Do you have a question for Jim Fox? We want to hear it!

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Do you have a question for Jim Fox?  If so, we want to hear it!

Leave us a comment down below and we’ll work the best questions into Friday’s LIVE show.  You can also call us up starting at noon PST – the number is toll-free, (888) 342-0491.

Fox has been with the Kings now for over 30 years.  That’s a lot of hockey history just sitting in his brain waiting to come out.

Feel free to ask him about his playing days – going all the way back to his junior hockey career with the legendary Ottawa 67’s of the Ontario Hockey League.  His final year there he scored an unbelievable 65 goals and 101 assists.  In fact, he topped 100 points each of his four years in Ottawa (108, 127, 103 and 166).

The Kings drafted him in the first round, 10th overall, in 1980.

His rookie year in the NHL he played on a team that not only featured the Triple Crown Line, but also guys like Larry Murphy, Mark Hardy and Jay Wells.  You think there might be a few stories in there somewhere?

Many forget, but Fox was still playing when Wayne Gretzky was traded to the Kings.  However, Fox had to sit out 99’s entire first season in LA.  Then, he only suited up for 11 games the following season before retiring.  Surely some of you want to know more about that whole time period.

Feel free to fact check him on just about  any story related to the Kings over the last 20-plus years while he’s been in the booth alongside Bob Miller.

Fox can take you through the Kings run to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1993, on to the lean years in the late ’90s, then the move downtown to Staples Center, the Andy Murray era and the Terry Murray era.  What’s his favorite game?  Who’s been the most exciting player?  What’s the best arena?

Don’t forget all the questions about LA’s run through the playoffs last year… and the multiple chances he’s had to hang out with Lord Stanley’s Cup this summer.

Heck, how does he still have that perfect head of hair after all the years? (Kerry Fraser would like to know!)

Ask Fox anything you want about the past, present or future of the LA Kings or hockey in general.

Please note: Our of respect for league rules, about the only area we won’t be discussing on Friday’s show is the lockout.  Sorry, that was last week’s show with Kevin Westgarth (click here if you’d like to hear that episode).

Come on everybody – think up some fun questions for Jim and post them below.  Don’t be shy.

Also be sure to call in Friday at (888) 342-0491 – all the fun starts at noon PST.


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  1. Jim, When you retired from playing, did you ever dream that you would have such a large fan base in Los Angeles again? And how did it feel to know that we,as fans, wanted you and Bob calling our final games in the playoffs? And I always love to see you put the skates on! Thanks

  2. Mike Thornburg says

    My question for Jim Fox is:
    “What did you think when J.P Kelly checked Gordie Howe over the boards? Did you laugh or think it a bit much?” And “do the Kings have video of that hit?”
    A friend of mine had it recorded on betamax, but lost it a few yrs. back, and I’ve been unable to find anywhere. Thanks, Mayor. BTW, I have read your blog almost daily for a few years now, I just don’t comment much. I love your coverage of Manchester. Thank you for your dedication.

  3. From facebook says

    [Josh M] Does he think Charlie Simmer or Bernie Nicholls #’s should be retired?

  4. From facebook says

    [Josh M} What does he miss from the Forum, that Staples doesn’t have?

  5. Lee Anne Frazier says

    Jim is one our beloved Kings-Voices and has been virtually since retirement as a player. What compelled him to make this broadcasting career choice and how did it happen? (We treasure his and Bob’s calls on our 2012 Championship DVD, and send our gratitude for it!)

  6. How much work do you think the NHL is going to do to bring the fans back after locking the players out for the third time in less than 10 years?

  7. Jim,

    Since you’re a big wine guy, if you could have one type of wine for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

  8. From twitter says

    @JACKaWILSON – No hockey talk. I only want to hear questions about wine. The guy knows everything about it.

  9. From twitter says

    @Ryan_in_Cali – Does Jim expect his golf game to improve even more due to extra free time during the lockout?

  10. From twitter says

    @alyxxtheartist – #askJimFox What was your most memorable moment or game as an #NHL player?

  11. From twitter says

    @Alan4prez – What was he thinkin abt that time he was giving Sick shoutouts to internet goofballs live on the TV?

  12. From twitter says

    @KingsMenPodcast – Who was his favorite Ottawa 67s teammate?

  13. From twitter says

    @lilziggy3399 – Ask him how his hair is always perfect.

  14. From twitter says

    @isleroyale20 – Was it weird calling the finals games knowing nobody was listening or was it more comfortable than just watching?

  15. From facebook says

    [Martin H]

    I’d like to find out if his favourite/fondest memory with Bob has been supplanted by the Kings Cup win.

  16. From facebook says

    [Sonya N]

    Has he ever wanted to tell brian hayward to shut up?

  17. From facebook says

    [Paul W]

    What’s his favourite colour?

  18. From facebook says

    [Adam H]

    I really feel old, I remember him coming into the NHL as a rookie!

  19. From facebook says

    [Sonya N]

    What does he think lacked in the ’92-’93 team from winning the cup?

  20. From twitter says

    @Fletchale – I bought a gem mint graded 10 @JimFox19 rookie card for $5, do you and Jim think I got a good deal!?

  21. From twitter says


    Going n 2 game 6, what was he feeling?

    Can he c himself ever announcing games beside any1 else than the great bob miller?

    Who was the toughest player he played against on the ice?

    Who has he witnessed making the sickest/best goal?

    Who does he feel is the better captain…gretzky or brown?

  22. Hey, Jim. Are you going to get the stanley cup championship ring as well? If so, are you going to show it off to Brian Heyward? I mean please do and say ‘What did I tell you?’.

  23. Favorite moment of the Kings playoff Run

    Follow Up: When did he really feel like the team was not just capable, but actually going to execute on their potential to win the cup? I’d vote for the last two minutes of game 4 vs the blues but would like to hear his thoughts

  24. John Hoven says

    Thank you to all who sent in questions. If we didn’t get to you, sorry. We went extra time and asked many more than originally scheduled. Plus, you guys came up with some great topics. Check back next week to see who our guests will be… and keep those questions coming!