First Goal Contest – Devils at Kings, Stanley Cup Game 4

For what might be the final time this season, MayorsManor proudly presents the First Goal Contest…

Here’s your chance to win a cool prize, in one of our two contests. There’s the traditional MayorsManor contest, run exclusively during Kings games, where recently we’ve been giving away a signed puck…and, the other, which is more like a tournament running through the end of the NHL playoffs. In the latter, we’re giving away a jersey or stick signed by the entire LA Kings team (the winner gets to choose their prize, as previously announced here).

So be sure to enter before the puck drops in a few hours.

Three things to know:

1 – You can enter ONE contest or BOTH by just leaving a single comment below.

2 – If you want to enter the Kings contest ONLY, simply leave a comment below with the LA player you think scores first vs. the Devils tonight. As always, multiple people can guess the same player. So, don’t worry about somebody else taking ‘your player.’ If that player scores first, we’ll pool all the winners together and randomly select one person to receive an autographed Dustin Brown puck.

SAMPLE ENTRY: Alec Martinez

3 – If you want to enter BOTH contests, no problem. Just leave a comment below and select one player from each team playing today. We’ll use your Kings guess to enter you in both contests.

SAMPLE ENTRY: New Jersey (Sykora) at Los Angeles (Kopitar)

Make sense? It should seem easy enough.

Good luck!

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  1. abigail says:

    New Jersey (harrold) vs la kings (stoll)

  2. @SKubus says:

    New Jersey (Clarkson) at Los Angeles (Williams)

  3. Michael says:

    Rob Scuderi.

  4. Izhak Geld says:


  5. moe says:


  6. Marcus says:

    Mike Richards

  7. Jessa says:


  8. Christie Jenkins says:

    New Jersey (Greene) Kings (King)

  9. Gordon Blakey says:

    Jeff Carter

  10. William Blowers says:

    Drew Doughty

  11. Jason says:

    Mike Richards

  12. Kyle Lockwood says:

    I’m gonna go with Kopitar for the kings cause he’s been so clutch and I’m gonna go with Ryan Carter for NJ.

  13. Pat says:

    New Jersey (Parise) LA (Doughty)

  14. Kelly Ann says:

    Dustin Penner!

  15. Sam G says:


  16. Rich Ramus says:

    Kopitar vs. Nobody (shutout by Quick)

  17. Brenda says:

    Willie Mitchell

  18. Bryan says:

    Anze Kopitar

  19. Katie M says:


  20. Indiana Jones says:


  21. Karen says:


  22. Jason says:


    Go Kings!

  23. Joe McPherson says:


  24. MANNY CEJA says:


  25. Kelly says:


  26. Dana says:


  27. Ken says:


  28. heather says:

    hey hey Mr Carter!

  29. Brianne says:

    Dwight King

  30. tyler says:


  31. Janelle says:

    NJ (Salvador) at LAK (Williams)

  32. Anthony Flores says:

    Gagne…. Go Kings Go…

  33. Cassie says:

    New Jersey (Parise) at Los Angeles (Lewis)

  34. Autumn says:


  35. Dave says:

    NJ (henrique) @ LA (Brown)

  36. Hopesfail says:

    Mike Richards

  37. Nicole says:

    New Jersey (Zajac) at Los Angeles (Brown)

  38. Griffin says:

    New Jersey (Kovalchuk) at Los Angeles (Richards)

  39. Marc Nathan says:

    no one’s scoring for the Devils tonight :) I just want to point that out.

    I think Matt Greene gets the Kings going…

  40. Steve Anctil says:

    Simone Gagne (Kings) Petr Sykora (Devils)

  41. Nicholas says:

    Justin Williams!

  42. Tom R says:

    New Jersey (Elias) at Los Angeles (Voynov)

  43. Arthur says:


  44. Joe says:

    New Jersey (Elias) at Los Angeles (King)

  45. Darren says:

    Mike Richards

  46. Katy says:

    Los Angeles (Brown)
    New Jersey (Parise)

  47. Donna says:

    Parise (NJ), Kopitar (LA)

  48. Lili says:

    Anje kopitar/ marten bodeur

  49. Jennifer says:

    New Jersey (Henrique) Kings (Brown)

  50. rachel says:

    Trevor Lewis!!!

