EXCLUSIVE: Rob Blake will be named Asst GM in LA later this week

Blake Rob  - pic by Mike Zampelli
The shocking news just continues to flow from Kings headquarters in El Segundo this week.

Fresh on the heels of Dean Lombardi’s long-time right-hand man, Ron Hextall, returning to the Flyers – on something he said was nothing more than following a ‘gut feeling’ – MayorsManor can now share the second piece… Rob Blake will be named as the team’s new Assistant General Manager later this week.

His name was first mentioned to us by a source on Monday night. The dots didn’t seem to connect at the time, as head scout Mike Futa (a former OHL GM) seemed to be a more natural choice.

Then, three independent sources confirmed the information to us throughout the day today.

It’s official, Blake will be taking over the role.

This is just the latest twist in Blake’s relationship with the Kings and his post-career activity.   His two tenures with the team have been well documented and he eventually hung up the skates in 2010.  Since then, he’s been involved in a myriad of hockey related functions – including working closely with Brendan Shanahan and the NHL front office. The former Stanley Cup champion has also been actively involved with the Jr. Kings program.

On the ice, Blake played 1,270 regular season games for the Kings, Avalanche and Sharks. He posted 240 goals and 537 assists over that stretch, and added 73 more points in 146 career playoff games. Following the 1990-91 season he was named to the All Rookie Team, was a seven-time All-Star and 1996 Norris Trophy winner.

His 805 games played in a Kings sweater still stands as a team record for defensemen.

In 2002 he won a Gold Medal with Team Canada at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, becoming a member of the rare Triple Gold Club – earning the top prize at the Olympics, the IIHF World Championships and in the NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Despite his stellar credentials, Blake was somehow not elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame last week on his first attempt.  As we reported about a year ago, the plan in LA has been to retire his number once that finally happens.  For now though, it will have to wait at least another year.

We’ll have much more on this story as things develop over the next few days.


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  1. Interesting.
    But I want him to sign my 2006 Blake Jersey for his bummer return and bailing to the sharts.
    Then I will feel some satisfactory closure.!

    Backstory, I was PUMPED to get him back from the avs and bought his returning jersey.
    During his return, not all his fault of course, the Kings missed the playoffs and he was not his former self.
    Then he went to the sharts . A cold fish slap in the face to a Kings fan.
    I was bummed by all of that.

    Enter BROWN, My favorite since I first saw him take the ice vs Detroit in 03. Now the reigning Cap!

  2. Doughty99 says:


  3. General H says:

    Why wasn’t Blake put directly in the Hall Of Fame? More ‘original 6’ anti-Kings bias?? It’s freakin getting old. He’d better get in next season or else its a total sham. He’s the best defensemen I’ve ever seen with us.

    • USHA#17 says:

      How about his “I don’t care” knack for grabbing jerseys, arms and sticks for no reason and taking stupid penalties.

  4. Shock, disappointment, rage … Repeat

  5. KINGS17 says:

    Blake has paid zero, nada, zilch, in the way of dues to earn the position of assistant GM.
    Futa or Yanetti are much more deserving.

    Besides that there is absolutely no reason to return to the failed history of this club to look for fresh leadership. I for one never want to see a player from any of the previous Kings’ eras involved in player personnel decisions unless they have paid their dues in the current organization. Who knows, maybe Nelson Emerson or Mike Donnelly would be good GM candidates some day, but not Blake. Blake is not qualified in the least.

    What does this say to the honorable men on his staff that have busted their ass for Lombardi since he took over the organization?

  6. Kingfluffy says:

    Just who I want, the guy we boo to help determine who plays on our team. Does the Kings organization even know its past?

  7. Why? He was never a leader in the locker room and the fans dislike him. I rarely booed the guy, but most fans do. I’m with Kingfluffy on this, did the organization do their homework?

  8. I do and don’t understand why everyone is so upset by Dean wanting to bring in an outside NHL Vet to take over the job Hextall did. He is the boss and the reason the Kings have been a consistent Playoff team, Stanley Cup Contender and an Stanley Cup Winner is becuase he likes the pieces that are in place. Futa has done an expectional job in his position by stocking up the prospect pool that has and is paying off so greatly!

    Now I realize that Kings fans are unhappy with the way Blake handled his last time here with Dean, but c’mon he didn’t want to play for a rebuilding team at the end of his career and was looking for the Cup one last time. Can’t really blame him for that.

    • Primakov says:

      Did you forget the part where the Kings tried to move him at the trade deadline before he became a free agent to get assets back for their rebuild and he vetoed every trade only to ditch the team as a free agent so they had nothing to show for him?

      How about during free agency he gave a lot of lip service about wanting to return and saying that he would give the Kings a chance to possibly match the contract offers he received only to give Lombardi no phone call before signing with San Jose?

      That rubbed a lot of people the wrong way when all that occurred since they saw it as Blake playing the same old game with the organization.

      • John Hoven says:

        You might not have all your facts straight there. Just some food for thought.

        • Primakov says:

          By all means please correct me if I’m wrong because I wholly grant I could be. I’m only repeating what I read and heard via reputable media sources from that time.

          Bob McKenzie of TSN reported that Rob Blake refused to waive his no trade clause. In fact here’s a snippet I found from his blog from 2/25/2008 using the Wayback Machine where he says:

          Contrary to reports, sources tell TSN that Rob Blake has not waived his no-trade clause. In fact, sources say Blake has told the Kings he does not want to be traded. If, however, the Kings are intent on presenting Blake with a proposal, sources say it will have to be to go to Colorado and would have to be significant enough for the Kings to incur the wrath of Blake, who made it plainly clear to the Kings he prefers to stay in L.A.


          The second part, I’ll admit I didn’t remember it correctly, but what Blake did say in his conference call that was transcribed by Rich Hammond was that the Kings never made him an offer to stay in Los Angeles.

          That part was false on his part.

          “No, i didn’t receive one from the Kings. As time went past on July 1… I made a decision a few weeks ago, a month ago, that i wanted to play again. That wasn’t going to be happen in L.A. and I had to start looking elsewhere. I’ve always admired San Jose and they have a ton of potential. They’ve been on the verge every year and excited to be right there.”


        • USHA#17 says:

          Maybe so John, however its a return to the old losing ways and losing traditions. Hell, the Kings even cleaned out the equipment mangers to kill that goat. My opinion is that his personality is best suited for any team other then Los Angeles.

  9. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! There are more qualified people than that greedy guy.

  10. Shadowalk says:

    How many times can Blake quit on the Kings? Kings are my favorite team, Blake is my least favorite former player. Can’t wait for him to leave the Kings again for greener pastures. Fool me twice…….

  11. Russ Grell says:

    This is the first time the kings have done something I’m truly bitter about.

    I wish fan sentiment mattered.


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