VIDEO: Dave Bolland’s hit on Mike Richards in Game 1 – Kings at Blackhawks

The following video is of Dave Bolland’s hit on Mike Richards late in the third period of Game 1 between the Kings and Blackhawks. It was a bit of deja vu as well. Back in Game 1 of LA’s second round series with San Jose, the Kings had to contend with a hit by Raffi Torres that knocked Jarret Stoll out of the line-up. That collision also cost Torres a suspension from the NHL. However, the league has decided no supplementary discipline was needed here. Watch the video and decide for yourself…


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  1. I doubt it. Maybe for leaving his feet? Hitting someone in the chin with your back is not really suspendable.

    • I doubt it, too, but it was still a dirty hit. He didn’t leave his feet (or he didn’t leave BOTH of his feet, not sure where the ruling stands) but he certainly knew Richards was there and had ample opportunity to lessen the effect.

      The problem is, he elevated his body instead of taking Richards through the body (who merely had his head down). I know Bolland is a big guy, but if you’re playing in the pro league, you should know how to take a hit through the body by now. That’s one of the reasons Torres got suspended – because he elevated his body instead of going THROUGH the body. There’s a huge difference and that makes it a dirty hit.

      I’d say the same thing if it was Dustin Brown doing that hit.

      • Marc Nathan says:

        He didn’t leave his feet???? What video were you watching? I don’t know if it’s suspension-worthy, but damn, the ref could have called charging, boarding, or unsportsmanlike conduct, and I’d have believed it.

  2. He definitely left his feet. FEET, plural. I can’t remember a year where officiating has been so poor. No excuse though, kings have to be better. Hopefully they all show up tomorrow. GKG!!!

  3. danlikespez says:

    The refs have not been protecting the players on both sides. The hit by Brown on Keith while he was falling was reckless, and that’s coming from a big Brownie fan. That’s what happens when the refs don’t control the game. Players take it among themselves to get payback. But I’m sure these hits don’t hurt the ratings…


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  7. […] VIDEO: Dave Bolland’s questionable hit on Mike Richards […]

  8. […] VIDEO: Dave Bolland’s questionable hit on Mike Richards […]

  9. […] VIDEO: Dave Bolland’s questionable hit on Mike Richards […]

  10. […] VIDEO: Dave Bolland’s questionable hit on Mike Richards […]