First Goal Contest – Devils at Kings, StanleyCup Game 6

We’re back with another contest for Game 6…and we have a few other IMPORTANT NOTES down below, please read…

First off, there are two contests tonight – same as throughout the playoffs. You can play the traditional MayorsManor contest, where we’ll give away a signed puck…and/or play the tournament version, running through the end of the NHL playoffs. In the latter, we’re giving away a jersey or stick signed by the entire LA Kings team (the winner gets to choose their prize, as previously announced here).

Just be sure to enter before the puck drops just after 5pm PST.

Three things to know about the contest:

1 – You can enter ONE contest or BOTH by just leaving a single comment below.

2 – If you want to enter the Kings contest ONLY, simply leave a comment below with the LA player you think scores first vs. the Devils tonight. As always, multiple people can guess the same player. So, don’t worry about somebody else taking ‘your player.’ If that player scores first, we’ll pool all the winners together and randomly select one person to receive an autographed Dustin Brown puck.

SAMPLE ENTRY: Dustin Penner

3 – If you want to enter BOTH contests, no problem. Just leave a comment below and select one player from each team playing today. We’ll use your Kings guess to enter you in both contests. If you missed it, the most updated leaderboard was posted here.

SAMPLE ENTRY: New Jersey (Kovalchuck) at Los Angeles (Doughty)

Make sense? It should seem easy enough.

Good luck!


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  1. New Jersey (Zajac) at Los Angeles (Kopitar)

  2. Willie Mitchell!

  3. andrew do says:


  4. Dwight King

  5. Devils (none:Quick shutout!) at Kings (Kopitar!)

  6. Kopitar

  7. Alyssa T. says:

    New Jersey (Elias) at Los Angeles (Richards)

    Tonight is the night!!! GO KINGS!!!!!!!

  8. Christie Jenkins says:

    King will score first for the Kings.


  10. Richards, Go Kings Go!!!! We want the Cup!!

  11. Justin Williams

  12. Anthony Flores says:

    Brown… GKG!!!!!

  13. Carter

    Go Kings!

  14. Kristina says:


  15. tieronedesign says:

    New Jersey (Henrique) at Los Angeles (Carter). Thanks Mayor for working so hard throughout the year to give us passionate fans an insiders look at what goes on behind the scenes. How was Pennywise last night? Hope they did the South Bay proud, as always.

  16. Los Angeles (Lewis)
    New Jersey (Zidlicky)

  17. Kings_Dad says:

    Stoll 28.Go Kings!!!!

  18. Willie Mitchell
    We Want The Cup!

  19. LA: Mike Richards
    NJ: hell no, I won’t jinx this game.

  20. NJ (Parise) at LAK (Williams)

  21. This has to work Jeff “the cannon” Carter

  22. LA – Jeff Carter
    NJ – David Clarkson

  23. New Jersey (Carter) at Los Angeles (Penner)

  24. Devils – None ; Kings Kopitar = SHUTOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Voynov!!! Go Kings Go!!!!

  26. Doughty (Los Angeles) Parise (New Jersey)
    GO KINGS GO! Bring the Cup to L.A.!

  27. Kopitar!

  28. Stoll, first period Game 6 at Staples. Shutout by J. Quick.

  29. LA – Gagne
    NJ – Henrique

  30. New Jersey Devils: Patrick Elias
    Los Angeles Kings: Mike Richards

  31. King (74) GO KINGS!!!!

  32. Justin Williams

  33. Brian lee says:

    Anje Kopitar

  34. michelle says:


  35. Kopitar
    Go Kings Go!

  36. Kopitar! GO KINGS GO!

  37. Nicholas says:

    Justin Williams scores first and it’s the game/series/season/playoffs/cup winner. TONIGHT!

  38. Brown

  39. LA (kopitar), NJ (parise)
    Go Kings!!!!!!!! FTB!

  40. Darren Myers says:

    Kings contest only…..Doughty

  41. Sonish Patel says:

    Stoll (Go Kings Go!)

  42. NJ Devils (Parise) LA Kings (Kopitar)

  43. Mike Richards

  44. Stoll (Kings)
    Parise (jersey)

  45. marcie beckett says:

    go kings preds fans are pulling for you.first goalhas to be kopitar

  46. New Jersey (Kovalchuck) at Los Angeles (Kopitar)

  47. Dustin Brown

  48. new Jersey (parise) at los Angeles (Carter)

  49. Kendrick says:

    Mike Richards

  50. A KALUHIKAI says:

    Lewis is gonna do a drop pass and Gagne is going to slap shot it in on the stick side of Broduer
    GO KINGS GO ! L A KINGS #12 Gagne !! Nobody From N J !! Shut OUT !!!

  51. New Jersey (parise) at Los Angeles (doughty)

  52. Anze Kopitar

  53. Penner

  54. Lewis!

  55. NJ (Elias) LA (Brown)

  56. Dan Burdiak says:

    Drew Doughty

  57. alex vecchi says:

    Kopitar of course!

