First Goal Contest – Coyotes at Kings, game three

Game three of the Western Conference Finals is set to kick off later tonight in Los Angeles. The Kings are not expected to make any line-up changes, as Colin Fraser is still in Canada attending to a private family matter.  Meanwhile, the Coyotes will need replace the suspended Martin Hanzal – most likely with Marc-Antoine Pouliot.  Also still in question for Phoenix is the status of defenseman Adrian Aucoin.  We’ll give you updates on the rosters from both sides following the morning skates at Staples in just a few hours.

Now, if you want to win a signed Dustin Brown puck or other great prizes, here’s some details for you… we’ve been running two separate First Goal Contests during the playoffs… there’s the traditional MayorsManor contest run exclusively during Kings games, where recently we’ve been giving away a signed puck…and, the other, which is more like a tournament running through the end of the NHL playoffs. In the latter, we’re giving away a jersey or stick signed by the entire LA Kings team (the winner gets to choose their prize, as previously announced here).

For the Western Conference Finals, we’re combining both contests into one post…

Three things to know:

1 – You can enter ONE contest or BOTH by just leaving a single comment below.

2 – If you want to enter the Kings contest ONLY, simply leave a comment below with the LA player you think scores first vs. the Coyotes tonight. As always, multiple people can guess the same player. So, don’t worry about somebody else taking ‘your player.’ If that player scores first, we’ll pool all the winners together and randomly select one person to receive an autographed Dustin Brown puck.

SAMPLE ENTRY: Mike Richards

3 – If you want to enter BOTH contests, no problem. Just leave a comment below and select one player from each team playing today. We’ll use your Kings guess to enter you in both contests.


Phoenix (Whitney) at Los Angeles (Penner)

Make sense? It should seem easy enough.

And one more thing – I was a special guest on the latest edition of All The Kings Men podcast, we recapped game two of the Western Conference Finals and cover all the pre-game stories heading into game three. You can listen to the show using the player below:

Good luck!


  1. Nicholas says:

    How about Justin Williams!

  2. Griffin says:

    Phoenix (Doan) at Los Angeles (Richards)

  3. Andros says:

    Anze Kopitar

  4. Janelle says:

    PHX (Vbata) at LAK (Williams)

  5. Robert Beck says:


  6. D.McD. says:


  7. Dan says:

    Greene MONSTER

  8. Andrew Do says:

    Phx (DOAN) at Kings (King)

  9. colo king fan says:

    Phoenix (Whitney) at Los Angeles (Richards)

  10. Jennie says:

    Dustin Brown

  11. Corey says:

    Phoenix (Whitney) at Los Angeles (Kopitar)

  12. thomas says:

    phoenix(doan) KINGS (BROWN) first goal!!

  13. HockeyMom says:


  14. Matt says:


  15. Kelly says:

    Dustin Brown

  16. Josh says:

    I stick by my statement from last game. Penner and no one from the yotes Quick is going to record another SO.

  17. tyler says:


  18. Tom says:

    I got to go with the Captin Brown , he will come out for revenge and to put a stamp on this series

  19. Barbie says:


  20. Drew says:


  21. Autumn says:

    VOYNOV!!! go kings :o)

  22. Bucket Shoes says:

    Phoenix (Yandle) at Los Angeles (Mitchell)

  23. rctana says:


  24. Brittany says:

    Phoenix (Yandle) at Los Angeles (Richards)

  25. Stacey McClain says:

    King for Los Angeles
    No one for Yotes

    Another Quick SO
    Go Kings Go!!!

  26. marc says:

    richards for la
    hanzal for phoenix :-P

  27. Ken says:


  28. Dana says:


  29. heather says:


  30. kelly says:


  31. Jenn H. says:

    Drew Doughty!!! Go Kings Go!!!!!!

  32. Mike says:

    Mike Richards!!!

  33. Lisa M. says:

    Los Angeles – Carter
    Phoenix – Doan

  34. Chelsea says:

    Phoenix (Whitney) vs Los Angeles (Richards)

  35. jason says:


    Go Kings!

