Kings vs Red Wings first goal contest on new website

Once again, the Kings will face a banged up Detroit team tonight - they’re still playing without Nicklas Lidstrom, Pavel Datsyuk, Todd Bertuzzi and a few others.  However, Jimmy Howard is expected to make his return in goal for the Red Wings.

Still, as noted by Matt Greene prior to last week’s game at Joe Louis Arena, it’s never easy getting points againt that team. And the Kings are in desparate need of two points.

As announced earlier today on, we’ll be running our First Goal contest again tonight, only with a slightly different twist.

If you’d like to enter, simply leave a comment below with the LA player you think will score first vs. the Red Wings.

All correct answers will be pooled together and one random winner will be awarded a free pair of tickets to an upcoming Kings home game.

To help you with your selection, here a few stats that may come in handy…

- Dustin Brown has 5 goals vs Detroit in 27 career games
- Anze Kopitar has 6 goals in 22 games
- Justin Williams has 3 goals in 15 games
- Mike Richards has 2 goals in 7 games
- Jeff Carter has 1 goal in 5 games
- Jarret Stoll has 4 goals in 29 games
- Drew Doughty has 0 goals in 14 games

Of course, feel free to take Colin Fraser, Dwight King, Wilie Mitchell or any of the other Kings players. Just stay clear of Kevin Westgarth, Brad Richardson and Davis Drewiske because they’re expected to be healthy scratches from tonight’s game.

If you’re really daring, take Jonathan Quick, he’ll be in net.

Good luck!


  1. jordan says:

    kopitar for the first goal

  2. Bill Norris says:

    I’ll take Kopitar #LAKings #MayorsManor (sorry, old habits and all)

  3. Ruben Sanchez says:


  4. Miguel Hopper says:


  5. Rod Rounke says:


  6. chefMat says:

    Carter with the first!!!

  7. Brittany Crawford says:

    Gotta go with Mike Richards. It’s time.

  8. Nice new digs! I’m going with Jeff Carter for the 1st goal.

  9. erika says:

    Carter with first goal

  10. Brian says:

    Doughty. He’s way overdue.

  11. laurie says:

    First goal = Justin Williams

  12. Miguel Rodriguez says:

    Mike Richards for first goal

  13. Ray says:

    Dustin Brown

  14. James says:

    Michael Richards

  15. Dion says:

    Brownie in the first 3 minutes!

  16. Janelle says:


  17. Kostamojen says:

    Dustin Brown

  18. Jeff says:

    Richards with first goal (he’s due, I mean really really really due).

  19. Ian Pay says:


  20. Autumn says:


  21. Matt says:

    Penner… guh

  22. Zendy says:

    Mike Richards… the boy is due! #LAKings #MayorsManor (just covering my bases)

  23. Megan says:


  24. Brenda says:


  25. Phil says:


  26. Melinda says:

    Doughty. Totally due.

  27. Cari says:


  28. Barbie says:


  29. Blueline says:

    King gets the first goal

  30. Richards!!!

  31. Cassie says:

    Trevor Lewis for the first goal!

  32. PucksAndGrub says:

    I’ll go with Williams. GO KINGS GO!!

  33. Steven Castaneda says:


  34. thegetawayplan9 says:

    I am going to go with Carter.

  35. KingsOfLA says:

    I’ll be looking for the Kings to crash the net hard, early & often on a goalie that’s been out injured… Brown should get ‘er done first!!!

  36. FIshon14 says:

    Richards first goal

  37. moe says:

    Pancake penner.

  38. Eric says:

    Dustin……….. wait for it………… P e n n e r

  39. Jason says:


  40. Anthony Flores says:

    Williams… Because he has the scoring touch the last couple of games..

  41. Lee says:


  42. Brad says:


  43. Dave says:

    Dwight King

  44. The Ram 16 says:

    Anze Kopitar for the 1st goal tonight & EVERY REMAINING GAME!!>:)

  45. Melissa says:


  46. Nicholas says:

    Jeff Carter!

