MayorsManor First Goal Contest: GAME 2 – Kings at Avalanche

Well, nobody picked Rob Scuderi for the Kings first goal in their home opener on Saturday afternoon – but we still wanted to give the prize away.  So, for one of the few times in history, we rolled the contest over to the second goal.

Low and behold, it was Jordan Nolan who scored.  Another player that wasn’t selected by anybody who submitted a guess beforehand.

That’s all good news for you though – because the poster is still up for grabs!

For anybody new to the scene here, this contest is simple. Place a comment below with the LA Kings player you think will score first in tonight’s game vs. the Colorado Avalanche (one entry per person). We’ll take all of the correct entries and pool them together. From that group, one random winner will get a prize.

Just like last time, you’re playing for the poster shown the left. It comes to us from the team at – since 1998 they’ve been one of the top online hockey poster sites in the world and they have tons of great Kings items available and ready to ship.  After you enter the MayorsManor First Goal Contest, be sure to head over to their site and check out all the good stuff they offer.

Now, to help you with your selection today, these are the line combinations coach Darryl Sutter will likely start the game with…

Dustin Brown – Anze Kopitar – Justin Williams

Dustin Penner – Mike Richards – Jeff Carter

Dwight King – Jarret Stoll – Trevor Lewis

Kyle Clifford – Colin Fraser – Jordan Nolan

If you like defenseman, they’ll probably be paired up like this…

Rob Scuderi – Drew Doughty

Alec Martinez – Slava Voynov

Davis Drewiske – Jake Muzzin

Healthy Scratches:  Andrew Bodnarchuk, Simon Gagne and Brad Richardson.

If you’re looking for an edge here, you may want to read this article about the changes being made to the Kings power play tonight.

Good luck!

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  1. Going with Carter again.

  2. Dustin Brown

  3. Scuderi, of course.

  4. Kopitar

  5. Trevor Lewis

  6. I’m going with the new guy… Kopitar!! welcome back!

  7. Kristoffer Ganga says:


  8. Michael Ortiz says:

    Going with Dwight King today.

  9. Jake Muzzin

  10. Dustin Penner, he wanted one Saturday; today he gets it.

  11. Rachel Rebel says:

    Justin Williams

  12. jensen vargas says:


  13. Voynov

  14. Williams

  15. Dustin Brown

  16. Going with Kopitar!

  17. Kopitar

  18. Doughty

  19. Richards

  20. Mike Richards

  21. Dustin brown

  22. Dustin Penner

  23. Michael J. says:


  24. Voynov!

  25. Richards

  26. Stoll.

  27. Tom Daggett says:


  28. Penner. He looked like he was in pretty damn good form last game

  29. Going with Carter tonight

  30. Dwight King

  31. Carter

  32. Gabby Vyskocil says:


  33. Kyle Clifford

  34. Jeff Carter

  35. Martinez

  36. Muzzy

  37. J-DUB!! #14

  38. John Kramer says:

    Going with Carter

  39. #Anze with the 1st

  40. Matthew Motush says:

    I am going with Martinez

  41. Trevor Lewis

  42. Chad Starr says:


  43. matty muls says:

    i gotta go with the 2nd line…. penner scores with assists from carter n richards

  44. Anze Kopitar. He’s itching to go I’m sure.

  45. kopitar!

  46. Dustin Penner

  47. Trevor Clemente says:

    Mike Richards

  48. justine vargas says:


  49. lakingsphan0427 says:

    I want every Kings players to score but that would be impossible..Voynov will score since no posters picked him yet..