  51. Mark says:

    Pancakes! Go Penner Go!

  52. Raiza says:

    Shutout by Quick and Jeff Carter!

  53. shane richardson says:

    LA(Kopitar), New Jersey(Parise)

  54. TtownDick says:

    Kings fan from Alabama – LA – Brown in a shutout

  55. Robert Palmer says:

    New Jersey (Kovalchuck) at Los Angeles (king)

  56. Lorraine says:

    Anze Kopitar

  57. Sarah says:

    Njd Carter and La Kings Kopitar

  58. Mumford says:


  59. Shaun says:

    LA (Stoll)
    New Jersey (Sykora)

  60. Patrick Mack says:

    NJ (Clarkson) at LA (Carter)

  61. Sheryl says:

    Dustin Brown

  62. Daniel Hidalgo says:

    Dustin Brown

  63. Daniel says:

    Kings (Carter)
    Devils (Parise)

  64. Gabe Medina says:

    Kings (KING) – Devils (NO ONE!)

  65. Alexis Smith says:

    NJ Devils: Kolvachuk
    LA Kings: Kopitar

  66. Greg Donahue says:

    Anze Kopitar

  67. Wayne says:

    Alex, er, Anze Kopitar…

  68. Amie says:

    Brown all the way ♥ !

  69. joe v. says:

    Simon Gagne

  70. Mark says:


  71. Brian says:

    Los Angeles- Kopitar

  72. Nathan Anderson says:

    Los Angeles (Kopitar)

  73. SLevin says:

    New Jersey (Parise) vs Los Angeles (no one, Brodeur wins 1-0 shutout)

  74. mary salazar says:

    Dustin …. PENNER.

  75. Jarrett says:

    Gionta (New Jersey)
    Los Angeles (Carter)

  76. Jason Stinnett says:

    Mike Richards

  77. Elana says:

    New Jersey (Sykora) at Los Angeles (Doughty)

  78. Orin says:

    Jeff Carter

  79. Chris Kelly says:

    L.A. (Richards) N.J. (Carter)

  80. Josh says:

    dwight king

  81. GENIE says:


  82. Kristin Carter says:

    Dustin Carter

  83. Kurt says:

    Devils- Zajac
    Kings- Brown

  84. Chris M. says:

    Dustin Penner

  85. Blurker says:

    Los Angeles (Voynov)

    New Jersey (Gionta)

  86. Melvin says:

    Dustin Penner for L.A. Kings

  87. elizabeth says:

    Rob Scuderi

  88. Ron says:

    New Jersey (Kovalchuck) at Los Angeles (Richards)

  89. Scott says:

    Anze Kopitar

  90. Darryl says:

    NJ parise
    LA Richards

  91. Joe says:

    New Jersey (Parise) at Los Angeles (Gagne)

  92. Fotbolo says:

    Trevor Lewis for LA Kings

  93. colo king fan says:

    Stoll LA / Carter NJ

  94. fina says:

    GO KINGS GO!!!

    Doughty (Los Angeles) Kovalchuk (New Jersey)

  95. Abby says:


  96. Brandon says:

    Rob Scuderi, followed by Simon Gange!

  97. Shelley says:

    Justin Williams x

  98. George says:

    Dwight King!!

  99. Nick B. says:


  100. Shawn Pinner says:


  101. Brian Vincent says:

    First goal Williams GO KINGS GO!!!!

  102. Kyle Knapp says:

    Devils(no body)

  103. Rachael says:

    Dustin Brown

  104. Patrick says:

    Dwight King

  105. andrew sklover says:


    GO KINGS GO!!!!

  106. Ryan says:

    King, Praise (but hopeful for another surtout for Quick!!!)

  107. Daniel Lopez says:

    Dustin Penner

  108. David D. says:

    Los Angeles (Kopitar)

  109. Andrew Koehler says:

    Dustin Brown

  110. Hugo says:

    slava voynov (kings)
    sykora (devils)

  111. roann says:

    First goal: Mike Richards!

