Three deals being looked at by LA Kings

MayorsManor has never been a rumor site, and we’re not that interested in moving things in that direction. However, you guys have been firing questions from all angles over the past few weeks, so let’s at least update the information we provided in our detailed trade article posted last week.

Now, while the general direction of the plan hasn’t changed much for the LA Kings – they’re still looking for a defenseman first, then a forward as a secondary priority – there are at least a few new notes to pass along…

MayorsManor correspondent Jonathan Davis and I have been working the phones and squeezing our contacts. This is what we’ve learned so far today:

– On defense, the price for Andrew MacDonald was said to be too high and the Kings had lost interest in that deal going back to at least Saturday. Instead, Dean Lombardi has been in heavy talks to acquire a defenseman who is totally off the radar – as in, a name you haven’t been seeing among all the rampant trade speculation. The only hint we can give for now is he’s looking for a rugged, hard-nosed guy to put out on the blue line. If the deal comes off, it will be viewed as more of a ‘hockey deal’ than a deadline deal.

– As we first reported last week, and the rest of the national media seems to slowly be catching up to, Marian Gaborik is Lombardi’s top target at forward.

– Finally, there have been talks between the Flames and Kings for a package deal. While we’ve been told Lombardi is not really interested in Michael Cammalleri (or any other high-priced rental), he’d be willing to take the diminutive sniper if that’s what was needed to pry Mark Giordano out of Calgary. At 30 years old and signed to a reasonable $4M cap hit, this is a deal right in the wheel house. It’s something that was discussed recently, and we’ve learned that the principles involved were Justin Williams, Kyle Clifford, Jake Muzzin and/or a draft pick. However, as of this afternoon, this deal wasn’t the top priority, but considered something the two teams could come back to if other options don’t materialize prior to Wednesday’s deadline.

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  1. That Giordano trade seems to be an interesting one to me. As you have covered before Mayor no matter how this shakes out it’s hard to imagine Williams and Stoll in Kings jerseys for any longer than next season. There are more players that are NHL ready than there are spots on the roster at this point and the organization needs to get full value one way or another (be it through trade or through full time promotion to the big club) for the valuable draft picks they have built up over the years.

    The Calgary trade mentioned here seems to be about fair value and would allow the Kings needs, both sort and long term, to be solved. With Williams out the in the not too distant future anyways, Clifford projecting as a bottom 6 forward, and Muzzin’s shaky play at times (I’ll admit to not being a fan) it doesn’t feel like we are giving up too much and would certainly improve our team immediately. It would also give room to promote Toffoli to the Kopi/Brown line, and it’s hard to not be excited about that line finding a way to produce significantly for a long time.

    Long term Mitchell is likely gone after this year as well and Giordano goes two more years at a very workable salary. Of the 3 trades mentioned , that is the one that excites me the most. Thanks for the great coverage!

  2. Trading Williams at this time of the year is to me a big mistake. The Kings will need his knack of being a big game 7 player. The way the Kings are playing, there might be a few game 7 ‘s to go through before they reach the conference final. I get that he’s expendable with Toffoli right behind him and on paper it’s probably the right way to think. But, so far, and in Sutters game, Toffoli hasn’t stepped up to show he can make Williams expendable. In either case, Cammy and Giordano for Williams, Clifford and Muzzin + potential pick is way too much to give up for essentially 1 player. Giordano is good, but not that good.

  3. Doughty99 says:

    That last one is an eye opener. Here it is on paper? Can this team win a Cup?

    Top Titty-Richards-Carter


    Great stuff, Mayor. Thanks for the updates.

  4. Giordano is Calgary captain and “off limits” according to Flames acting GM. Where do these things come from? I want a Tesla, too.

    • John Hoven says:

      Just like it says up top, we’re not a rumor site. We don’t report everything we hear just to generate clicks.

      If we report it, we’re willing to put our names on it.

      The info on the Kings-Flames deal was verified by two different independent sources – one very closely connected to the LA front office and the other, ditto for Calgary. As noted, this isn’t the primary deal in play for either side. However, it was recently discussed and, at that time, was agreed to be put on the back burner pending how other deals shake out.

      Despite what may have been said publically, we’re extremely confident in this info.

  5. Domenic says:

    Andrew MacDonald :
    He was less expensive than Regehr(2 seconds), so how is the price high?
    Only player on D this year to really improve on his Muzzin, but that would cost way more to get a paring for DD. Not happening this deadline,

    Ya sure but it wlll cost roster players to make that cap fit. I see Green and picks going for sure, then we can pick up a 6-7 D for a replacement. We will be outbid and need to add though.

    The Calgary Deal:
    That is not a type of deal you do as a contender for the deadline. You don’t remove 3 pieces of your team prior to going into a cup run.

    DL will make a minor move.


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