  50. thomas vargas says:

    Drew Doughty

  51. I think I will go with Martinez today 🙂

  52. Maria. Puente says:

    Jeff Carter

  53. Eric Cordova says:


  54. Eva Marie Alonzo says:

    Going with Martinez

  55. Going with Trevor Lewis for 1st goal.

  56. D.King!

  57. Going with Fraser.



  60. Williams

  61. Carlos Navarrete says:

    Mike Richards

  62. No one picked Gagne – let’s go with him

  63. Jeff Carter

  64. Justin Williams

  65. Bradapiller says:

    Gotta go with King

  66. Fraser all day!!!

  67. Carter

  68. Brownie

  69. Rachel Renga says:

    Trevor Lewis #22

  70. King!

  71. Carter

  72. Justin Breen says:

    I’m sticking with Richards

  73. Kings-carter

  74. Penner

  75. Lena Longueira says:

    Dustin Penner

  76. Doughty

  77. Brown

  78. Fraser

  79. Veronica Valenzuela says:

    Anze Kopitar!

  80. I am picking Kyle Clifford for the first goal contest.

  81. Kathy Duarte says:

    Kyle Clifford

  82. Tabatha Shelton says:

    Colin Fraser

  83. Brown from kopi.

  84. KingsFan on EastCoastTime says:

    Trevor Lewis

  85. Anthony Flores says:

    Justin Williams

  86. Kopitar!

  87. Carter!

  88. Slava Voynov

  89. Art Guerrero says:


  90. King

  91. doughty

  92. Dustin brown

  93. Drew with goal 1 and 2

  94. I say Carter gets first goat but Kopi is going to score tonight too 🙂

  95. Brown

  96. Jason Kahn says:

    Kyle Clifford #13

  97. Nolan.

  98. Kopitar in the first Period

  99. Pudding46 says:

    Dustin Brown!

  100. Kopitar

  101. HalfCrowned says:

    Voynov with the power play goal. Or the regular kind. Either way. Voynov.

  102. Voynov

    Go Kings!

  103. Lewis

  104. Drewiske! Because why not

  105. Richards

  106. Kopitar

  107. Stoll

  108. I’m staying consistent…

    D Brown!

  109. stoll

  110. Mike Richards

  111. typicaljs says:

    well since every single Skater on the team has been picked. I’m gonna go with Bernier scoring ala Ryan Clowe.

    • typicaljs says:

      I guess reading is a good thing. Read the rest of article and rescind my pick since I can’t edit/Delete it.


  112. Ken Bloom says:

    going with Kyle Clifford who is plus 2 for the season so far

  113. Sticking with Stoll

  114. PorscheNoir says:


  115. Doughty

  116. Gotta go with Williams 🙂

  117. Doughty99 says:

    The Captain leads the way: Dustin Brown.

    With an assist for Brad Kobidor!

  118. Williams

  119. Elizabeth says:

    Trevor Lewis

  120. Jarret Stoll

  121. Kyle Clifford

  122. Danny Cobb says:

    I was going to say brad dorty but I’ll say Martinez

  123. Martinez!

  124. Lori West says:


  125. Jeff Carter

  126. Kyle Clifford

  127. Clifford

  128. Penner

  129. Nick Buffum says:


  130. Trevor Lewis!!

  131. Brown it is!

  132. Colo king fan says:

    Dustin Brown

  133. Man S. Teel says:


  134. Justin Williams

  135. Colin F……

  136. Charles Bankston says:

    Jeff Carter

  137. Fraser

  138. Alec Martinez

  139. Jeff Carter

  140. chitchattj` says:


  141. Manuel Palache Lopez says:

    It will be Williams or King

  142. Dustin Brown

  143. Gary Grayson says:


  144. Doughty

  145. Penner!!

  146. Kopitar!!

  147. Tom Green says:

    Dwight King

  148. Brent Godfrey says:


  149. Voynov baby

  150. Drew Doughty!

  151. Kopi

  152. KingsFan1992 says:

    Anze Kopitar

  153. Justin Williams

  154. Kings 1st goal tonight will be from Jeff Carter.

  155. Brown!!

  156. Brown!!!

  157. Doughty

  158. Williams

  159. Victoria Desimone says:


  160. Voynov

  161. Voynov

  162. Stoll

  163. Dwight King

  164. Kopi!!!!!

  165. Kopitar

  166. Fraser

  167. Tim cannon says:

    I will take Richards for first goal tonight

  168. James Angeles says:


  169. Carter! 🙂