  36. McNickk says:

    Phx (Doan) at LAK (Williams)

  37. Mario says:

    Phoenix (Doan) at Los Angeles (Kopitar)

  38. Chris says:

    Richards (LA Kings) Yandle (Phoenix)

  39. Eric says:

    Mike Richards

  40. Chris Thorne says:

    Carter! and Vrbata

  41. TonyD says:


  42. Chris Stupnik says:

    nolan (la)
    hanzel(pho) but only on NHL09 ps1 – doubt he could do it on ps3. besides that no one will score on Quick

  43. JonF says:

    Richards for Kings.
    Whitney for Coyotes

  44. Cory says:

    Mike Richards!

  45. Jessa says:


  46. Tina says:


  47. Melinda says:


  48. Katy says:

    Jordan Nolan :)

  49. James says:

    PHX(Doan) – LAK(Brown)

  50. Blueline says:

    Phoenix (Doan) at Los Angeles (Martinez)

  51. Tim says:

    Doughty for first goal

  52. Sam G says:


  53. Kat says:

    Dustin Penner

  54. Cassie says:

    Phoenix (Doan) at Los Angeles (Richardson)

  55. Joe McPherson says:


  56. Fricke says:

    Kopitar GKG!!!!!

  57. rachel says:


  58. merrinmae says:


  59. corri says:

    Phx – Doan
    LA – Williams

  60. Stan says:

    Phoenix (Vrbata) at Los Angeles (Richardson)

  61. S CORDOVA says:


  62. Eric says:

    Kyle Clifford

  63. David says:

    Stoll !!!!!! GKG!!!!!

  64. moe says:


  65. KingsFan on EastCoastTime says:


  66. Anthony Flores says:

    Martinez… Go Kings Go….

  67. Sher says:

    Phoenix (Whitney) at Los Angeles (Richards)

  68. Emily Weldon says:


  69. J.J. says:


  70. Alan Avedissian says:

    Phoenix (Doan) at Los Angeles (Carter)

  71. Dunn21R says:

    Alec Martinez

  72. Victoria Desimone says:

    Drew Doughty

  73. Brig says:


  74. Bob-O says:

    Groundskeeper Willie….. Willie Mitchell that is!

  75. frank gratrix says:


  76. Mark M says:


  77. Michael Herrera says:


  78. amy vincent says:


  79. Marc says:


  80. Rhonda says:

    Coyotes Mikkel Boedker
    LA Brad Richardson

  81. Marcus says:

    Mike Richards

  82. Tom says:


  83. Roy says:

    Coyotes- Radim Vrbata

    LA- Anze Kopitar

  84. David says:


  85. Ronda J says:

    LA- Mike Richards

    Coyotes- Antoine Vermette

  86. Leo says:

    Phoenix (Vrbata) at Los Angeles (Penner)

  87. Christie says:


  88. Rod Rounke says:

    Phoenix (Doan) at Los Angeles (Richards)

  89. Gordon Blakey says:


  90. Drew says:

    Justin Williams

  91. Caleb s says:

    Dustin Brown

  92. andrew says:

    Mike Richards

  93. Brian Vincent says:

    First goal Williams! GO KINGS GO!

  94. Samuel says:

    mike richards

  95. Kristina says:


  96. abigail says:

    jarret stoll

  97. Scott M says:


  98. Susan Hardy says:

    Anze Kopitar

  99. Brenda says:

    Willie Mitchell

  100. Ruben Sanchez says:

    Phoenix (Whitney) at Los Angeles (Brown)

  101. Steven says:

    Phoenix (Boedker) at Kings (Martinez)

  102. Paul says:


  103. Chris says:

    Lak-Dustin brown

  104. KingsGirl says:


  105. Nicole says:

    LA – Brown
    Phx – Doan

  106. anthony gutierrez says:

    Jarret stoll

  107. Shelley says:

    Williams <3 GKG!!

  108. Justin says:

    Slava Voynov!

  109. Michele says:

    Gotta go with the Captian! Brownie for the goal!

  110. EricC says:


  111. Robert bullock says:


  112. Vanessa says: