What the Kings can offer Rob Scuderi now

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Welcome back to summer school. This is Salary Cap 101, week two.

Please take copious notes, there will be a pop quiz later this week.

We pick things up following the trade that went down over the weekend between the LA Kings and Toronto Maple Leafs.

Let’s begin with a few quick reminders – (a) when evaluating a team’s salary cap you should field a full 23-man roster, not just the 20 players you’ll suit up for a game, (b) as noted yesterday, the Leafs kicked in $500K of cap relief in yesterday’s trade, so the numbers below have been adjusted accordingly, and (c) the money ‘left over’ at the end of this exercise could certainly be made available to Dustin Penner or Brad Richardson – the Kings only other unrestricted free agents – however, GM Dean Lombardi made it clear he’s calling Scuderi first.

Applying the recently completed contract for Slava Voynov, plus the additions of newly acquired Matt Frattin and Ben Scrivens, the Kings now have a total of 17 players under contract, totaling $57,796,894.

Before we move on let’s address the status of Willie Mitchell, which remains TBD for next season. However, he’s under contract, so we have to include him in all data below. Also, to answer the 5,000 questions we get about this everyday – LA cannot buyout Mitchell’s contract because he’s hurt. The three options are either play him, trade him or place him on long-term injured reserve (LTIR). Essentially, you can’t buyout players on LTIR and if he’s healthy enough to play, he’s playing for the Kings.

So, a rough line-up card, using only guys under contract, would give you something like this (ignore any debate about line combinations for the moment):

Dustin Brown – Anze Kopitar – Justin Williams
Mike Richards – Jeff Carter – Tyler Toffoli
Dwight King – Jarret Stoll – [open, LW3]
Matt Frattin – Colin Fraser – [open, RW4]

Robyn Regehr – Drew Doughty
Willie Mitchell – Slava Voynov
[open, D5] – Matt Greene

Jonathan Quick
Ben Scrivens

Three healthy scratches – all open, none signed at the moment

Lombardi currently has nine players from the 2013 season left as unsigned – Penner, Richardson and Scuderi are the only Unrestricted Free Agents, meaning they’ll be free to sign with any other team on July 5th. The other six are Restricted Free Agents (RFA):

Forwards – Kyle Clifford, Trevor Lewis, Jordan Nolan
Defensemen – Keaton Ellerby, Alec Martinez, Jake Muzzin

Add those nine to the 17 players under contract and you’d have a 26-man roster. Thus, take note, at least a few guys will not be back. And you can’t send any of these players down to Manchester without first exposing them to waivers (giving the 29 other NHL teams a chance to grab them).

To keep things simple, let’s start with a new contract for Kyle Clifford. It’s important to note here that because he’s an RFA, the Kings can ‘qualify him’ for only $714K according to capgeek.com. However, he made $870K last season. Do you think he’s taking a pay cut? Neither do we, so let’s pencil him in at a conservative $900K, just to use a round number.

Trevor Lewis can be qualified for $735K, a slight increase from his $725K last season. He likely deserves more, but the Kings are up against the cap this summer, so we’re staying low.

Jake Muzzin can be qualified for $635K, also an increase from last season. Same comment applies here if you’re interested in debating that he deserves more.

Signing those three players would give the Kings a 20-man roster looking like this:

Dustin Brown – Anze Kopitar – Justin Williams
Mike Richards – Jeff Carter – Tyler Toffoli
Dwight King – Jarret Stoll – Trevor Lewis
Kyle Clifford – Colin Fraser – Matt Frattin

Robyn Regehr – Drew Doughty
Willie Mitchell – Slava Voynov
Jake Muzzin – Matt Greene

Jonathan Quick
Ben Scrivens

Three healthy scratches – still open, none signed at the moment

What’s left?

Three additional roster spots.

Let’s assume Brad Richardson signs with another team. He made $1.175M last season and he wants to be a full-time player. Like Bernier, was a good soldier, rock solid guy and the team wishes him nothing but the best in the future.

Jordan Nolan almost has to come back, if for no other reason that he has such an inexpensive contract. He can be qualified for $578K. Take it. You’re trying to save money for Scuderi in this exercise.

That’s 21 players signed now.

For the final roster spot before working out a deal with Scuderi’s agent, it’s going to come down to Alec Martinez or Keaton Ellerby. Either guy will cost you about $775K for next season.