  112. Drew Doughty.

  113. Williams!

  114. Mike says:

    Kopitar and Parise

  115. David Harding says:

    LA-Kopitar NJ_Sykora

  116. Drew L says:


  117. Jordan S says:

    Dwight King

  118. Fletchale says:

    Rob scuderi la kings

  119. Bucket Shoes (Rob Hughes) says:

    LA – Brown
    NJ – Salvador

  120. Fricke says:

    Kopitar GKG!!! Swwwweeeeeeeepppppp!!!


  121. Jill says:

    Sykora for NJ and Williams for LA

  122. Curtis Hook says:

    Anze Kopitar

  123. Joey P says:


  124. Not Turd Ferguson says:

    no one(Devils)
    Quick MVP

    GO KINGS GO!!!!

  125. Jordan says:

    New Jersey (nobody/shutout) at Los Angeles (Doughty)

  126. Jaimee says:

    Drew doughty!

  127. Chelsea says:

    Los Angeles (Penner Pancakes) vs New Jersey (Zajac)

  128. Sean says:

    Dustin Brown

  129. McNickk says:

    NJD (Parise) at LAK (Richards)

  130. James s says:

    Simon Gagne

  131. S CORDOVA says:


  132. Cory says:

    Trevor Lewis

  133. Ashley says:

    Simon Gagne (Kings) …. David Clarkson (New Jersey)

  134. katya says:


  135. Daryl says:

    New Jersey (Zidlicky) at Los Angeles (Richards)

  136. Stan says:

    Dwight King

  137. tatyana says:

    Parise for devils, military for kings :)

  138. Patti Lane says:

    New Jersey (Zidlicky) at Los Angeles (Richards)

  139. tatyana says:

    Parise for devils and kopitar for kings ***

  140. Los Angeles (Williams) New Jersey (Elias)

  141. mike p says:

    Dwight king

  142. David says:

    Brown!!!! GKG!!!!!

  143. Jeff says:

    Kovalchuk (Devils) and Doughty (Kings)

  144. Paul says:


  145. diane says:

    LAK: Richards || NJD: Parise

  146. Art says:

    Jordon Nolan

  147. Larry says:

    devils (parise) at KINGS (Brown)

  148. tallboy says:

    Drew Doughty

  149. Alyssa T. says:

    New Jersey (Elias) at Los Angeles (Brown)


  150. bcomu1 says:

    KINGS: King
    devils: Parise

  151. Felicia says:

    Anze Kopitar!!!

  152. Cristina says:

    Alec Martinez. Back to back first goals. I hope. Also, I’m getting teary eyed as I type this, thinking this might be the last one. Just wanna say Mayor that it’s been a blast this season, and you are truly the best in the world. CM Punk should watch out. ;] haha GO KINGS!

  153. Amandas says:

    Dwight king

  154. Elizabeth says:

    Simon Gagne, yeah I said it.

  155. Laurie says:


  156. KingsFan on EastCoastTime says:

    Redemption Line – I’ll go with Penner!

  157. Muttpep says:


  158. AP says:

    Matt Greene

  159. Chris says:

    L.A. Kings: Jeff “the cannon” Carter

  160. Susan Hardy says:

    Anze Kopitar go kings go!

  161. Chris peters says:

    Drew doughty

  162. frank gratrix says:


  163. Sher says:

    New Jersey (Parise) and Los Angeles (brown!!)

  164. Ruben Sanchez says:


  165. Lanelle Mathis says:


  166. Michele says:


  167. Jamie Przybylski says:

    Jeff Carter

  168. Brittney Stevens says:


  169. Austin says:


  170. Liz says:

    Doughty baby

  171. Chris says:

    Lak-Dustin brow

  172. Trent says:

    Kings – Kopitar

  173. Danczak says:

    Nobodies scored, because I haven’t entered. I’ll pick Matt Greene for some reason…

  174. Christie says:

    Jeff carter!!!

  175. James says:

    NJD (Parise) – LAK (KOPITAR!!!!)