First Goal Contest – Kings at Devils, Stanley Cup Game 1

Are you ready?

After 82 regular season games and 14 more in the playoffs, it all comes down to this for the LA Kings. Waiting in the wings are the New Jersey Devils, for a winner take all 7-game series. The Stanley Cup Finals!

While you probably won’t be lifting the Cup with the series winner, you could win a cool prize. Throughout the playoffs we’ve been running two separate First Goal Contests and both will continue here in the Finals. There’s the traditional MayorsManor contest, run exclusively during Kings games, where recently we’ve been giving away a signed puck…and, the other, which is more like a tournament running through the end of the NHL playoffs. In the latter, we’re giving away a jersey or stick signed by the entire LA Kings team (the winner gets to choose their prize, as previously announced here).

So be sure to enter before the puck drops in a few hours.

Three things to know:

1 – You can enter ONE contest or BOTH by just leaving a single comment below.

2 – If you want to enter the Kings contest ONLY, simply leave a comment below with the LA player you think scores first vs. the Devils tonight. As always, multiple people can guess the same player. So, don’t worry about somebody else taking ‘your player.’ If that player scores first, we’ll pool all the winners together and randomly select one person to receive an autographed Dustin Brown puck.

SAMPLE ENTRY: Trevor Lewis

3 – If you want to enter BOTH contests, no problem. Just leave a comment below and select one player from each team playing today. We’ll use your Kings guess to enter you in both contests.

SAMPLE ENTRY:  Los Angeles (Brown) at New Jersey (Parise)

Make sense? It should seem easy enough.

Good luck!

Also, one quick reminder – MayorsManor is in New Jersey for all the action this week. So, check us out on twitter for live notes and quotes before, during and after the games.


  1. Marc Nathan says:

    LA KINGS: Stoll vs. NJ DEVILS: Clarkson

  2. amy vincent says:


  3. Nicholas says:

    Justin Williams! Is it 5:20pm yet???

  4. Lappy says:

    Los Angeles (Penner) at New Jersey (Kovalchuck) (boooooooo)

  5. Kopi!

  6. Fletchale says:

    Los Angeles Kopitar

  7. caleb sandowich says:

    Los Angeles (Brown) at New Jersey (Parise)

  8. Lali says:

    Kings – Penner
    Devils – Brodeur

  9. Kelly Ann says:

    Dustin Penner!

  10. Griffin says:

    Los Angeles (Kopitar) at New Jersey (Parise)

  11. Joe McPherson says:


  12. Melinda says:


  13. Mike W says:


  14. frank gratrix says:


  15. Doughty99 says:

    Future Conn Smythe Winner, Anzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Kopitar, aka Kobidor!

  16. Yvonne says:

    BROWNIE & I guess Zubrus

  17. Jennifer Hoffman says:

    LA Kings (Richards) at NJ Devils (Kovalchuk)


  18. Ken Wilson says:

    Los Angeles: Kopitar

  19. kelly eagles says:


  20. Brad F says:

    Justin Williams

  21. tyler says:


  22. Jenn H. says:

    Justin Williams!! GKG!!!!

  23. Liz says:

    Drew Doughty

  24. Joeball says:

    Kings Trevor Lewis. Nj. Zakat. Go kings go!

  25. Roy says:

    LA Kopitar Devils Z Parise

  26. Rhonda says:

    Doughy for LA Elias for Devils

  27. Roni says:

    Devils Kovalchuk

    LA Scott Parse

  28. Joeball says:

    Oops zajac

  29. Kristina says:

    as always, I say Penner!

  30. Bryan says:

    I will take King!

  31. David says:


  32. Matt says:


  33. moe darbandi says:


  34. Tom says:

    #77 Mr. Carter for the first goal, in my new jersey

  35. Brian Vincent says:

    First goal Williams GO KINGS GO!!!!!

  36. Shelley says:

    J Dub <3 GKG!!!! Let's do this :)

  37. Nicole says:

    Los Angeles (Kopitar) at New Jersey (Kolvachuck)

  38. Janelle says:

    LAK (Kopitar) at NJ (Salvador)

  39. Jamie Przybylski says:


  40. Jeff says:

    Justin Williams

  41. Eric says:

    Jeff Carter

  42. Anthony Flores says:

    King!! GKG!!!!

  43. Chelsea says:

    It’s been so long, it feels good to be playing this again!