And now we have this:

Dustin Brown – Anze Kopitar – Justin Williams
Mike Richards – Jeff Carter – Tyler Toffoli
Dwight King – Jarret Stoll – Trevor Lewis
Kyle Clifford – Colin Fraser – Matt Frattin

Robyn Regehr – Drew Doughty
Willie Mitchell – Slava Voynov
Jake Muzzin – Matt Greene

Jonathan Quick
Ben Scrivens

Three scratches / additional players:
– Martinerby (the ficticious Martinez or Ellerby)
– Nolan
– Empty spot for Scuderi

Those 22 players would give the Kings a roster costing about $3M less that the salary cap.

That’s the money left over for Scuderi.

Note, he made $3.4M last season though.

But, don’t underestimate the value of that $500K they received from Toronto over the weekend. That could be just enough money to get Scuderi signed. There’s a big difference from asking a guy to sign for $3M compared to $2.5M.

There are also a few other points worth making. People ask about bringing some kids (prospects) up from Manchester to ‘save’ money. Well, at forward, the two most likely candidates are center Linden Vey and left wing Tanner Pearson. Vey’s cap hit next season is $900K. That’s not going to save you much from anybody already slotted in the bottom-six. In fact, it would cost you more if he replaced a guy like Nolan on the roster. Pearson’s cap hit $925K, so ditto.

Yet, what if Lewis, Muzzin or Clifford want more money? Even just a hundred thousand here and there could limit the Kings ability to sign Scuderi – who’d they’d already be asking to take a pay cut to $3M using the scenario above…not to mention the fact they’d be right at the cap ceiling without any wiggle room.

Which brings us to some final thoughts.

Another trade could be coming this week.

If the Kings re-sign Scuderi with that money, that doesn’t leave room for both Ellerby and Martinez .

If Lombardi wants to sign Scuderi AND Penner, there’s even less room on the 23-man roster.

Could a current roster player be traded for prospects/picks to create some cap space? Certainly. But, it would need to be somebody making north of $2M to really help the issue.

And finally – teams are allowed to go over the cap during the summer. So, Lombardi could re-sign Scuderi and all of the RFAs, then wait until late August to get a better read on Mitchell’s health. If he wasn’t available to play, they could put him on LTIR at that point and the cap problem would be solved. If he was available – which to be perfectly clear, that would be great news for the team on the ice – they’d need to then trade a player to bring them under the cap.

But do you really want to wait? Teams are making deals now, leading up to Sunday’s draft and before free agency starts in two weeks.

After all, most teams are aiming to have their rosters set by about July 15th.

Hence we don’t think Lombardi is going to wait too much longer to piece it all together.


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  1. BobKnob2point0 says

    I think Greene pretty much has to go (right?), given the cap crunch and the value of Scuderi.

    • John Hoven says

      In a word… no.

      • Well said!

      • BobKnob2point0 says

        Assuming we’re signing Scuderi, I don’t see how we can have all 4 of Mitchell, Scuderi, Greene and Regehr on D. Too expensive, not enough value. Of those, ranked from worst to best:
        Regehr, Greene, Scuds, Mitchell

        I’d LOVE IT if DL traded Regehr, but I doubt that’s happening given that he just signed him to a new deal. That leaves Greene with a fat 3 MM deal that would provide much needed capspace.

        What’s DL’s thinking on this?

        • John Hoven says

          Probably thinks Regehr was a good insurance policy against Mitchell not coming back and/or Scuderi not re-signing in LA.

    • Canadian King says

      Greene is younger and meaner, he in no way will be traded to make room for Scuderi. Doughty, Regehr, Voynov and Greene are all going no where and we should thank our lucky stars we have them.

      • BobKnob2point0 says

        Yeah, no.

        Regehr sucks. Slow as molasses and is not good with the puck. You know the whole point of this game is to move the puck forward into the other team’s net, right?

  2. Bill Dunn says

    Let’s not be too quick to count out the character of this team and guy’s like Clifford just yet. We may actually be surprised. 🙂

    • donald gardner says

      I really like green but I think if I could choose someone to go it would be him I dont feel he can play like he did in the last few years, and i would say its because of injury not because hes lazy hes been a bad ass for a long time but ???

      • Bill Dunn says

        Respectfully, I disagree with you. One injury won’t keep Green from competing as normal. He missed a ton of games, true, but most of his issues when coming back was timing. Training camp will bring Green back to true form, I’ll guarantee it.