  47. Brandy says:

    Jeff Carter for first goal.

  48. Eddie Resendez says:


  49. Kristina says:


  50. N3DD says:

    Alec Martinez

  51. Liz says:

    Justin Williams

  52. Annette says:


  53. Abenoja says:


  54. Michael Ortiz says:

    Going with Justin Williams.

  55. James Yamani says:

    Dwight King

  56. Andy aka gokings08 says:

    Kevin… err Colin Fraser. Go get em Kev!

  57. David says:


  58. JD says:

    Jeff Carter

  59. Brian Vincent says:

    Brown first goal Go Kings Go!

  60. Nick12 says:

    Justin Williams!

  61. Kelly Ann says:


  62. CR says:

    Alec Martinez

  63. Sam G says:


  64. Jake says:


  65. David says:

    Doughty gets the first one!!!

  66. LB says:


  67. Monica says:

    Willie Mitchell

  68. thereal_CGB says:

    going with Willie Mitchell.

  69. Chelsea says:

    D Brown!

  70. linda says:

    <3 KOPI <3

  71. Sher says:

    Gotta go with Richards! He needs it.

  72. jeff says:

    Greene! Going with the dark horse!

  73. Capsnbottles says:

    Brown first goal

  74. trevor says:

    Jeff Carter

  75. Sean says:

    Nolan gets it tonight, 1st period, around 8 minute mark!!!

  76. Jeff says:


  77. KHenry14 says:

    Gotta be Kopi scoring first in the battle of the Slovenes…pt 2

  78. Anthony Estrada says:

    Dustin Brown with the 1st goal! Go kings go!

  79. Ryan Manning says:


  80. D says:


  81. GRIFFIN says:

    Jeff Carter

  82. Lynn says:


  83. Chris says:


  84. Monja says:


  85. Hunter says:


  86. Ali says:

    Jeff Carter

  87. Jimmy says:

    Clifford as always!!!

  88. Jimmy says:


  89. Jason says:

    Feeling Nolan for some reason

  90. David says:

    Alec Martinez

  91. Frank Gratrix says:


  92. Dave says:

    Jeff Carter

  93. J.J. says:

    Dwight King

  94. Michele says:


  95. Stan says:

    Justin Williams with the first goal!

  96. Kerry says:

    Jeff Carter

  97. bucky says:

    Brown … From a sweet feed from kopitar

  98. Troy says:


  99. Niko says:


  100. Tatum thomas says:

    Jeff Carter

  101. Kelly J says:


  102. Ashley says:

    Definitely Dustin Brown. Go Kings!

  103. James Angeles says:


  104. Jenn h. says:


  105. Nathan says:

    King for first goal!

  106. sara says:

    Richards for first goal love the new look

  107. Drew says:


  108. Jen Dorkin says:

    Dustin Brown, baby! Go Kings!

  109. eric bruun says:


  110. Kasey says:


  111. gordon says:


  112. Amy Vincent says:


  113. Sben88 says:


  114. Andy says:

    Carter for first goal!

  115. Alejandra says:

    Dustin Brown!!!!! GO KINGS GO

  116. tyler says:


  117. Nicole says:

    Dustin Brown

  118. Blake says:


  119. admin says:

    Thanks to all who entered. The winner was ‘Lynn’ (see above), who correctly selected Justin Williams for the Kings first goal last night. She has been notified via email. If you didn’t win, please try again on Friday – we’ll have another pair of tickets to give away!

    • Anthony Flores says:

      Has anyone ever won more than once? Our you like to pass the wealth to everyone. How do you choose the winner? Plus I thought you ask to pick a scorer and why? Because the person who won just put a name..just curious. Thanks

  120. admin says:

    Anthony – don’t totally understand your questions. Here’s an attempt to answer though…Yes, last season somebody won more than once. The winners are chosen at random from all correct entries. If you win, you can’t win again for 30 days. You do need to pick the person who will score the first goal for the Kings. The person who won above did properly enter the contest with the correct guess. Hope that answers all of your questions.