    Los Angeles (D Brown!) at New Jersey (Zajac)

  44. S CORDOVA says:


  45. krys c says:

    Los Angeles (J. Carter) at New Jersey (R. Carter)

  46. Anthony Mendeola says:

    Kings – Richards
    Devils – Parise

  47. Fricke says:

    Kopitar GKG!!!

  48. Chris Rodriguez says:

    L.A.: Carter, NJ: Elias

  49. Ashly G says:

    LA Kings- Voynov

  50. Sher says:

    Los Angeles (Richards!!!) at New Jersey (Carter)

  51. marc says:



  52. James says:

    LAK(Kopitar) – NJD(Parise)

  53. Sean says:


    Hell ANY AND ONLY KINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Jason says:


    Go Kings!

  55. Sam G says:


  56. Colo king fan says:

    LA (Kopitar) at NJ (Zajac)

  57. elizabeth says:


  58. Brenda says:

    Willie Mitchell

  59. Michael Fernandez says:

    LA Kings- Mike Richards

    Devils- they suck and wont score

  60. Jen Dorkin says:

    Since it is the Stanley Cup Finals…I have to say Dustin Brown!

  61. Abigail says:


  62. tim says:

    CARTER for first goal

  63. Bob-O says:

    Jordan Nolan!!

  64. Tim Zimmerman says:

    Mike Richards

  65. Andrew Dintino says:

    Los Angeles (Richards) at New Jersey (Henrique)

  66. Daniel says:

    Los Angeles (Kopitar) at New Jersey (Ponikarovsky)

  67. Fred says:

    LAK – Richards @ NYD – Clarkson

  68. Diane says:

    LAK: Carter NJD: Parise

  69. McNickk says:

    LAK (Kopitar) at NJD (Parise)

  70. Rod Rounke says:

    Los Angeles (Lewis) at New Jersey (Kovalchuk)

  71. Michael Ortiz says:

    Justin Williams

  72. Andrew says:


  73. historyguy says:

    Los Angeles (King) at New Jersey (Zajac)

  74. Media Guy says:


  75. Stefan says:

    LAK->Kopitar @ NJD->Kovalchuck

  76. Kim Beard says:

    J Stoll!

  77. Ruben Sanchez says:

    Los Angeles (Brown) at New Jersey (Parise)

  78. rachel says:

    Slava Voynov

  79. Autumn says:

    gona go with the big bear dustin penner…let’s keep rollllllling!!!

  80. Jerry says:

    Los Angeles (Brown)

  81. David Harding says:

    LA-Carter NJ Parise

  82. Gerry Scaturro says:

    Dustin Penner

  83. Ken says:


  84. Dana says:


  85. tallboy says:

    Drew Doughty

  86. kelly says:


  87. Michele says:

    Sticking with the Captain … Brownie for the 1st goal!!

  88. Dave says:

    Kings (Carter) at Devils (Salvador)

  89. @SKubus says:

    LA Kings (Richardson) at NJ Devils (Henrique)

  90. Steph says:

    LAK (Doughty) NJD (Henrique)

  91. Cassie says:

    Dwight King

  92. heather says:


  93. scootage81 says:

    Justin Williams

  94. Genie says:


  95. Joey P says:


  96. jason says:


  97. Tom says:

    La -Stoll
    Nj -parise

  98. Araz says:

    LA Kings Richards

  99. TomK says:

    Dwight King!

  100. KingsFan on EastCoastTime says:


  101. N3DD says:

    Dustin Brown

  102. Gonzoangel says:

    LAK: dustin brown
    NJD: Kuck Fovalchuck *in the third period*

  103. Lanelle Mathis says:


  104. BeeDono says:

    LAK: Dwight King
    NJD: Kovalchuck

  105. Gordon says:

    Jeff Carter

  106. Matt Greenes stunt double says:

    Mike Richards

  107. Brittney Stevens says:


  108. Mark says:

    LA-Brown NJ-Parise

  109. sara says:

    I’m a super kings fan I feel like kovalchuk is gonna score first and then Richards is gonna score right after

  110. Susan Hardy says:

    Anze Kopitar Kings

  111. Danczak says:


  112. Hugegolfhacker says:

    Kovalchuck! Go devils go

  113. Vanessa says:


  114. nathan says:


  115. hannah says:


  116. Christie says:

    Our carter!!!

  117. admin says:

    Nobody had Fraser, so no winner this time. Sorry. Try again on Saturday for Game 2.