        • donald gardner says

          hes great, no argument there but hes miss alot of games alot of his time with us hes very injury prone.
          that has alot to do with the way he plays i think

          • Averages 77.5 games per regular season with the Kings before this injury, 85.5 if you add in the playoffs. Not injury prone! Just had one big injury in 5 years.

        • BobKnob2point0 says

          The problem is that Greene was slow BEFORE his injuries, and he was also a penalty machine to boot. Regehr is almost the same player, just a bit slower and doesn’t hit as hard.

  3. Keep Clifford Martinez Penner. Good bye Ellerby.

    Separate note, super sad to see Bernier go, but I totally understand. I hope he tears it up over there.

  4. Sign Scuds for $3.5. Wait until training camp to find out about Mitchell, if he’s healthy- trade Regehr for a draft pick. Wouldn’t this work?

    • Canadian King says

      Were NOT trading Regehr, he is younger and healthier than both Mitchell and Scuderi. why are some of you guys so quick to trade Regehr? Makes ZERO sense.

      • McDonalds says

        The reasoning is that he’s not as good as Mitchell or Scuderi. We’re in win-now mode

  5. donald gardner says

    im a goalie fanatic so i feel the loss of bernie I think hes going right back into the same thing as he had with us though. Hes a starter for sure but reiner will be the man in net for the leafs

    • Bill Dunn says

      Bernier has the heart of a Lion. Reiner will have a fight on his hands, that’s for sure. 🙂

  6. donald gardner says

    Elerby maybe if he stays we can really see what he can do look what happened with muzzy he surprised the hell out of me i think hes going to be amazing especially if scuds stays on with us for a few years. One of the most important things he (scuds) has to offer is his experience and knowledge of the game ,i see him like a player coach for the younger players one the team.

  7. donald gardner says

    Robyn Regehr any comments on him??? i think hes a great player just not a good fit for our team

    • Bill Dunn says

      Give Regehr a chance in training camp and the 1st quarter of the season. I think he might surprise you.

    • Canadian King says

      He is a perfect fit for our team, big stay at home dman that loves to use the body. Hmmm sounds exactly like Sutter style hockey to me.

  8. I love Scuds and I want him to stay, but do you really think he’ll turn down a multi year deal from the Islanders? They can offer him more money and probably a longer contract. He’s from NY, idolized the Islanders growing up, and let’s face it…he’s towards the end of his career. Who wouldn’t want to retire from your hometown team? I’m sure it’s a lot for his family to think about. As a fan, I respect Rob’s decision either way. He’s been awesome. I’d love for him to stay, but I understand if he can’t.

    • Bill Dunn says

      Rob has indicated that he’d like to stay. Let’s see what he’s willing to do. He can still sign a 3 year deal with L.A. and still have a few years to retire in the Islanders organization if he chooses to. Hell, even a one year deal with L.A. would be great.

  9. donald gardner says

    im a secret isles fan so if they pick him up id be happy to see him there the isles are going to be the beast in the east next season good, luck to rob were ever he ends up class act and a gentlemen of the game for sure.

  10. I’m not ready to see Green go.Not crazy about Ellerby.What about the Buyout? LA is one of the few teams without an albatross contract IMO.Of course,if we were not a year removed from a cup win,these conversations would be a lot different.

  11. Neil Shafton says

    Penner gone, Richardson gone, Martinez gone, Ellerby gone.

    Bury King in the minors, only 1 year remaining and really not very effective last season.

    Penner not worth the questions of when will he wake up or if he’ll ever return to 20+ goals and 40+ pts per season. Strike 3 for him, he’s been AWOL far too often and scoring goals in playoff games is all great but not worth 3.5 million.

    Richardson, its obvious Sutter didn’t care much for Richardson otherwise we would have seen him used much more this past season.

    Try to get Scuderi signed. If he will accept a lower offer to stay in Los Angeles because he likes it here, and his family like it here, that shows his class to not just leave for the money, although I couldn’t blame him.

    If you have Greene/Scuderi/Regehr/Mitchell/Doughty/Voynov/Muzzin wow!

    Regehr can pair up with one of the mobile defenseman.

    Offensively the Kings can pretty much return at least 3 lines using Toffoli on the 2nd line, and Frattin on a 3rd or 4th line.

    Clifford/Fraser/Nolan or King

    As indicated Pearson isn’t going to save much in terms of money if he is up, and obviously Lombardi would like to see Pearson get more time in the AHL.

