Kopitar – no significant injury during the playoffs, no surgery coming

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When your cap hit is more than a million dollars above every other forward on the team, high expectations come with the territory. So when Anze Kopitar scored just 10 goals during the regular season and had only two more through 17 post-season contests, it wasn’t surprising that questions were popping up all around him. In fact, many people were speculating he was hurt. However, as we said on more than a dozen radio shows over the past few weeks, that didn’t appear to be the case. Tired? Perhaps. But, an injury didn’t seem to be the primary issue slowing down his point production.

His best game in months may have been the season-ending Game 5 in Chicago on Saturday night.  A goal and an assist did little to silence the critics though.  After all, it was just a year ago when Kopitar tied Dustin Brown as the leading points producer in the playoffs.

So, what exactly has been going on?

Less than 24 hours after the Kings were eliminated from the 2013 playoffs, team personnel arranged a conference call with Kopitar, Jonathan Quick, Mike Richards and GM Dean Lombardi. Comments from the latter three are already up on the site (and linked at this bottom of this article for your reference).

Kopitar shared the following during his time on the line…

On any injury slowing him down during the playoffs:

“There is not going to be any surgery necessary. In fact, I just talked to Chris (Kingsley, Kings head trainer) and our doctor. I can actually get rid of the knee brace too. So, I’m getting back to no discomfort and good strength in my knee. I should be fine. And in regards to being injured during the playoffs, there was really no significant injuries that I suffered. It was normal, just banged up  a little bit, a few bumps and bruises. That’s about it.”

On why he wasn’t able to do what he normally does on the ice:

“There’s no secret that we needed more from me, in terms of the production this post-season. But, I honestly wish I could point the finger at something and do it differently. But, I guess one of the cold streaks came at the wrong time. I’m definitely frustrated because of it. But, that’s the way it goes sometimes. Now, for me, it’s a matter of working mentally and getting prepared for these kinds of moments, but to not search them out for too long and getting out of the slump quicker and not feeling too down.”

On the weight of the situation:

“Any guy will tell you that you feel a little down. Obviously you’re working hard and the results aren’t coming, so it gets a little bit frustrating. I think the competitive guy that I am, I want to perform every night. And it just wasn’t going. So, yeah, feeling down was part of that, but a little bit frustration (too). And again, I’m pretty sure it’s not lack of caring or not trying. In fact, sometimes you try even harder and it backfires on you. Maybe that was the case. For me, it’s a matter of evaluation things like that and learning from this for the future and trying to get rid of those slumps and definitely not drag them on too long.”

On being moved to the third line and if he discussed it with Sutter at the time:

“We talked about it. He said he was going to switch me and Stollie. I was fine with it. During the playoffs it really doesn’t matter who you’re playing with. Darryl was trying to find something to get something going. So, there were definitely no hard feelings. I came out and played hard. That’s all I really can do.”

On that ‘re-evaluating’ he mentioned and his summer plans:

“It’s going to be pretty much the same routine. There might be a tweak or two here and there. But, it’s not going to be a whole lot different. The last couple of years we’ve played lots of hockey and had fairly long seasons too. So, now it’s maybe a week of recharging and really trying to unwind from all the physical and mental stress that you put on your body over the course of the season. Then, I’ll start working out again and getting ready for next year.”

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Additional notes and quotes from the 2013 Western Conference Final can be found at the links below.


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Sunday media call – comments from Jonathan Quick

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  1. Thanks Mayor! Hope Kopi heals up quickly and has an enjoyable summer, even though it’s not quite the one he had hoped for

  2. I still don’t think he fully gets it, either by watching him play or reading his quotes. I love the guy, but where’s the self-ambition, the drive? He’s too much just “one of the guys” when he should be leading the charge.

  3. This is the worst possible scenario for Kings fans. No injury related to 32 game scoring slump and only 10 goals all season.

    Defensively he was great, but we expect way more offensive production from a guy like him.

    • Kingstane says:

      it’s not all about goals really and not he was healthy at the start of the season and definitely couldn’t be at 100% playing with that brace on his leg. And not that he didn’t score in that slump of 32 games, he had 4 with the one at the end. Also despite this he was still, as usual, our top scorer of the regular season by far, so. Given the situation and his apparent drop in speed thanks to that injury at the start, it’s really not that hard to understand this. Yes, we all expect more out of him offensively, but at the same time have to realistic. Best way to see his value for this team is when he’s not in the line-up fighting for us. Remember the game where got the puck in the face. Perfect example right there and if you consider that he really didn’t have any time to rest this short, but packed up with games season, it does makes sense. I’m sure next season will be great, not just for him… GKG!


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