Raw quotes from Kings and Ducks locker rooms after 2-1 LA win

Some raw quotes from both locker rooms following the Kings 2-1 win over the Ducks on Tuesday night…

– Darryl Sutter on preseason: “I’d like to have our injured guys up to speed, I guess the next step is to see where we are with Brown. I think Quick was good in Anaheim and he was good here tonight, that’s sort of the schedule we had him on.”

– Sutter on the overall game: “It’s good to see Kopitar on top of his game and King on top of his game, and Martinez is trying to prove himself. I don’t know if I’ve given him enough opportunity, he made two good plays; hopefully it gives him more confidence.”

– Anze Kopitar on playing without a knee brace: “It’s all in the head… when I got used to the brace last year it wasn’t a problem. Once you’re skating you’re not thinking about the brace, you’re just trying to skate as fast as you can and get the puck.”

– Kopitar on the Kings’ rivalry with Anaheim: “I don’t think it’s anything different than any other game. You have to be intense in these preseason games… I think tonight after the 10-minute mark we played a pretty solid game.

– Justin Williams on quality of play during the preseason: “Always trying to improve. I felt we played a pretty good game possession wise.”

– Williams on the Kings’ rivalry with Anaheim: “Anytime with Anaheim it seems like it’s just another level out there. We did what we want to do; protect our home ice.”

– Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau on his goaltenders: “They’re both playing really good, the problem right now is that we aren’t scoring any goals. Defensively the goalies have been playing great, we haven’t allowed more than two goals a game yet we have lost two of them. We’ve got to find a way to score”

– Boudreau on missing some bodies from his line-up: “It’s not an excuse but you would like to be able to get some continuity with the lines. When you can’t play guys other guys should be trying so hard because this is an opportunity for one or two or three of them to make the team.”

– Ducks forward Kyle Palmieri on the overall game:“We had some real good chances. Quick is a guy that is known for standing on his head, especially when the game matters, I felt like we played well, but we had a little lapse in the second period. It put us back on our heels, and we never really quite recovered. The third period was back and forth, but it was one of those things that’s a 60-minute effort.”

– Ducks defenseman Hampus Lindholm on the overall game: “Second period we didn’t really come out as we did in the first period. The first period was good, we were faster and moved the puck quick. The second period we didn’t work as hard as that. “

– Lindholm on the learning experience young players go through: “You get out there and get your legs out there. That something you learned today, you relax and get one in the back of the net. You just have to try and get going in the first period and never give them a chance to come back.”

– Lindholm on his goal vs LA: “I am just trying to get a puck in there quick I would have never gained it without the guys out in front of the net. It was a nice simple pass by Bonino. It was just really good work in front of the goalie. They are good guys and give me the chance to score.”

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  1. Eva Marie Alonzo says

    – Sutter on the overall game: “It’s good to see Kopitar on top of his game and King on top of his game, and Martinez is trying to prove himself. I don’t know if I’ve given him enough opportunity, he made two good plays; hopefully it gives him more confidence.” ……………………… Ya Sutter, You screwed up!!!! You didn’t give Marty enough opportunity! This is Marty’s comeback year….If you allow it Sutter :\ Okay – Well Great article Mr. Hoven 🙂 Have a Nice Day 🙂 #GKG

  2. The Kings should be very good this year but I have serious reservations about them winning the Cup. There are still more questions than answers at left wing. How good is King really? Is Clifford truly and offensive threat? Carcillo is no “enforcer” despite what many fans think. He’s an agitator, popular with his teammates, but his ship has mostly sailed as an NHL’er. He drove Gretzky crazy in Phoenix taking stupid penalties at very inappropriate times. That’s why the Coyotes got rid of him. Pearson will likely start the season in Manchester but will eventually claim one of the left wing spots so Frattin, King, and Clifford better produce because one of them will not be a left wing regular next season.

    The problems on left wing are nothing compared to the more serious problem at left defense. Simply stated, Regeher, who is tough as hell, is no longer a top-four D-Man. He is a terrible puck handler and lacks mobility. Muzzin is not a top-four guy at this point and may never become one. Mitchell is a great pro but it remains to be seen if, at his age and with his injury history, he can play effectively for a full season including playoffs. With DD and Voynov locked in on the first two right defensive spots the Kings need bigger, more physical guys to play with them. Deslauries and Forbert aren’t ready yet and Martinez, though talented enough, is not an ideal fit as a top four guy with DD or Voynov. Left defense is the “Achilles Heal” of the team.

    Quick is the best money goaltender in hockey. The Kings are strong at center in the first two lines and have enough speed and experience on the wings to make it all work.

    DS is a smart coach who understands the game and is probably the best motivator as a coach currently in the NHL. Both Greene and Lewis played better under DS and he got everybody on the same page. His biggest weakness, as evidenced when he was GM in Calgary, is his propensity to over-value “lunch pail” type players (Stoll-Regeher) for example. He was that kind of player himself. Every team needs players like that but he tends to over use that kind of player when the team needs offense at certain specific times.

    I hope I’m wrong but left defense looks to be problem too big to overcome until further help arrives, ready, from Manchester.

    • In all fairness I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a Stanley Cup line up from the Kings. Not even when they won it. Maybe that is the beauty of it, you never know what could happen, right? Every team has the same issue and every team has holes in their line up. It’s what is done about the gaps that counts. For that reason I believe the Kings are tough enough to reach the playoffs and go deep.

      I don’t agree with your evidence, I can’t even draw a parallel from CGY to Kings. I’m not sure you can put Stoll in a “lunch-pail” grouping. Stoll is playing everywhere and he’s our best FO player and arguably the best PK player as well. Sure, he takes some stupid penalties, but he’s definitely not a “lunch-pail” player.

      Regeher is not in his prime but he’s a quality player. He’s not involved in the sexy plays on the ice but he gets the job done and he does it well.

      Carcillo still has some up side to him, if utilized correctly. I also believe, like what Fox eluded to that if he wants to hang around he better utilize his other qualities more than playing out his role as an agitator.

      Anyhoot, good read!

      • I call Stoll a “lunch pail” type player because he’s an average skater with below average puck skills for a center. He is the best FO man the Kings have and is an outstanding penalty killer but his offensive abilities are limited. He works very hard every shift.

        Sutter as a coach got the Flames to the Stanley Cup final and narrowly lost. As his tenure as GM continued and he removed himself as coach, he signed too many hard working players with limited abilities to long-term contracts there by limiting the overall talent level potential of the team. That organization is still suffering from decisions DS made as the GM.

        Regeher is tough but even before he was traded from Buffalo to the Kings, his reputation as a top tier defenseman was slipping. He had dropped a notch in his play. DL over paid in giving up two second round picks for him but was over a barrel and needed a big physical D-Man to join the team.

        I saw Carcillo play quite a bit when he was with Phoenix. He had potential at one time but is often injured and takes more stupid penalties than Stoll.

  3. Did Boudreau forget the last preseason game where we scored 6? I am pretty sure 6 is greater then 2 per game.