    Injuries will occur, however the area where the injury bug really impacted the Kings last season was on defense. Mitchell being gone the whole season, and Greene being gone pretty much the entire season really hurt. It wasn’t the offensive part of the defense that was missing, it was the physical part of the defense that was anemic until Regehr and Greene came back.

    Regehr might not be the fastest of foot, neither is Greene, but anyone will tell you, playing against them isn’t fun! They aren’t speed skaters, or figure skaters, they are brutal punishing defenseman which are a very important part of the Kings defensive core.

    Quick’ numbers were inflated because the Kings lacked that part of their makeup this past season.

  12. I love scuds, but I see things a little differently. The Kings still lack offense and speed compared to Chicago, Pittsburgh, Boston, and NYR. Time to trade several prospects and let Scuderi and Penner in order to try and get another solid left winger. Defense is good enough.

  13. Brown is waiting for his new contract, and we need space next year to cover that increase. Minimum 6 million.

  14. The Emperor says

    Good! Good!

  15. How do you qualify Clifford for $714k if he made $850k last year? I thought for guys making around $1m you had to offer 105% or 110% of the previous salary (can’t remember which…)

  16. Fools Dance says

    Great breakdown of the situation. I think Dean will aggressive to make sure he keeps the players he wants, ie exchange of assets for picks and prospects. Scuds is key, if be wants 3.5 then say good bye, but he sure had earned it. Especially since this could be his last contract.

  17. Even with waivers, King needs to test the waters to be sent down. If he is picked up, so be it. Not a huge loss IMO. He still needs a lot of work.

    Keep Ellerby, Martinez, Muzzin, Cliffy, Lewis and Nolan. Both Ellerby and Martinez are insurance deals for Mitchell and Greene until we get through training camp.

    As much as I love Pens, he has to go with a hit like that. Scuds would be a nice addition but as long as Greene stays healthy, I’m not sure Scuds is totally necessary especially with his cap hit. No Kings fan should be disappointed with those 8 out back. Great mix of youth and experience on each pairing.

    After some small raises for the young guys, i’m just a hair under 64M. All of your “injury prone” guys are covered with a relatively inexpensive backup and if a move is necessary you still have plenty of options with package deals to free up some space.

    • BobKnob2point0 says

      I don’t like King’s play either, but I think he would fit perfectly on LW4. He’s a good deal more effective than a lot of other team’s 4th liners.

  18. Unless I missed it you didn’t mention that Brown is a UFA next year and I believe the Kings are looking to extend him. They are going to have to pay him more than the~ $3.5MM he makes now. So with that said I don’t see how you sign Scuds unless somebody gets traded.

  19. Sign scuds, sign Marty muzzy Lewis and Cliffy, sign Holloway, trade Regehr if Mitchell is healthy, if not then keep him and Willie goes on LTIR. Fits.

  20. troy_ice says

    A few points.
    1. Unless something has changed, Scuderi isn’t likely to take $3m or he almost certainly would have come to an agreement during the season (since we know: Dean was trying to deal with him then, he is more valuable than Regehr, and that is what we gave Regehr). By this logic there is a good chance he wouldn’t simply resign during the season for ~$3.5 either since you gotta figure that Dean offered to extend him at his current if he offered Regher $3m. That means Scuds probably wants at least $4m and that will be very difficult for us to match. Even if we can hit it by freeing up money through trades, it also is a big enough number that we might have to ask what $4m will buy us in the FA market? Does it get us a real shot at Bickell? or maybe we use part of that to sign Penner at a big discount and try to get Stalberg or some one else big and fast (and cheap!)?

    2. We could use some more skill for sure, but regarding Holloway, its hard to see us signing him unless some space opens up under the cap. The reason for this is as follows: if he went abroad to make some money, and the guarantee of playing time, he isn’t likely to come back to take a minimum contract. If Scuderi moves on, the chances of our getting him would seem to increase substantially.

    3. The Kings have more than enough talent to make a the playoffs next year. In my view, the real questions are how well will they match up with the Blues and Hawks. The offense should improve as the team gets healthy and young guys mature and earn playing time (e.g., Toffoli, Pearson?). Is it enough? Are we big enough to beat the Blues again? Are we fast enough to hang with the Hawks and beat them? So, if we don’t sign Scuderi, we should have a little room and have some options to improve the team with an eye to those match-ups.

    • John Hoven says

      One of the better comments of late, so thanks Troy.

