Comments from Dustin Penner conference call – bye LA, hello Anaheim

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Tuesday afternoon the Anaheim Ducks held a conference call to introduce (or perhaps re-introduce) Dustin Penner, who they signed to a one-year deal earlier in the day. Here’s what he had to say…

– Opening comments: “I’m excited to have a chance to play with [Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry] again. I started my career here in Anaheim and…I’ve always wanted to come back. I think a lot of players that break into the league with certain teams always have that yearning to come back once they leave because there is so much familiarity with the area.”

– On how the deal came together: “After last year I probably had a chance to come back, but I wanted to win the Cup [again] with the Kings. After this year, I knew pretty much – I think once that period started when teams can contact you for free agency – I already knew back then there was a chance I could come back to the Ducks. I was just weighing my options and seeing what would be the best fit. Obviously, it was a tough decision for me. It’s tough leaving a team that you won a Cup with, but I’m going back to a team I won a Cup with.”

– On if ever imagined he would go back to Anaheim at some point: “Yeah. Yes I did. It was one of those things I felt in my gut. Knowing that it was really tough for me to leave [for Edmonton] back then, it took me about two weeks to sign the offer sheets. I talked to a lot of people in my circle and felt it was probably the best thing to do. They always said you can always come back, and now I got my chance.”

– On how he thinks he’ll mesh with the Ducks and can he pick up where he left off: “I think the reason why me, Getz and Perry played well together is because we’re all big guys and work the puck down low. It’s been a while, and hopefully there is a chance to rekindle the chemistry we used to have. They have a lot of really good players on the Ducks – Bonino, Beleskey, Cogliano, Koivu and a great defensive core. They were a tough team last year, so I like the situation I’m walking into.”

– On his time with the Kings: “I wish I contributed more frequently and consistently on a personal level, but I had a great time with LA. I made a lot of great relationships that will span my lifetime. Winning a Cup in a city that hadn’t won one in 45 years, it can’t get better than that.”

– On the strongest indicator he’ll be able to rekindle things with the Ducks: “Past experiences…Not all the time, but hopefully more times than not, but in this case, I hope it is that way.  I still remain good friends with Getz and Perry, and have played against them a lot. I’ve always wanted to come back here. I talk to Getzy a bit and it’s just one of those things that kind of caught traction on its way to working out.”

– On if he was given any assurances on playing top-6 minutes: “No, and if I did, it ultimately comes down to the coach. I’m going to show up to camp and see where the chips fall.”

– On playing for coach Bruce Boudreau: “I was a big fan of his on the HBO 24/7 [series]. I’ve talked to him before one-on-one and I’ve heard a lot of good things about him. I’ve known him since my days back in Portland, back in the minors, the Ducks farm system, when he was coaching I think Hershey. He has a really good pedigree and all of his players, the guys that I’ve talked to, like playing for him.”

– On how often he’s spent time with Getzlaf and Perry the past few years: “Probably not as much as you’d think. You’re on different time tables with the schedules. When we would be home, they’re more likely to be on the ice. You’d see them on the ice and maybe after the games. I see Getzy in the summer, we have the same agent, so we end up seeing each other in the summer quite a bit based on the training facility and things like that.”

– On how he would compare himself now to his first run with the Ducks: “I think I’ve become better defensively. I still think I can play to the level that I played before in Edmonton. Maybe just needed a different situation and hopefully this is the one I needed. The only thing that I guess saying is time will tell.”

– On if Getzlaf talked to anyone to get him back with the Ducks: “Yeah, I know Getzy called me and he said I should come back. I’ve known him for years and like I said, we have the same agent and the same circle of friends. So I’ve known there was a possibility of me coming back to the Ducks and having the captain on your side doesn’t hurt.”

– On how close he was to returning to the Ducks last summer: “I signed before I was a free agent last year, but that was in the back of my mind and I knew that it could be a possibility.”

Coming up later this summer, we’ll take a look back at some of Penner’s best moments as a member of the Kings. In the meantime, here are two funny bits related to his return to Anaheim:

Penner’s excited for tomorrow night, not worried about Getzlaf

Penner talks Corey Perry ‘milking it’ and the Hockey Gods

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  1. JOCELYN Z says:

    Best quote of the day! “Obviously, it was a tough decision for me. It’s tough leaving a team that you won a Cup with, but I’m going back to a team I won a Cup with.” I love Penner, and I wish him well… because bottom line HE LOVES SO.CAL!

  2. Jofa6000 says:

    I hate the fact that he’s gonna put on a QUACKs jersey and which him the best but not against the KINGS 😉 .

  3. hitman47 says:

    I hope he fails and I hope the ducks fail.

    • Why do you hope he fails? Because the Salary Cap disallowed the Kings to offer more than $1M? Because he wanted to stay in SoCal so he signed with the only other team that fits that description? Or do you need a schadenfreude fix?


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