… because it’s not Houston, San Antonio… or even Wichita Falls for that matter.

  18. Hartford

  19. typicaljs says:

    I want to say something like Angel stadium against the ducks but they would never do that for the preseason….I think.

  20. And by Hartford I meant JUST KIDDING! Hmmmmm, I am going to say Spokane, WA

  21. I’m guessing the Great Western Forum. Yes, the Kings used to play there, but none of our CURRENT Kings ever has.

    • Also, they’ve never visited before because they were always the home team. If I had to guess, I’d say the Rangers are going to be the home team in September.

      • John Hoven says:

        Would be cool, but don’t look for any sporting events at the Forum in the years to come… after the recent makeover, it’s a concert hall now.

  22. When you say special I have to think it has something to do with mark Bavis and ace Bailey. So I’m gonna go with an outdoor game in new York city in central park, or somewhere near the memorial.

  23. Levi’s Stadium or Oracle Arena vs. Sharks?

  24. typicaljs says:

    I like Gabby’s idea of them being the visitors at the Forum. Makes the most sense.

  25. Kyle Harris says:

    Kings at Ducks at The Arena at Anaheim Convention Center?

  26. C’mon, hint time, east or west of Mississippi River?

  27. justin duncan says:

    Roof of the plaza?

  28. Back to Kansas City?

  29. John Hoven says:
  30. Colo King Fan says:

    @John Hoven – I seriously considered Colorado Springs because of the history with Colorado… just couldn’t figure out why they would. Makes sense now.


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