      You’re right on several fronts. If Scuderi was willing to sign for $3M he would have been signed before Regehr. So, when people ask why the Kings signed Regehr to an extension (a question I get at least once a day), that’s it. They feared Mitchell may not return, Scuderi may not sign and didn’t want to go 0-3.

      Now, that said, the purpose of this article wasn’t to suggest Scuderi will/should sign for any amount. It was simply to illustrate what the Kings have to offer him at the present moment. And you’re latter point about even if you make a trade, it might be wiser to spend it on offense is a position I agree with. In fact, I was the one asking Sutter why the focus was on defense in his post-season presser, rather than talking up a need to get a productive LW.

      Finally, Holloway. If he signs, it’s likely for a $700K – $1M slot and comes at the expense of one of the current bottom six. The contract value would likely be a wash. But, the Kings would be banking on an ‘upgrade’ in the number of goals – coming from a guy who has never played an NHL game. That’s not a knock on Holloway. He’s earned his shot (and for that matter was THIS close to being called up before leaving two years ago). It’s just a fact when looking at the situation objectively. Every option comes with some risk. That’s part of the risk in a Holloway deal.

      Now cue the ‘It’s a risk I’d take’ replies.

      • BobKnob2point0 says

        Did you ever ask DL why he called up John Zeiler during the 2011 playoffs over other, more deserving Manchester forwards?

        I think this may have factored into his decision to bolt.

        • John Hoven says

          Really? We’re talking about Zeiler being called-up for a day or two (and more importantly, not even playing) in the 2011 playoffs? Come on, let’s fast forward here.

          • BobKnob2point0 says

            Put yourself in one of the more talented Manchester prospects shoes (ie not Clune or Zeiler). There’s two gaping holes in the Kings offense due to injuries and suspensions, and several young actual 3rd liners being put into 1st and 2nd line duty. You’re thinking, ok, this might be my shot to show what I can do and step up.

            Instead DL tries (and hilariously fails) to call up a career-AHL grinder. I would seriously question whether I would ever be given a legitimate shot at the show.

            DL likes to say that Holloway was *this close* to being called up, but nothing he had done up to that point would have given Bud the idea he was about to be called up. I don’t see how anyone can blame Holloway for his decision to bolt and make some money while he was still in the prime of his career (which tend to be short, ya know). Ya gotta throw them a bone once in awhile.

  21. Mayor, I thought you knew hockey!

    What the heck you talking about “you need 23 players, not 20.”

    That is categorically untrue. Most NHL GMs PREFER 23 players because they’re super conservative idiots who would rather play by tradition and do as everyone else does than go for glory. But you don’t NEED 23. It’s not REQUIRED.

    And, in fact, when you are up against the cap, and you have to choose between saving cap space to sign your KEY players, or wasting 2 million or so of cap space on three extra fringe NHL players to sit in the press box, there is a strong argument to be made that you’re better off signing your key player, and using that 2 million towards your roster that will actually be on the ice getting significant minutes, instead of wasting it on press box scratches.

    But what if someone gets injured! Then you only have 19, not enough! It’s called an AHL call-up. Teams do it all the time.

    But what if they’re not good enough to play! What if you don’t trust them!

    One, we’re talking about Linden Vey, Bud Holloway if he’s re-signed, top defense prospect Derek Forbort former 15th overall pick, and others. These are your top prospects, on the verge of making your NHL roster anyway. They are perfectly trustworthy. Hell, didn’t Pearson get put in a playoff game even? That just shows you how acceptable it is.

    Two, if you don’t trust your top prospects to play ten minutes in a game if someone gets injured, even though of course you do, but just in case you didn’t, then put them on the roster so you have your minimum of 20, and just sit them on the bench. One of the other 19 guys, maybe some of the ones who only get 8 minutes a night, can play more. You guys act like 19 guys aren’t enough to play a hockey game. The only ones who can’t get played more are the top liners and top defensemen, and maybe second liners. Everyone else is DYING for more ice time. I guarantee you guys like Jordan Nolan wish they could play every game with only 19 players so he’d actually get to play.

    So Mayor, you’re being ridiculous, and undercutting the cap space we actually have by about 2 million by insisting on carrying three extra scrub players, when that money could instead of combined with the other 3 million in cap space to sign a top player worth around 5 million a year.

    Would you rather have another star forward, like a top wing, like Nathan Horton for example, and a 20 man roster, or no Nathan Horton, but you get to have three extra 4th liners?

    The only part you’re right about is that most NHL GMs, do, in fact, pick the latter option with no Nathan Horton.

    And that’s why they’re idiots, and their teams go 10 years without making the playoffs, and why they trade Ryan Mcdonaugh for Scott Gomez. Just because they’re stupid doesn’t mean we have to be! Having 23 roster players when you only play 20, and even out of those 20 a handful of them barely play any minutes (so in reality you wouldn’t even need 20 if it wasn’t the rule), is a WASTE OF CAP SPACE that PREVENTS YOU FROM IMPROVING THE PART OF YOUR ROSTER THAT ACTUALLY PLAYS AND MATTERS TO YOUR SUCCESS.

    • John Hoven says

      You’re right. I don’t know anything about hockey. And neither do the 30 NHL GMs who run their teams the way I’ve described.

      Sarcasm aside, there’s a reason for those extra players – in case you need them (i.e. injuries, suspensions, etc.).

      For example, if the Kings were playing back-to-back games in Anaheim and San Jose, and a player wasn’t available for the second night because something happened in game one…it’s not very feasible to get a replacement here on short notice from Manchester.

      Further, you don’t want to play the same 20 guys every night. And nobody wants to manage the cap on a daily or even weekly basis with guys going up and down, just to give others rest for a day or so.

      Those are just two reasons why your plan is impractical.

      It might have some ‘technical’ truth to it, but it’s not practical.

      So, again, plan on a 23-man roster.

      If that’s still not what you want though, be the trendsetter WITH a compromise. Have a 22-man roster. Carry an extra forward and extra defenseman (for the reasons stated above). Then, use the ‘left over’ roster spot to give you more money to spend. That would be about an extra million.

      • BobKnob2point0 says

        “don’t know anything about hockey. And neither do the 30 NHL GMs who run their teams the way I’ve described.”

        There’s a strong case to be made that a lot of GM’s don’t really do their job very well (Tambo, f’instance).

        • BobKnob2point0 says

          Holmgren, for example, even if you ignore all the stupid contracts (which I suspect have something to do with the owner butting in).

          He has on several occasions made moves that make it clear he does not understand the CBA. He’s had to dump contracts, bury Briere in the minors a few years ago, redo/resubmit deals to the league in order to fit it under cap (this year).

  22. Re: Mitchell, why can’t they just say he’s healthy enough to play and then buy out his contract? Does an independent doctor from the league have to evaluate the decision?

  23. Ugh, I’m not sure I would’ve signed Regher with money that could have been spent on Scuderi. RR’s immobility was exposed in the playoffs, especially against more agile players. No way on the planet he is a first pair defenseman, he is in the 2nd pair, or more ideally the third.

    • John Hoven says

      As we reported back in February, the Kings and Scuderi’s agent were having talks about an extension…when May came around and they didn’t have a deal, Lombardi needed to move… they didn’t/don’t know the status of Mitchell and if they weren’t getting indications that a Scuderi deal was likely, they needed to move on Regehr…couldn’t go 0-3.

      And they needed to get at least one guy locked up so they could move on to the Voynov contract.

  24. John,

    Any thoughts on the possibility of the Kings using their limited cap room to bring in Ryane Clowe? I love his puck possesion game, and he seems like he would fit right in on the second line. Also, he could possibly be made to fit in our cap situation, although he would probably have to turn down a slightler larger contract elsewhere.

  25. Think with the small cap and the need to keep Scuderi we down to trading Stoll. We have a group of good young centers in the system and this trade it would clear cap space. Stoll is good on the PP and GREAT on Faceoffs but I think that the Kings could get good return in the trade while clearing over 3 million. Mitchell’s Cap hit is the problem

    • BobKnob2point0 says

      Mitchell’s cap hit isn’t a problem. He’s worth every penny of it. I think Greene and Regehr could be replaced, however, at much better value (Drewiske!!!).

  26. Hockeyjockey24 says

    1) thanks Again for providing such Valuable info.
    I will save this to re read prob multiple times in the next few weeks.
    2) I will resume trolling Twitter to see if there is another updated version of this since
    3) Elerby now signed and Scuds gone..Really sad to lose him, as I am with most King players. .he might have gotten a step slower, but I personally think his skills compensate. I understand where he is coming from, as he has always been and continues to be up front in his statements. I also think it is nice he can go back to his former team. Shows he is valued and appreciated.


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