  58. Hockeyboy679 says:

    New Jersey (Sykora) at Los Angeles (Brown)

  59. Colin Fraser!

  60. wendi sellheim says:

    Dustin brown (KINGS) kovalchuck (devils)

  61. Stoll

  62. Dustin Brown

  63. Sam Rhodes says:

    New jersey (Salvador)
    Los Angeles (Dwight king)

  64. New Jersey (Henrique) at Los Angeles (Voynov)

  65. Richards

  66. Rob Scuderi!

  67. New Jersey (Elias), Los Angeles (Brown)

  68. New Jersey (Parise) at Los Angeles (Kopitar)

  69. Joe McPherson says:


  70. Alec Martinez, obviously. :]

  71. meredith c says:

    Carter will score 1st baby

  72. Dustin Brown
    He’s due for a nice goal…

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  73. Gange if he’s in, Penner if he isn’t.

  74. Penner

  75. Voynov

  76. Kerry K. says:

    Mike Richards

  77. Raymond Kinney says:


  78. Brian Vincent says:

    First goal Williams! Go Kings Go!!!

  79. Jennie Norris says:

    Kings (Kopitar) Devils (Kovalchuck)

  80. john johnson says:

    Los Angeles (martinez) vs. New Jersey (parise)

  81. Josefson

  82. Mike DiLoreto says:

    Los Angeles (Carter) New Jersey (Elias #26)

  83. Miguel Canedo says:

    Dustin Penner

  84. Mike Schottler says:

    New jersey (salvador) los Angeles (brown)

  85. Izhak Geld says:


  86. New Jersey (Parise) at Los Angeles (Kopitar)

  87. heather says:


  88. Kopitar

  89. Michele says:

    Brown is going to be the one!

  90. Mitchell

  91. Carter

  92. Brown

  93. Kings (Williams)
    Devils (Parise)

  94. Mike Richards

  95. cassandra Valenzuela says:


  96. Simon Gagne

  97. Simon Gagne

  98. Richards

  99. Mike Richards for Los Angeles Kings

  100. Kelly Ann says:

    Penner and i’m ready…got my Pennermania shirt on!

  101. andrew sklover says:

    LA KINGS – Lewis GKG!!!

  102. Kopitar GO KINGS GO!!!


  103. Lorraine says:

    Drew Doughty

  104. Tim Wender says:

    Dustin Brown

  105. Simon gane

  106. kopi

  107. S CORDOVA says:


  108. Christie says:

    Jeff Carter!!!

  109. NOLAN

  110. scootage81 says:

    Justin Williams

  111. Kings score first and win! I could care leas who. Lets go boys!

  112. Dwight King. Go Kings GO!!!! Believe

  113. Brown!

  114. Kings- Williams. Not ever going to promote a Devils goal either. GO KINGS GO!

  115. David Harding says:

    LA- Brown. NJ- Elias

  116. NJD (Kovalchuk) – LAK (Kopitar)

  117. NJ- Parise

    Kings- Greene

  118. Mike Richards!

  119. Mike Greenberg says:

    New Jersey (Elias) at Los Angeles (Williams)

  120. Christian says:

    Simon Gagné

  121. New Jersey, Parise–LA, Kopitar

  122. Anthony Mendeola says:


  123. Dustin Brown

  124. Mike Richards

  125. KingsGirl says:

    New Jersey (NO ONE) -Kings (Voynov) GO KINGS!!

  126. Going with Fraser tonight.

  127. K McPhee says:

    Jarret Stoll

  128. STOLL! he’s got this tonight!

  129. Vanessa Gutierrez says:


  130. Dustin Penner

  131. Matthew says:

    Mitchell and Zajac

  132. LAKINGS-Dustin brown

  133. McNickk says:

    NJD (Parise) at LAK (King)

  134. Lewis

  135. New Jersey (Elias) at Los Angeles (Williams)

  136. Colo king fan says:

    Brownie. First to hold the cup and will lead the onslaught.

  137. Richards!!!!!!

  138. Jarret Stoll, and his stick will be below the crossbar.

  139. Los Angeles (Mike Richards) and New Jersey (T. Zajac)

  140. abigail says:


  141. LA-Stoll

    Devils-David Clarkson

  142. LA– Doughty

    Devils Henrique

  143. LA-Kopitar

    Devils- Kovalchuk

  144. Kristin Carter says:


  145. LA- Carter


  146. Dustin Penner

  147. Kristin Carter says:

    Anze Kopitar

  148. Matt Greenes stunt double says:

    Mike Richards

  149. Trevor Linam says:

    new jersey Devils (Henrique) @ Los Angeles Kings (Dustin Penner)

  150. shane richardson says:


  151. New Jersey (None) at Los Angeles (Kopitar)

  152. Brittney Stevens says:


  153. paul mahoney says:


  154. Brittany says:

    New Jersey (Parise) at Los Angeles (Brown)

  155. Dwight king

  156. Jordan Nolan

  157. Colin Fraser

  158. Daniel Kepler says:

    Stoll & Kovalchuk

  159. Drew Doughty

  160. Jeff Carter LA Kings

  161. Anze Kopitar LA Kings

  162. Mike Richards

  163. KingsFan on EastCoastTime says:


  164. Joeball says:

    Nolan LA kovelupchuck NJ
    Kings 4-1 champions of the world

  165. Justin Williams.

  166. lassi pylsy says:

    New Jersey (Salvador) at Los Angeles (Kopitar)

  167. #23 DB sets the pace early.

  168. elizabeth says:


  169. New Jersey (Elias) at Los Angeles (brown)

  170. Kings: Scuderi Devils: Tallinder

  171. Rocio Escareno says:

    Justin Williams

  172. dwight king to start em off!

    im a few late but still no goal so hopefully it counts 😉