Blues at Kings preview with coach Sutter – plus First Goal Contest

Is this a possible playoff preview?

If the NHL’s post-season was kicking off today, one of the first round match-ups in the Western Conference would feature the St. Louis Blues vs. the Los Angeles Kings. With a few weeks left in the regular season though, the brackets are far from being decided. For now, the Kings want to keep winning – and as Rob Scuderi said on last night’s MayorsManor LIVE show, LA still has its sights set on the Pacific Division title.

This is the fourth and final meeting between the teams, with the Kings holding a 2-1-0 series lead. However, the Blues won the last game, earning a 1-0 shutout in early February. The Kings are currently riding a season-high five game winning streak.

In addition to Scuderi, we also heard thoughts from Jarret Stoll on last night’s show. These are some additional thoughts from coach Darryl Sutter

“They’re the best team in the league for good reason – work ethic, physical game. They play the same way, it doesn’t matter who’s out there, they all play the same way. They have really good depth. They can pretty much throw four lines, whoever they want at you. They’ve had the luxury this year of having two goalies who are right on top of it. So, they can rotate them. Their strengths have some similarities to us. We like to think that our work ethic is close to theirs. We (also) want to be able to match them physically. So, it comes down to the individual stuff then.”

As usual, MayorsManor will host a First Goal Contest tonight. But, before you submit your guess, here’s who a few of the players think will score first…

Stoll – “Mike Richards”

Scuderi – “Justin Williams”

Jordan Nolan – “Colin Fraser”

Justin Williams – “I’d like to say myself (laughing). Sure, why not?”

If you’d like to enter, simply leave a comment below with the LA player you think will score first vs. the Blues. All correct answers will be pooled together and one random winner will be awarded a free pair of tickets to an upcoming Kings home game.

To help you with your selection, the following stats may come in handy…

– Dustin Brown has 13 goals in 28 career games vs St. Louis

Anze Kopitar has 9 goals in 23 games (has also scored in each of the Kings last four games)

– Williams has 1 goal in 18 games

– Richards has 2 goals in 7 games

Jeff Carter has 1 goal in 7 games

– Stoll has 6 goals in 28 games

– Drew Doughty has 1 goal in 14 games

Of course, feel free to take Kyle Clifford, Matt Greene, Trevor Lewis or any of the other Kings players. Just stay clear of Kevin Westgarth, Brad Richardson and Davis Drewiske because they’re expected to once again be healthy scratches from tonight’s game.

Good luck!

Note: If you missed last night’s show and want to catch the replay, click here. Besides Scuderi and Stoll, Kings prospect Brandon Kozun called in from Manchester to talk about what’s going on there, we spoke with David Burstyn (Director of Scouting for from McKeen’s Hockey) who educated us on prospects in the OHL and we had lots of hockey talk surrounding the current playoff races.

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  1. Williams

  2. Matt Holland says:


  3. Stoll

  4. I’ll go wild card and say Penner!

  5. Kopi

  6. Larry Palm says:


  7. Kopitar FTW

  8. Voynov

  9. Los Angeles goal scored by #14 Justiiin Williams!

  10. Kings-Girl says:


  11. Carter

  12. Willie Mitchell

  13. Clifford

  14. Richards

  15. Jason Smith says:

    Carter! Go Kings Go!

  16. Anthony Flores says:

    Richards!!!!! Go Kings Go…..

  17. Alec Martinez! :]

  18. First goal #77 Jeff Carter #JMFC

  19. Dwight King

  20. Kostamojen says:

    Mike Richards

  21. Tatum thomas says:

    Kopi! Keep the streak going!

  22. Kinger

  23. Doughty

  24. Martinez

  25. Brownie

  26. Primo00001 says:

    Kopitar all the way

  27. Mitchell!

  28. Farawayfrom the rink says:

    Carter in the 3rd

  29. Greene

  30. Strolsy is due.

  31. Carter

  32. Dwight King

  33. Carter

  34. Williams 😉

  35. Greg Nisenbaum says:

    trevor lewis

  36. Doughty

  37. Brian Vincent says:

    First goal Kopitar!! Go Kings Go!

  38. Willie Mitchell

  39. Christina says:

    First Goal #Penner. Go #pennercakes

  40. Elizabeth says:

    Colin Fraser

  41. Nicholas says:

    Justin Williams on the PP on his way to a hat trick.

  42. Voynov

  43. Kopitar

  44. Damien Bueno says:

    Penner! GKG!!!

  45. Kopitar

  46. greene

  47. brownie

  48. Going with Richards again.

  49. KOPITAR!!!

  50. The Carter effect.

  51. Brownie!!

  52. Voynov!

  53. Blueline says:

    Jeff Carter

  54. lakingsphan0427 says:

    Albeit Kopi is hot and Richards will start putting up goals my guess will be Brown since I work for UPS: What Can Brown Do For You? LMAO

  55. Kristina says:


  56. Voynov

  57. Doughty

  58. Brown!

  59. Williams!

  60. Let’s go with Carter this time…woohoo!

  61. I’m going to say Lewis. If not the goal, the first assist (to Penner)

  62. Clifford!

  63. KOPI

  64. Richards!!!

    • Congrats – you won a free pair of Kings tickets! Please check your email for more info.

  65. Christian says:

    Rob Scuderi with the element of surprise!

  66. Rob Scuderi


  67. Brittney stevens says:


  68. kings_dad says:


  69. Richards! GKG!!

  70. Trevor B says:

    Dustin Brown

  71. hipcheck says:

    Ill go with Penner as the longshot.

  72. ivyenergy says:



  74. Kopitar

  75. Williams….

  76. Clifford! Just pay me now!

  77. Rod Rounke says:

    Slava Voynov

  78. kopitar

  79. geneucla says:


  80. Williams

  81. Anthony Mendeola says:


  82. Brown

  83. Colin Fraser

  84. Staying with Carter.

  85. Martinez. and btw, hipcheck, Penner is not a long shot unless he’s in the press box.

  86. Brown

  87. Ernie Montoya says:

    Dreeeeewww Doughty!

  88. Kyle Clifford

  89. Nolan

  90. Brown

  91. Kopitar

  92. Brown

  93. Dustin Brown!

  94. kira Santora says:

    kopitar! : + )

  95. carter

  96. kyle clifford

  97. Rocio Escareno says:

    Justin Willians

  98. Dustin Brown

  99. Chris Bond says:


  100. Im going with voynov!

  101. Jeff carter ! JMFC JMFC

  102. Peter Naumann says:


  103. Doughty

  104. Stoll

  105. Clifford!

  106. Richards

  107. GKG!! Justin Williams!

  108. KIng

  109. Richards

  110. Richards

  111. veronica valenzuela says:

    Anze Kopitar

  112. Carter gets it

  113. Ruben Sanchez says:

    Jeff Carter!!

  114. amy vincent says:


  115. Brown

  116. Voynov

  117. Kopitar!

  118. Carter

  119. Normally, if the Kings don’t score in regulation or overtime, there isn’t a winner in the First Goal Contest…becuase shootout goals don’t officially count as a ‘goal’ in NHL statistics. However, the Kings had a big win last night and they’re in first place. So, we’re going to make an exception here and declare Mike Richards as the guy who scored the first goal. One random winner was pulled from the above entries and ‘Sher’ is getting a free pair of tickets – see above.